Time for a Giveaway!


I’m already looking forward to our next study in November! I’m praying for all you ladies who are still working your  way through Proverbs31. I’m so glad you’re not quitting just because we’re not posting any new lessons. If you get done, and you haven’t done some of our earlier studies, check the archives. There are five other studies just waiting to be done! 🙂

I’m also continuing to pray for all of you who have finished the study. I’m praying that you will stay in the Word, studying it, praying over it, living it, obeying it — because that’s what fearing the Lord is all about. Please keep posting on the Busy Mamas Facebook group. Tell us how we can pray for you. Tell us what you’ve been learning. Let’s encourage each other as we fight our battles for King Jesus.

I have three things to address before we go back to our regular Tuesday/Thursday post schedule here on the blog — a giveaway, a survey, and a freebie.

  • We traditionally end our Busy Mamas studies with a giveaway! This time we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate for anything your heart desires from Doorposts!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment sharing with us something you learned (even if you haven’t finished yet) in the Proverbs 31 study, or something you are learning from your own study of the Bible if you didn’t take part in the Proverbs 31 study. You can leave more than one comment, and even if you didn’t study Proverbs 31 with us, you are welcome to enter the giveaway! We will randomly select one winner from all the comments on Monday, August 11, so be sure to leave your comment before midnight, August 10.

  • Also, if you have been doing the study, taking a couple minutes to answer eight quick questions would be a tremendous help to me as I work at making these studies as useful and user-friendly as possible. I know your time is precious. Thanks, if you can help me out by completing our short survey! 🙂
  • And last-but-not-least, if you would like a copy of the picture at the top of this post, click this link and it’s all yours! Maybe you could put it inside a kitchen or bathroom cupboard door or on the fridge where you’ll see it and remember that the fear of the Lord is where valiant womanhood starts. (Thanks, Ellen S., for the suggestion! 🙂 )

Ah yes! One more thing! If you own Plants Grown Up or Polished Cornerstones or are thinking about using them with your children, I want to let you know that we have just started up a new Facebook group for those of you who would like to share ideas, ask questions, and interact with other like-minded families who are using those two books. Please join us if you would like the encouragement!

See y’all on Thursday!


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  1. I must be honest and admit that I have not started the Proverbs 31 study, although I did sign up for it. My intention was to, of course, study but “life” seemed to have taken over. I did save all emails in a folder so I can start it soon. I am learning that I have became a procrastinator and need to stop making excuses and sit my self down and just do it! Admitting that was liberating!! I thank God for your ministry and your willingness to help parents be what they were called to be as Christ followers.

  2. Discipline! God has shown me how important it is to be disciplined through this study.

  3. I have learned that even as a unmarried young woman I can still honor my husband and bring him encouragement, and make my parents proud of how God is working in my life.

  4. I am keeping my hands busy, and rising earlier. Since my 2nd baby has been born I have let my self discipline of getting up early fall off, but I am now back on track. I am praying for wisdom for myself – it seems easier to pray for others but I have been neglecting myself in my prayer time. I love your studies, and have been so blessed by them. Thanks for providing this for free.

  5. I was introduced to the Blue Letter Bible website. What a great tool! I really enjoyed this study and plan to go to the archives and start one of the other ones. 🙂

  6. I’m not done with the study yet, but I really love using the BlueLetterBible website. I had also never made the connection of wisdom being compared to the price of rubies, and how the Pro 31 fears the Lord, which is the start of wisdom and that whole circle.

  7. One thing I learned:
    It was very interesting to think of Proverbs 31 representing the life of the married woman over time. I had never thought of it that way, but it made A LOT of sense!
    I don’t know why, but at first it seemed overwhelming for a Bible Study to be e-mailed to me every morning. It caused me stress to find it there. I did not do the first third of the study for that reason.
    Once I got used to the e-mail being there…I started clicking on them and reading them (not doing any of the “study” with the online tools, but reading your comments). I completed the second third of the study in this manner.
    I found that I enjoyed it and actually looked forward to my daily e-mail from you! During the final third of the study, I bit the bullet and actually opened the BlueLetterBible…and I am glad that I did! Your instructions in what to click were so helpful to me, as this was a very new tool to me.
    I do not feel “guilty” or “incomplete” for not doing the entire study or even for doing the study that I did only half-way. I feel victory that I have developed a new habit and learned quite a bit. Thanks so much. (I’m going to miss my daily e-mails! Do I really have to wait until Novemeber for more? 🙂

  8. One thing that struck me was the comparison between “Ruby’s” care of the bedroom being the same as the harlot’s only for the right reasons. Our room tends to be my last priority. Among other deeper things, the study inspired me to make beauty there a higher priority.

  9. The chiasm was interesting to me. I had not seen that before and found it interesting. Also I was glad to finally understand the Proverbs 31 woman’s candle not going out at night. I am a person who needs their sleep to be a Proverbs 31 woman and have the energy to speak with wisdom and kindness and get things done. I know some super high energy people who seem to function on no sleep but that is not me. I always felt that this was part of the description of the perfect woman I could not attain too. I’m so glad to understand that verse better. Also, I liked the part about the P31 woman excelling in the eyes of her own husband. We don’t have to be compared to other women. Thanks so much for the study. I learned a lot.

