Special Doorposts Bible Study Bundle


This Bible study package includes all of Doorposts’ newest Bible studies, plus some handy Bible study tools, including:

Paperback copies of all of the “Busy Mamas Bible Studies”

You also get:

  • Beauty in the Heart, a study of godly beauty for young women age 10-12 and up
  • Because You are Strong, a study of godly strength for young men age 10-12 and up
  • A set of 12 Prismacolor softcore pencils, ideal for marking words in your Bible
  • A fine-tip, non-bleeding Micron pen for making notes in your Bible
  • A Moleskine Cahier notebook for your Bible study notes


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  1. What great resources for busy moms!

  2. In the morning before kids are going.

  3. I typically study first thing in the morning before anyone wakes up…just God, me, and a cup of coffee:)

  4. I try to get up before the children, but since their wake up times are rather unpredictable it is sometimes done on naptime.

  5. What a great package!!

  6. Evenings right now are best for me.

  7. In the mornings, BEFORE I get out of bed!

  8. These look great!

  9. I get up early before the kids are up, but also try to do some when they are around so they can learn by example.

  10. Thank you!

  11. My favorite time to study the Word is early morning. I love reading with a cup of tea and seeing the sunrise!

  12. These look amazing!

  13. For me atm the best time is while my son is napping at lunch time 🙂

  14. Aaron-Krysten Burlage

    Would love to win 🙂

  15. During my kids naptime

  16. In the evening after the kids go to bed. Morning doesn’t work for me. My kids are early risers.

  17. The best time for me is early morning before everyone is up or late at night when everyone is in bed!!

  18. I do a little in the morning and more in-depth study at night.

  19. Either first thing in the morning before the kids are up or right before I go to bed and all is quiet in the house.

  20. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  21. I like to start and end my day with study.

  22. Thank you for the opportunity!
    Love and use many of your products:)

  23. In the evening, after the kids are all in bed.

  24. I like to read my Bible early in the morning before everyone gets up.

  25. In the morning works best, while I am nursing the baby and the rest of the house is quiet.

  26. First thing in the morning when it’s quiet and with my coffee.

  27. The best time for a Bible study is at night when I need that refreshing Love from the Lord before I rest at night.

  28. First thing in the morning!

  29. In the evening when all is calm & I can relax my brain to concentrate on God

  30. Usually first thing in the morning. If my children wake up early then I leave it on the kitchen counter and try for nap or just any quiet moment.

  31. The morning is the best time, before the boys are up,& before I get distracted by Life. It helps me start the day with the right mindset! I NEED that!

  32. Best time for me is to wake up before everyone else! it’s the only time my home is quiet 🙂

  33. After the kids are in bed.

  34. First thing in the morning before the kids get up!

  35. Wow…would love to win!

  36. My favorite time is in the morning when the kids are still sleeping or at nap time.

  37. In the morning before kids wake up

  38. In the morning to start out my day 🙂

  39. The best time is in the morning.

  40. Before the kids get up in the morning!

  41. I find that first thing in the morning before the baby rakes is the best time to do studying.

  42. During naptime

  43. In the evening after the kids are in bed. I find it the perfect time to reflect on the day and spend some time in the Word.

  44. First thing before kids get up.

  45. In the morning before my kiddos get up.

  46. In the morning, especially when my little ones don’t follow behind me when I get up early. 😉

  47. Best time for me to be in the Word is early morning 6am-7am before the kiddos get up 🙂

  48. The very best time to do my personal bible study is at about 5:30am. I grab a cup of coffee and get to it before the hustle-bustle begins. If I miss it for whatever reason, the next best time is when the youngest naps around 1pm. These 30-days Busy Mama studies are by far my favorite types of studies to do. They keep me motivated and thirsty for His Word, so THANK YOU!

  49. During the day when I can do it with my child.

  50. I enjoy studying in the morning but because of schedules usually end up getting in depth in the evening.

  51. I’m quite certain my kids can hear my eyelids open. It seems no matter how early (or late) I get up, they’re 5 minutes behind me. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5 or 8. I have found the best times for me are either during naptime or after they’re in bed.

