“To This Generation” Bible Music CD from Doorposts


This is our all-time favorite Bible music! To This Generation was a very welcome discovery in our home a few years back. After laboring over memorizing the books of the Bible, our girls had them down after just a few times through this recording!

Guitar accompanies Ruth and young children as they sing the clear words of Scripture. The recording contains 44 songs.

Listen to music samples on our website.

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  1. Favorites are Complete in Thee…By Faith..In Christ Alone

  2. Oceans right now….we have tons of favorites,

  3. I’ll Fly Away, Amazing Grace, Good Morning by Mandisa

  4. Bow the Knee

  5. Many favorites! My youngest’s favorite is entitled ‘Nuggets of Gold’

  6. we have lots of favorites, but one that we always sing before bed is “Jesus Loves Me” — I’ve sang that to my kiddos since they’ve been babies…now they are 8 and 6 1/2!

  7. My boys like This Is The Day

  8. in the garden

  9. In Christ alone, Jesus loves me

  10. just passing through (this world is not my home)

  11. We love “The Gospel Song” or as my kids call it, “Holy God In.” I used It as a lullaby for most of my kids.

  12. My children have sung “Jesus Loves Me” for many years.

  13. We like to sing The Lord’s Prayer together.

  14. My kids LOVE peace peace, wonderful peace. we sing it every night. 🙂

  15. I love Casting Crowns “All You’ve Ever Wanted {Was My Heart}”

  16. One of our all-time favorites is “Because He Lives!”

  17. My kids like Jesus Loves Me.

  18. Good Morning by Mandisa

  19. Amazing Grace

  20. Oh Sing a New Song to the Lord

  21. Love filling our home with God honoring music….

  22. Brighter by Hillsong Young and Free

  23. Jesus Loves Me!

  24. Hear, O Israel. 🙂 Getty’s.

  25. Sanctuary

  26. God is so good!

  27. our current favorite is Veggie Tales singing The S’mores song.

  28. The Lord is good to me!!

  29. I’m in the Lord’s Army 🙂

  30. Great is Thy Faithfulness. I sing it every night to my son.

  31. “As the deer”

  32. My lil’ one loves I’ve got the Joy & In the Lord’s Army
    My older ones love Lord I Need You by Matt Maher

  33. My 3 kids favorite songs are “Nathan’s Song” by Michael Card, “”When I am Afraid” by Steve Green, and “Jesus Loves Me.”

  34. Bigsby Books of the Bible

  35. Amazing Grace and It is Well with my Soul


  36. We love to listen to Seeds family worship here, Vol 5 is my favourite!

  37. All sorts of hymns, like Trust and Obey and A Mighty Fortress

  38. Bless The Lord oh my soul

  39. We like to sing so many it’s hard to choose. I think my kids enjoy “A Harsh Word stirs up Anger” on the Sing The Word cd the most!

  40. Amazing Grace

  41. Keith & Kristyn Getty Hymns – all of them!
    Bible Story Songs for the children!

  42. Great! We had something when we were younger, but it’s no longer produced…

  43. Oops…didn’t answer question for entry; just commented…we love “Our God’s Not Dead”

  44. Gosh so many, love worship music but I really love ”yearn” by Shane and Shane

  45. So many hymns and Scripture songs, but “Seeking the Lost” is the current favorite with the kids.

  46. Give good gifts.

  47. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (current hymn we are concentrating on)

  48. My kids have been singing 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redmon quite often lately! Makes this mommy feel blessed.

  49. My kids’ favourite song is “This Little Light of Mine”!

  50. Favorites at our house are any of the songs on our Scripture cd’s.

  51. We have many favorites; one is “Be ye kind, one to another…”

  52. Peter James and John in a fish boat

  53. We listen to whatever is on the local Christian radio for the day.