  10. I have not done the Proverbs 31 study yet, but that is because I am working my way through the 1 Cor 13 one! 🙂 I am learning so much about the biblical ideal of love– and how I fall very short of it. I really appreciate learning about and how to use the Blue Letter Bible app. Makes word studies so easy!

  11. I studied the first third more than the last part, but printed them all out and put them in a folder for future study. I really enjoyed the study and thought it was fascinating to see the Proverbs 31 lady as a valiant woman as well as the lady that does so much because she fears God. I look forward to searching it out a lot more and was blessed by the Blue Letter Bible. Thank you!

  12. I Loved this study!! It has given me so much to think about. I am the mother of 3 young girls and just knowing that I have a resource to teach them about things that I’m just now learning is comforting! Dare I say, my favorite lesson was the “doing him good and not evil all the days of her life” My eyes were surely opened that day and I have since been trying to do my husband ‘good’. Thanks for a great study and looking forward to Novembers lessons!

  13. God has been teaching me to be still and wait on the Lord, both of which are hard for me.

  14. I have not completed the study yet, but have saved all of the emails so I can do it this fall. While skimming one of the emails, I noticed the blue letter bible tool. I am really excited about using the site as I have always wanted to do word studies, but didn’t know how.

  15. I’m not finished with it yet, I’m on Day 12. The most profound “thing” that stood out to me so far was the use of “arise”. It doesn’t just mean to “get up” but it means that she started her day with purpose, a plan. For whatever reason, I felt empowered by that.

  16. I was reminded of the joy of digging deeper into God’s Word. There is so much to learn!

  17. I enjoyed using the Blue Letter Bible for the first time in this study. Understanding the definitions and usages of the words deepens my understanding of what God wants me to learn. Now I can use it on future studies. Thank you Pam for all you’re doing to encourage and equip us to train and disciple our families.

  18. Our pastor is preaching from Romans–an intense series that has lasted 1.5 yrs thus far. We’re just entering Romans 10, but as preparation for later, our whole church is being asked to memorize Rom. 11:33-12:21. Romans is my focus now (what a book!!), but I hope to do the Proverbs 31 study soon. As it is, I’m learning a great deal about God’s grace and about living out my faith and His glorious goodness and righteousness, which He has imparted to completely undeserving sinners such as me!

  19. My biggest lesson revolved around “openeth her mouth with wisdom” indicating a throwing open. Is wisdom (doing the next right thing) what comes out when my mouth is thrown open?

  20. I enjoyed learning about serving others. I need to be doing more to serve those around me.

    Thank you so much, Mrs. Forster, for this excellent study!! I’m starting the one on 1 Corinthians 13 next!

  21. I really enjoyed the way your study didn’t emphasize ways we can mimic the Prov 31 woman. So many studies on this chapter try to re-translate this woman’s actions for today, like not letting lamp go out at night means we should pay our bills well so our electricity doesn’t get shut off. Others merely discount the volume of this woman’s work by saying she had servants, so if we don’t have servants we can’t be expected to do as much as she. I appreciated getting to the heart of this woman’s character–she feared The Lord and sought wisdom, and that enabled her to be a faithful steward and servant of her home.

    Thank you for another excellent in-depth study on a familiar passage!

  22. I’m learning how important and powerful it is to honor and respect my husband and love my children – in what and how I speak and act.

  23. I have not finished the study yet but I feel through the study and times of prayer I have learned to just do what works for my family in this season. For so long I didn’t do things because they weren’t working in the ideal way. For example, I am not an early riser and when I rise early so do my little ones most days and because i couldn’t work on a bible study in quiet with my coffee I just gave up many times but I have learned to just keep trying (even if that means not digging as deep into the study every day because I’m often doing it from my phone).

    Thank you so much for this study, I look forward to finishing it 🙂

  24. I’ve always thought of the Proverbs 31 woman as being an unattainable goal! I desired to be like her, but all I could see was a list of impossible “works”. After the first few lessons I felt a whole new sense of hope inside knowing that all of these good works were only the fruit if her fear of the Lord! How refreshing and encouraging that is! I fail SO often in my relationships with my immediate family and I always feel so hopeless about it. This reminded me that when I fear the Lord and give Him first place in my life all the other relationships will naturally fall into place! Thank you so much for this study! I can’t wait for more!

  25. Oh and one more thing! I would LOVE to win this gift certificate! I know exactly what I would buy!! 🙂

  26. I learned that all of the good I desire to do for my family must be rooted in the fear of the Lord. My striving is otherwise in vain.

  27. I have gained new insight into the meaning of “fear of The Lord”. One of my favorite parts of this study was making an acrostic.

    On a different note. Do you have a list of the five other studies you mention in this post. I can only think of four. I’m wondering which one I missed. Thanks

  28. I enjoyed making Gospel connections throughout the study. Many mornings I would feel overwhelmed by the qualities and activities of the virtuous woman. Not many of these come naturally to me. Looking at them in light of the Gospel was helpful for me. I can be good to my husband, because God has been good to me. I can reach out to the poor and needy, because The Lord reached out to me in my poor and needy state. I can extend mercy to my daughter, because The Lord has been merciful to me. I can lay down my life for my family, because Christ has laid down his life for me.

  29. Thank you, Pam, for all the hard work you did in putting together this study. I am reminded, among other things, to open my mouth with wisdom and have the teaching of kindness on my tongue–not always easy. Also, I’m seeing what a difference getting up just a few minutes earlier has made on my Bible study and prayer life.