  52. In the morning ♥

  53. In the morning.

  54. I do my Bible study time at night once the children are in bed!

  55. How awesome!!!!! This would be so great to win! 🙂

  56. In the evening time is best for me!! 🙂

  57. In the morning!

  58. If I could manage to get up before the kids, it would be in the morning. The house is nice and quiet since everyone is either already at work, or still sleeping at about 8:30 or so. But I don’t usually make it up before my kids. After they go to bed, I’m exhausted. So I’ve found that the best time is while they’re in the bath.

  59. Mid morning after kids head to school or while they are reading.

  60. I’ve been studying while my kids are doing independent work during school. So we are all working on something quietly.

  61. Before bedtime is usually the best time to for me to study.

  62. Best time for me is first thing in the morning.

  63. after our kids go to bed or at nap time!!! =D

  64. In the morning, while the house is quiet. 🙂


  66. I try to study before the kids get up but sometimes have to wait till nap time or after they are in bed. Some days we study together, that is my favorite!!

  67. This looks like something I would love to go through with my daughter she is 12.

  68. First thing in the morning before children are awake.

  69. After lunch. 🙂

  70. After lunch when little ones are napping. These would be a great accompaniment to my new Inductive Study Bible!

  71. In different seasons, different times have worked. Currently it is in the morning before my children rise.

  72. Morning is my favorite, but I try to be open to any time of day if morning does not work out— just keep fighting to read my Bible.

  73. At breakfast time!

  74. Morning before the kids wake up

  75. Morning! It’s so much better to start my day out this way.

  76. After lunch during my kids personal time.

  77. Jessica Hatzopoulos

    First thing in the morning before the children get up.

  78. Morning….or rest time….although periodically throughout the day is super helpful. I’ve got a constant leak…so gotta keep plugging it with the WORD!!! But morning….with a quiet house is best!!

  79. Child’s nap time

  80. The best time for me to study is usually before the children get up in the mornings. Sometimes it works out to be right after lunch while they are running off some energy.

  81. The evenings work best. Thanks for the chance! Blessings.

  82. naptime right now….all three kiddos go down at the same time, so that allows me at least an hour or two of quiet time!

  83. The best time for me to do my Bible study is before the kids wake up, early in the morning.

  84. First thing in the morning, before the kids get up.

  85. I love to wake up before the kids get up and have my Bible study, but that doesn’t always happen! 😉

  86. I do my Bible study after the kiddos have gone to bed. 🙂

  87. I do not have a particular day, but I really enjoy doing Bible Studies at night after my kiddos have fallen asleep.

  88. For me, the best time of the day to do a personal bible study is when the kiddies go to bed. It’s quiet in the home, the chores are done and it’s my time with God to become closer and worship with no interruptions or time constraints.

  89. In the evening when kids are in bed.

  90. For me the best time is right after the kids go to bed.

  91. In the afternoon after we finish school for the day.

  92. In the morning before my kids wake up. Starts the day out with a right heart attitude.

  93. Early, before the girls get up, or it doesn’t happen

  94. Early in the morning!

  95. Naptime or bedtime (usually bedtime). Otherwise, with my flock of littles. 🙂

  96. Morning quiet time works the best for me. I would really like to use one of the Doorposts “busy mamas” studies with my children, too! We have used other Doorpost books and all are a good fit for us!’

  97. What a great give -away!!

  98. In the morning before my feet hit the floor and the kids bound in for cuddles!

  99. Late mornings or afternoons work for me!

  100. In the morning before the kids get up.

  101. I don’t have a set time that I do my personal Bible study , I just fit it in my day wherever I can. Many times it has to be done in bits and pieces here and there instead of all at one time.

  102. Rochelle Dunsbergen

    I so appreciate these resources. Thank you so much for sharing!

  103. Jessica Woodbridge-O'Brien

    After the kids go to bed. Only quiet time in the house!

  104. In the evening when the house is quiet.

  105. First thing in the morning when my husband leaves for work.


  106. The evening, after the kids are asleep.

  107. First thing in the morning before the boys come down

  108. In the mornings to start my day right.

  109. In the early morning as I’m waiting for coworkers to show up at work.

  110. In the early morning before my family gets up.

  111. After lunch or at night

  112. Night time is pretty much the only time I get anything done!

  113. In the season of life with little ones, it varies. Sometimes in the am, after lunch, or in the evening after all are in bed.

  114. In the morning, or when the house is quiet at night.

  115. Morning! 🙂

  116. Best time of day for bible study for me is in the middle of the day when I have time to take a break.

  117. In the morning

  118. First this in the morning before my kids get up.

  119. Early in the morning is the best time for me to study the Bible.

  120. What a lovely set! I should so like to win it for a dear friend.

  121. In the morning!

  122. These studies have been SO helpful, thank you for doing them!

  123. Setting aside time to study Gods word happens differently every day, I just do my best to make that time.

  124. Late at night

  125. Definitely morning is the best time. I have to be extremely quiet though so not to wake the kids and have a chance at finishing it!

  126. There is no ”best time!” Someone will wake to find Mama no matter the time! That said, I do like to start my day in the Word.

  127. the best time for me is bedtime when the kids are in bed. morning would be nice, but they seem to get up whenever we do!

  128. Mornings are my favorite, but it’s a rare treat to read without interruption then. Usually I read in bed before falling asleep.

  129. I like to in the evening after the kids go to bed.

  130. These look great! Morning time is the best time for me.

  131. I have wonderful memories of waking up in the morning to find my mom having her quiet time and seeking the Lord before her day started. I pray my kids learn to do the same from my example.

  132. Best time is early of the morning. Normally after my kids leave for school.

  133. I have yet to find the “best” but I can usually get in some quiet during rest time for the kids in the afternoon

  134. The best time of the day for me is early before my family wakes up 🙂

  135. In the morning before my kids get up.

  136. Mid-afternoon

  137. I like to study in the morning before kids are up and then also with my kids. Thanks for the giveaway.

  138. In the morning!

  139. It’s best if I can get it done before work, but I’m not always lucid enough at 5:30am! 🙂 I would love these tools, though!

  140. Morning before the kids get up.. 🙂

  141. in the morning

  142. During my kids nap time OR when they go to bed. I need uninterrupted time to focus. But I have done it in front of them to see the habit of me reading my Bible (as Pam has suggested) I do like to that at times.

  143. during my kids’ naptime is the best time for me.

  144. After the kids are in bed. 🙂

  145. Beauty In The Heart is a book that every woman should study. I bought it, and it has been a tremendous blessing as a mother, wife, and my christian living. Now I am sharing this book with the ladies of my local church.

  146. In the morning before my children get up. 🙂

  147. When the baby is napping.

  148. The best time is between 9 & 10:30 while all the kids are in school or evenings after 8:30 once the kids are asleep.

  149. Nap time – but am thinking to switching to mornings before kiddos wake up

  150. I have no set time. I just working in throughout the day when things are calm. I prefer the mornings and I also suffer from insomnia and will often read on my Bible app until I fall asleep.

  151. Before bed.

  152. I would love to say in the morning, but for me it is before bed that it is most peaceful for me to do my Bible Studies.

  153. Either 1st thing in the morning or during kids naptime in the afternoon.

  154. I don’t normally get any time to actually STUDY the Bible for myself right now. Sometimes I try to take a few minutes when they are doing their independent schoolwork. I do, however, make sure we ALL listen to the Bible while I am fixing breakfast for us all. Trying to get better at the study part.

  155. In the afternoon while kids are having quiet time

  156. The best time for me to do my personal bible study is while all of my kids are hard at work doing their schoolwork. The house is nice and quiet and everyone is focused on their studies.

  157. Thankyou! These studies are so wonderful!

  158. In the early morning

  159. In the morning before (most of) the kids are up.

  160. The best time for me is early morning before any of the children are awake.

  161. Morning usually but if it doesn’t happen then anytime I can find works for me.

  162. I seem to be able to do it at night once my kiddies are in bed … Hoping I can eventually switch to mornings.

  163. first thing in the morning when I wake up, if I wake early enough