  30. I have learned so much through this study. I’ve always felt so overwhelmed when I read Proverbs 31. I knew I could never even come close to the woman described in this passage. But through this study, I have come to understand that I don’t have to live up to an “ideal”. My goal is to honor my husband, train my children and see to my household. Most days aren’t perfect. BUT we are clothes in scarlet – the blood of our Savior!

  31. I caught the tail-end of your study. Hopefully, I can go back and do it from the start. But something the Lord has really struck me with lately is forgiveness. And I saw this and have it posted at my computer to read every day. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart. Have a blessed day.

  32. I am so thankful for the studies you put out there for us to glean from (along with all your amazing other products). I haven’t fully started this Proverbs Study, but plan to get this one going next on my list. I’ve read some of the days, but haven’t been able to dive full in. I needed to end the study I had started on Nehemiah… what a neat book that shows how restoration CAN happen, even in the ugliest of places (our hearts).

  33. I was reminded again that my goal is to live by the *character* of the virtuous woman, not her to-do list. And that I need to please the Lord first, and then my husband… That’s it, no one else. I can “excel them all” by being the wife MY husband needs.

    Thank you for the time you invested in writing this study and sharing it with us. I really enjoyed learning about these verses in a new way and being introduced to tools like the Blue Letter Bible.

  34. This is my first study with Doorpost. It was a powerful study. I learned a ton. It is a study that is worth revisiting, as I’m sure I did not spend as much time as I should have( but I did finish). I feel blessed and strengthened. Thank you for sharing in a thoughtful and challenging manner. The study links, the suggestions for the children, the applications to make it personal were just tremendous. May God continue to bless your efforts. May we all learn to fear HIM more and thereby become indeed more virtuous daily. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, time, creativity and talents. I am rising up to call you blessed! Thanks again.

  35. I haven’t begun the study yet, but I have it tucked away waiting for the beginning of the school year and the return of my regular routine. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it, especially after reading all of theses wonderful comments! Lately, The Lord has been teaching me a difficult lesson in trusting and hoping in only Him during during a difficult time in my life. His patient and steadfast love for me even when I am stubbornly insisting on my own way never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for your wonderful studies!

  36. I have not finished the study but the thing I have learned the most so far is that this is all because of her fear of the Lord. I have loved this chapter since I was a teen and still love it but never caught on that all she does is because of her reverence for the Lord. Thank you so much for all your work and encouragement!

  37. I am about half-way through the Proverbs 31 study and am really enjoying it, as I enjoy all of your Bible studies! I have enjoyed the parallels between this valiant woman and a military person. We really are in a daily battle to fight for our families against Satan’s efforts to bring us down and tear us apart. But with God on our side (when we walk in the fear of the Lord), we will win the battle!

  38. I also wanted to say thank you for the beautiful picture! I am not sure where I will use it yet but I really like it. One idea I had is to print it in black and white and let each of the children color it.

  39. Hooray for the “Fear of the Lord” giveaway – you are the best Pam!! I’m glad the multiple hints I left worked 🙂 I learned a lot from this study and that graphic sums it up so well. The best part of this study is that I discovered that being a P31 wife/mother is not as unattainable as I once believed it was. Why? Because God’s got this – start there, root there, concentrate there, and everything else will fall together. Will we be perfect P31 wives? Nope. But we are forgiven.
    Oh and the Blue Letter Bible – my new go-to Bible study site. Thank you so much for helping us learn to use it!
    I may have treated myself to a special reminder of this study and all that a learned. A small ring to wear with my wedding band with the word “CHAYIL” on it.

  40. Was blessed by this study! Learned so much about this woman but what I enjoyed the most was the fact that I can be one through the power of our Lord! It gives me such encouragement that through the faith that God has given me, He is able to help me work out my salvation without grumbling. I loved the military references and it gives me a great visual of what I must be for our Commanding Officer! Thank you for your guidance in this study!

  41. I learned that discipline is not a strength of mine. Setting aside time for me to dig deeper into the word is must. I am thankful to have a helpful study to guide me through and help me learn more about God’s word.

  42. Studying about being able to laugh with no fear of the future was the study that most met my needs right now. I have an almost six month old baby girl – my first – and she struggles with weight gain and most feedings are difficult and involve much crying. It’s so easy for me to be overtaken with extreme anxiety while holding her – knowing that she so desperately needs these calories while also seeing that something is bothering her little body so much that she cannot eat. This verse is now on a post-it note next to the rocking chair where I feed her; I need not fear the future – God has her life (and mine) securely in his hands. All I need do is live in the fear of the Lord, trust him, and faithfully do his will in caring for my baby girl. What a wonderfully freeing verse!!

  43. I am learning I need to set a time with the Lord. I also am learning that what I was doing just reading the word, though not bad is not enough. This is showing me a new way to do it.

  44. I really appreciated learning about the blue letter Bible, wow!, What a tool to the able to use. I’m on the day of the law of kindness. I have really enjoyed the study.

    I am doing the whole study from my phone, so going back-and-forth to the blue letter is not very easy, though I have done it quite a bit. However, it makes me really appreciate the insights that you give about the word studies etc.

    I am really excited about a change I am making with my curriculum this year. I am going to switch out the Bible part of our curriculum to use plants grown up with my boys. I have had the book for years, but have used it minimally, but now I am going to put it into full practice.:)

  45. I am thankful for your encouragement not to feel like a failure starting in Day 1!!
    It seems that I always fail but when you have someone whom will pick you back up and encourage you to continue as you have said then it makes it easier. That is what is great about Jesus He pick us up cleans us up and encourages us to not grow weary to keep going. thank you

  46. Thank you so much for the Proverbs 31 study! I have been encouraged and blessed by it. It has been a blessing to realize that the “Proverbs 31 Lady” is not an impossible dream, but a workable reality!

  47. Lindsey Alexander

    This study was such a blessing to me. I have been so encouraged by what I’ve found when digging deeper into this chapter of Proverbs. Thank you so much for offering this study for free.

  48. One of the things that I gleaned from this study is that the Proverbs 31 woman is not something to be held above our heads, but an ideal to look to much as we Christians are called to be Christ-like while knowing that none of us will ever attain being an equal to Christ himself. 🙂 can’t wait for the next study!

  49. I learned how to easily navigate the tools at Blueletterbible.com. In fact on Sunday my preacher was talking about a scripture i didn’t quite understand so I hopped on blueletterbible, did a quick study of the word I was confused about & it helped tremendously! Thanks for hints to quickly study my bible. I don’t have to have loads of time. Just a willing heart & some good tools. I ordered your other busy mama bible studies – enough for me to have & to share with friends. It will be a great tool to add to a baby shower gift or to share with the ladies in my play group!

  50. God is dealing with me in the area of fear, so there were some days that were especially pertinent to my current struggle. I have no need to fear when God is in control! 🙂 Also, some good tangible applications of the Word were learned. For example, displaying a willingness to do the “dirty work” so that my children catch that right attitude towards the work God gives them!

  51. I have loved studying the proverbs 31 lady. It was refreshing to learn that these qualities were probably developed over her whole lifetime. Learning to use the blue letter Bible was great. I enjoyed the word studies.

  52. I’ve learned that the Proverbs 31 woman isn’t some unattainable standard, but that her actions spring from her fear and love of the Lord. That’s something I can work toward. 🙂 And I’m really enjoying the Blue Letter Bible site – I want to do word studies on everything I read now!

  53. Thank you Pam for all the resources you and your family have worked so hard on to encourage us all to diligently study God’s word and teach our children diligently. Blessings to you amd your family!

  54. My children and I are working through the 1 Corinthians 13 study right now. Each of us wrote our individual paraphrase of vv. 4-7, which we started going over yesterday. What a shock to see how much my 9-year-old daughter had gleaned from our study! Thanks for the time you have invested in these. Thanks also for introducing us to Blue Letter Bible; we had been using eSword, but they don’t have a downloadable version for the Mac – so this has been a huge help to us!

  55. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for sacrificing your time, and energy in preparing this Bible study so that you can be an encouragement to so many Christian wives and mothers. Your Proverbs 31 study has truly been an encouragement and a blessing in my own life. It seemed there were many studies that came by e-mail at just the “right time” that I needed to read them. I found the studies to be both encouraging and somewhat rebuking as I thought about my responses to my family and my husband at times when comparing my life to the Biblical example of the Proverbs 31 wife. The study guides were simple, yet powerful. They truly did help encourage me to be a better wife and mother to my family. May God bless your ministry.
    Thank you!

  56. I think my favorite lesson (so far, not finished yet!) has been on verse 15. Learning that the Hebrew word for “portions” isn’t really about food and is more about delegation and providing structure for our “maidens” has been a break through for me. My husband blesses me with portion of scripture every Friday during our Sabbath dinner and so I thought I understood it pretty well! I love how the Lord opens our eyes to see something new from His word each time we read it. Thank you for this study, Pam!

  57. I had intentions of doing the Proverbs 31 study, but as one other commenter noted, life got in the way (or I’m thinking Satan did!). What I’ve been learning in my studies are that none of us are immune to even the sins that we don’t think we have problems with. I get angry, but never thought I had a problem with pride or idolatry. God is showing me that I do!!!!!! After reading all of the Proverbs 31 comments above, I am anxious to dive into this study, as I have the emails still.

    God bless you all.

  58. I see her once again in a new light. I like that she is a strong courageous warrior. I like that she uses her resources. I like that she is a builder. I enjoyed this study quite a bit more than I initially throught I would when I first heard what chapter we would be on. Now, I’m glad we did it!

  59. I just signed up for the Proverbs 31 Woman Bible Study recently and I know I won’t finish it, however, I do plan on doing the whole study as my schedule allows. I’m a mom of 4, one college student, one Asbergers middle schooler, one Type 1 Diabetic 5th grader and one 2nd grader. I have 2 in advanced sports with practice 4 days a week and games Sat and Sun. I attend school 4 days a week and tutor the fifth. My house is a lived in mess though not a loved mess. I am learning that all God expects me to do is my best in and through Him. I am far from perfect and have a lot to learn but I will make and am making strides toward the woman He wants me to be. God is Faithful!!! I need to be more faithful and diligent in my studies of His Word. I am learning that as a first born perfectionist with all that I having going on at this time in my life and that of my family’s, as long as I am spending time and doing my best I will get better because I press on toward the goal!! Thank you for much insight into my life as a mom and woman of God. I know my attitude is not where it needs to be and that is where I will focus for a while.

  60. I am really interested in the study on Proverbs 31. I printed out each day’s lesson to do at a future time. I’m a grandma and think I could use some of the information when spending time with them.

  61. I continue to learn how much I need Jesus every minute to guide me in this life. 🙂

  62. I haven’t done the study yet, but I have been focusing on studying the faithfulness of God throughout the Bible. It is overwhelming once you realize that God never leaves His children, even if at times it does feel like that in the midst of trials, tribulation and pain.

  63. So far, I’ve only read the posts. Life for me has been busy w/ a newborn.
    I plan to go back, and do what I can. I love Prov 31, and always take something “new” away from it.
    My favorite thing had been the illustrations that are shown. It gives me a key idea for the day- even if I don’t find time for anything else.

  64. Like fresh air on a humid day…

    I love the fact that God put flesh on the Proverbs 31 in the essence of Ruth (so helpful) to see and example. Also, I love the scripture in view of the arc of a woman’s life span to practice all these attributes. It does take a lifetime to see the Holy Spirit’s intense work of sanctification.

  65. Thank you, Pam for your articles! I did not participate in the Proverbs study, but saved them and plan on going back when I’m not in the process of moving! I have been learning that love covers a multitude of sins. I tend to be too hard on both myself and my kids, and I know that the Lord is cultivating this fruit in me.

  66. Have not been able to do all of the Proverbs studies, but hope to finish them soon. What I have been learning from this is that my work at home as a full time home maker and a home school mom IS my ministry. It is my “mission field” so to speak. God cares about my daily struggles, even if it is something as silly as getting laundry done and food made while guiding children through their school lessons at the same time.

  67. I am not finished with the study yet. But, I learned what it means to do my husband good and not evil. I was really struck to learn that by doing good means to be pleasant, and kind, etc. I have learned much more, but that one really stands out to me.

  68. God is reminding me all over the place about being diligent & continues to shine reminders of His steadfast love through my reading of the Word! 🙂

  69. I learned that my ATTITUDE toward my daily tasks makes all the difference in how I view the work.

  70. I loved learning about the military images and warrior attitude of the Proverbs 31 woman. It really has given me a new perspective on my work at home. It was a great study and I’m looking forward to others! 🙂 Thank you Pam!

  71. And thank you also for the beautiful tree print for free! A really great visudal reminder how the fear of the Lord is the root and our good works are the fruit 🙂

  72. I’m excited about learning how to use blueletterbible!

  73. It was reiterated to me that fear of the Lord must come first!

  74. I am very slowly working my way through this study. I loved the idea of drawing in the bible and having the little ones color in the pictures as I worked my way through the study. This concept has revolutionized our quiet time. We have also been able to carry this concept into church. Each sermon I give the littles a piece of paper folded into fours and ask them to draw one picture in each square of something they heard the pastor talk about. They now eagerly listen for an opportunity to draw something and remember the sermon much longer. I also appreciated the new look on delegating work to our “maidens” and getting up while it is still dark. It’s hard when you are nursing a baby through the night and already feeling so sleep deprived, but I have found that are days are much more peaceful and that I am actually much less stressed and more able to have wisdom on my tongue when I am able to start the day before the rest of the family. So much to still learn and work on, but I really appreciated this study and have a feeling I will be going through it a few times!

  75. Thank you, Pam, for your effort on our behalf! I have been very challenged and blessed as I studied and allowed the Lord to show me where I need growth and cleansing.

    From the very beginning I felt prompted to use this scripture to aid instruction for our six sons on what to look for in a wife like King Lemuel’s mother.

  76. This study has worked perfectly with some circumstances in my life to challenge me to diligently discipline my children. It is doing battle with the enemy and helping me to be a mighty woman of valor.

  77. I haven’t finished the Prov 31 study yet, but I sure do love it! Just one of the interesting things I learned is that that section of Prov 31 is an acrostic AND a chiasm. I’m more and more impressed with the poetry of God all the time!

  78. One of the main things I’ve learned from the Proverbs 31 study is that the Proverbs 31 woman is an attainable goal. However, becoming this woman is not possible in my own power but rather by God’s power working through me as I daily seek & depend on Him. My favorite thing about the study was being able to share what I was learning with my kids & have them participate!

  79. I appreciated the encouragement to really look at what the words mean in other Scripture. Sometimes I do feels as if I am in a battle everyday for the hearts and souls of my children.

  80. I haven’t finished the Proverbs 31 study yet, but I fully intend to- what a blessing it has been to me. This study came right at the time I needed it, an answer to an unspoken prayer, really! I needed someone to hold my hand and teach me how to study the Bible, and you did that for me. I’m forever changed and see myself as a lifelong student of the Bible now. 🙂 I may not get my study in every day, but I know I’ll always get back to it for how it enriches my life and strengthens me, and reminds me of the depth of my sinfulness and dependence on God.
    To pick one thing I’ve learned is hard… I’ve learned SO much!! I think my favorite lesson in understanding the Pro 31 woman better is the comparison of what she does to a warrior (and your excitement about it was contagious!). It gives my/our roles of wife and mother such profound meaning and purpose, and as I sit and look at the things I do and should do, I see the parallels! Learning this makes me feel emboldened for service as I chose to fear our great and glorious God!!
    Many blessings to you, Pam. I’ve been so helped by your study and so blessed by your family’s company and the teaching aides you offer (along with my whole family)!

  81. I am struck by the distortion of a wife’s role that Hollywood gives us. Of course we all knew that the film and T.V. industries are not where we should go for a “how to” on marriage, but I never realized how strong the Proverbs 31 lady is. She fills her time with godly pursuits that benefit her, her family, the community and God’s Kingdom. In short, her entire world is better because she died to self. And because she is human we know she must have battled fatigue, discouragement, anger,bitterness, etc. She is a beautiful warrior.

  82. Plus, Blue Letter Bible is awesome!! 🙂

  83. Our 4th baby was born July 5th, so I haven’t had much time to look at or do the devotions/ lessons. But, I have really enjoyed and been encouraged by what I have read of the lessons. So far, I think the one on “willing hands” was the most eye-opening for me; especially how labor intensive it is to work with flax. A very visual picture of patience, long suffering, and perseverance!

    I look forward to finishing the lessons and your next one in Nov! =)

  84. I went back and did the Day 4 children’s activity with my 3 older ones. I hid 10 “rubies” and 1 “virtuous woman” offering a small prize for her. Since it was a son who found it I told him there is a “reward” for praying/seeking/finding a virtuous woman for a wife.
    My children loved this concept and played the “game” several times.

    We also use the Blue Letter Bible app daily. It is a great tool! Enjoy…

  85. My two oldest girls and I are doing the Beauty in the Heart Bible Study. It is really awesome! During our study today I was reading the portion of Scripture aloud, and one of my daughters gasped and said “I get it now!” She had made a connection from our school reading lesson about Saul and David to today’s Bible Study Scripture lesson! I was so excited!! Thank you for writing the study! It is helping me teach and learn with my girls!

  86. While I did not participate in the Proverbs 31 study, I have been reading Jude and have been encouraged to really contend for the faith and beware of false teachers. Thanks for the great giveaway!! I love Doorposts!!

  87. I still have a few days left of the Proverbs 31 study but I was really caught up in how wrong I had been in my previous years of reading Proverbs 31. I enjoyed the military links and revising my thinking accordingly!

  88. Two things have really stuck with me after going through this study. The first, was a point you brought out about the Prov. 31 woman. You mentioned it was more about her attitude than her abilities to accomplish what she did. That point greatly encouraged me, that there was hope, that the Holy Spirit at work in me could shape me into a woman like that, she wasn’t just born that way.

    I also keep mulling over the verse “she brings her husband good, not harm, all the days of her life”….can that be said of me? That has been replaying in my mind throughout my day, and want that to be said of me as well.

    Thank you for offering this study, and your insights. I have learned much from your wisdom and appreciate your willingness to pass it along.

  89. I have not yet finished the study but hope to soon. I’ve learned that many of the day to day duties are really my biblical calling so to speak…I enjoy much of it except when I feel overwhelmed with it all!

  90. Well, I’ve only made it through the first six days of the study so far, but I have already gleaned so much. The fear of the Lord is the root, they key, to being the kind of woman I want to be. It all hinges on that. The virtuous woman is a valiant woman. I am in a battle! Her husband had no need of spoil. I should be such a treasure to my husband – meeting his needs, being wise in my words and actions, tending to my responsibilities, prudent in my decisions, doing him good – that he can trust me completely and has no reason to seek plunder away from home. That’s some of what I’ve gotten out of the study.

  91. Thank you for such a wonderful study. This has been the most in depth study I have done on Proverbs 31. I must say this came a just the right time in my life and I am so thankful to my friend and to God for it. I am learning (still working through the study) that I need God all the time to be the woman He has called me to be. He is my strength and my wisdom! I look forward to each and every day I can dive into this study as I know I have so much more to learn!

  92. I enjoyed discovering that I love learning the meaning of words and how they can change what you thought you already. Digging deeper in a single word can change everything! I still have more than halfway to go, but I’m thankful for what I’ve gotten to do so far!

  93. I have only done the first week of the study but paused until I finish another study I had already started. I already learned the very first day something I didn’t know which was that these things were told to a king by his mother. Very interesting! Looking forward to getting back to this study very soon!

  94. I am still working on this study but have learned so much! God is really using this study to change my outlook on my household and my responsibilities as a wife and mother. My favorite lesson so far has been the one on idleness. I love the imagery of being a watchman over my household, always being on guard! It takes much diligence and attention but it is so important to be in tune to our kids and what is coming into our homes. I have only a short time to impact their lives and I so want to lay a good foundation for them as well as be a safe place for them to come where they can be loved and hear truth. Thank you so much for this study!

  95. Thank You for posting this study. I started the study about a week after I started receiving it in my email. The word study with the online Blue Letter Bible has been a neat resource to use, I like the depth it has given to the study. Having been a wife and Mother now for going on 26 years, this is not my first Proverbs 31 study. Proverbs 31 has always been an inspiration/motivation for me to do things well when it came to my family and in doing well, my family is loved. Right? Well, this study has taught me that in my strength or accomplishment in meeting some of these standards, I actually fail to be exactly what the Proverbs 31 woman is exemplifiying. Love isn’t just the act of doing or providing but it’s the measure of joy, peace and strength you add to it. For instance, joy can simply be a smile, not an over exuberant expression, when exhausted. Peace can be simply listening to someone else, even if they are all wrong! Strength is knowing you are in charge (when it comes to a situation with a child) and you don’t have to prove it! Having a calm assertion even with a smile, is an amazing tool the Lord has afforded us.
    I don’t believe perfection was ever a goal, or being able to accomplish all that the Proverbs 31 woman did but not wanting to fail, not being sure of what is right in every situation, dealing with husband and children, all people with different personalities, abilities and experiences and really, really wanting to serve the Lord well and grow Godly children, can cloud the real goal of our life. This study has shown me things that I have “known” but now I “see”.
    Maybe I could only “see” with some life experiences behind me but I’m thankful for the timing of this study in my life. Thank you for all your efforts in putting it together and sharing

  96. I really was enjoying this study in the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed going to blueletterbible and going through all the word studies. By far, the one that has had the most signficance was the word study on good and evil when we did verse 12. I still have the list sitting out so I can glance at it from time to time to see how the Proverbs woman did her husband good and not evil. It has convicted be and has been an area where I’m growing and will continue to grow.

    It did get to be too much after awhile, having to come to the computer and look up stuff. I like to do my Bible time while I’m nursing my two month old before the hustle and bustle happens with the rest of my clan. I was disappointed though because I really did enjoy this study and was so excited to share with my husband what I was learning. And we did some of the drawing and the kids LOVE acting out and we did some video taping ( all was done while I was nursing, nothing like multitasking!!!)

    I was wondering if the Bible studies that you have put into books would be more useful for me, that way I can just pull the book out along with my Bible, instead of having to be in front of the computer.

    Thank you so much, Pam. What I did learn was truly fascinating and spiritually profitable!

  97. First I would like to thank you for all your hard work in putting this study together for us! God has shown me a lot in this study. One of the big things God showed me was how much time I was wasting doing “stuff” that wasn’t important. Also the lesson where it talked to us about the bedroom. Yep, I am in the process of “cleaning” it up so that it is a nice place to spend time with my husband and that we can get a good night’s rest. I never realized how much better you can sleep if it is not cluttered! Thanks again, Pam, for a wonderful study and I can’t wait for the next one!

  98. Great study. I view the proverbs 31 example in a whole new light. I have always loved this example but now I see more strongly that she is a valiant hero to those around her and all through being an every day servant doing everyday things. Just getting up even, out of bed and starting the day right. “She riseth up” meaning she rises up like she is getting ready for battle…..whew, I love it! Life changer, game changer, heart stirrer…His word is full and alive 🙂

  99. I started the study but did not finish it. I love your format and study lessons though. I lost my husband a year ago and it was just too painful read the parts about being a wife and the husband. In my personal Bible study (and in daily life) the many many ways God cares for me. Ways that I sometimes miss.

  100. I started well but wasn’t finishing the Proverb 31 study. Thank you for the encouragement to finish! I just did day 5 and was thankful for a different way to think about what it means to be a woman of valor. I want to be that treasure for my husband.

  101. I have had my eyes opened to the need to properly delegate, something I am not very good at.

  102. I am still working through the study, and enjoying it very much! I suppose for me, the most basic yet the most perspective-changing thing I learned about this chapter was that we are to be “valiant”, strong women!

  103. Maybe you’ve heard the expression, one of my favorite analogies, “shoot for the stars and at least you’ll hit the moon,” right? Well, to me the woman of Proverbs 31 is the star we are shooting for…maybe her many abilities are different stars in themselves…and if we keep getting back up and getting back up in this battle to be a virtuous woman….in time we will look back at our life and not have regrets because we gave our all. In doing the very best we can, we will be given the fruit of our labor, we “will rejoice in time to come”!
    Remember, the saying says, ” AT LEAST you’ll hit the moon.” Meaning the moon being something pretty awesome in itself but the stars that reach beyond the moon, well that’s big time, that’s golden crown on your head and make this woman ruler over many in My kingdom stuff, right? But if we shoot for the stars and fall short we have a good probability of landing on the moon but if we merely shoot for the moon…where might we land. But we could shoot for the stars and reach the stars because read below:

    Our own Savior said “be you therefore perfect just as our Father in heaven is perfect”….. I think perfectionism gets a bad wrap. Isn’t it with our Savior through whom we can do ALL things! 🙂 I don’t know when you or I will meet that perfection mark but if it is our aim, it is as the stars to us. It is what keeps us seeking, searching, doing, growing, understanding being able to teach others so they can grow….and then doing it all over again…seeking, searching Him….

    LUKE 11:9 “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 10 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. 11 If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish? 12 Or if he asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? 13 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”

    Ask Him for His spirit and wisdom and He will love to give it!

    If we don’t believe we can become perfect then we will probably end up setting the standards low as to what we can achieve. Our Savior promised us this:

    MARK 9:23 Our Savior said to him, “If you can believe, ALL things are possible to him who believes.”

    We can do this, women! the Proverbs 31 woman is YOU, the Proverbs 31 woman is just the dress and you and I are the ones who wear it! Who slip it on and decide to wear it each day 🙂

  104. I have been shown so many things in this study… One of the biggest was how in my ‘not evil’ column for verse 12 we listed ‘to be sad’. I do not want to bring harm to my husband when I’m sad over whatever it may be. I also found it refreshing to see how I’m a work in progress. Years ago I avoided P31 because I thought it was a list of unattainables. A P31 woman fears the Lord, and the Lord does the rest of the work. I can see how much I’ve grown as I’ve revisited this chapter in scripture, where I still need work, and where I’m heading as God turns someone like me into a woman fit for His kingdom.

  105. This has been a great study. Thank you for your time putting it together. I have been blessed so much. I love that the virtuous woman is a valiant woman. And she is valiant because she has the power of God. My life and outlook has truly been changed. I still have about 10 days left to complete, but I already have so much to meditate on!

  106. Oh, and thank yoy so much for introducing me to the Blue Letter Bible! It has changed the way I do Bible study. What a fantastic resource.

  107. I almost am finished the Proverbs 31 study. Thank you Pam! I love how you teach us to dig deeper and how to gain a better understanding and context of the verses. My favorite thing learned was the verse about her lamp never going out and learning about the word lamp! Also even though I’m not terribly artistic, I really enjoyed the assignment where drew the pictures to go along with each verse. And the constant reflection of being a virtuous women come from her fear of God. Thank you!

  108. Thank you so much for your time and wise teaching.
    This Proverbs study was a huge encouragement to me! I was reminded that we are to Fear the Lord and He will work in me to produce the fruit. I cannot do it on my own. Your study was challenging and has encouraged to trust the Lord for His help daily! Your hard work preparing this course has been such a blessing to me!
    I do hope you will make this study available again.

  109. I was not able to do the study but have been trying to read a Proverb a day. Learning so much about wisdom and fearing the Lord. Thanks for the giveaway.

  110. I have learnt to use all facets of myself as a woman, wife and mother for the glory of good. He wants and uses my heart, hands, eyes for his purposes.

  111. I have not yet completed the entire study, but one thing I learned was the comprehensive meaning of the phrase referring to the husband not lacking in gain/spoils. Thanks 🙂

  112. I am learning the necessity of believing the gospel daily. It was never meant to be a one time experience. God is using the gospel in my life to sanctify me. Praise God!

  113. I used to avoid Proverbs 31. I felt really intimidated. This study completely changed my mind and now Proverbs 31 motivates me. One thing that stuck with me is all of the “servants” I have. From my dishwasher to my garden hose, my life is full of helpers! I appreciate all the hard work that went into creating this study!!

  114. I enjoyed verse 27 and it’s imagery of us being a watchmen for our family both to keep evil out and in preparing the details to make things run smoothly.

  115. This study was such a blessing to me and my children! Digging deeper into the meaning of the words chosen to describe this virtuous woman was life-changing for me. Seeing that it was her fear of the Lord that motivated all that she did took away the pressure to try and do it all in my own strength. Her relationship with her husband and the descriptions of how he saw her really encouraged me to make sure that I am being a treasure and help to my own husband. I learned so much more, but this is what is standing out at the moment!

  116. I never liked Prov. 31, which was difficult since I like to read through the Proverbs every month. She was so impossible, I’d feel guilty, lazy and basically like a failure as a mom and wife. Thank you so much for this study. I see it so differently now. I need to be the best wife for ‘my’ husband. Don’t have to think of other women and what their husbands expect of them and how I would never meet those expectations. I have a wonderful husband and with God’s wisdom and guidance, I want to be a wonderful wife for him. I have recommended this study to two friends already and am going to do the Psalm 37 study next. Thank you for fearing the Lord and following His directions and writing for us.

  117. I’m nearing the end of the study… a few days left. And I’ve sat in awe EVERY morning. I have learned so much. Here is a quick summary:
    -I’ve FINALLY learned how to use Blue Letter Bible!!!! YES!!!!
    -The questions that Pam asked in regards to the merchant ships had me thinking and thinking and thinking… and sharing what I was learning with my girlfriends. One of the nuggets: Goods and services leave the virtuous woman’s home more than they arrive.
    -I thought upon (heavily) the day we studied verse 20. My church is in the heart of the poorest, crime ridden, drug-abusing neighborhood in our city. This verse meant so much to me- just to differentiate between poor and needy- because there is a HUGE difference!!!

    I’ve always loved getting up early, and reading the bible. I’ve sometimes just read passages in many translations and did some memorization. But the way this study dissected the text word by word, and brought it back to the original language blew my mind! So much is lost in translation! I’ve fallen in love with the King James Version!

    Oh! I’ve just learned so much. I desire to love my husband in new and deeper ways every day. I desire to be a mom with a gentle spirit (old habits die hard- but they DIE with the APPLICATION of God’s word and PRAYER!). I desire to serve from my heart.

    Thank you Pam- And all that surround you that have made these studies possible. You are making a difference in the lives of the women that are doing them! And thank you, Father, for your hand over it all!

  118. This study was a blessing. Thank you so much! Getting fresh insights and digging into this chapter has really helped me. It also has been a blessing to my marriage by opening a door of communication to talk about Bible study with my husband. Thank you also for the beautiful picture. I had just picked up a frame on clearance and it was just meant to hang on my wall. Praise The Lord!!!

  119. I am only about 1/4 of the way into the study, but so far, I have been greatly encouraged and inspired by the lesson on “rising while it is still night.” I loved learning that the meaning of the word implies that this woman is rising with a purpose; she is setting herself; she is on a mission. That she is rising early as if to do battle, to conquer her day. I love that imagery, and it has helped me to remember, when I am getting up early in the morning, that I am doing it because I am on a mission from God, and that by rising early, I am to better conquer my day. It completely changes my perspective on my day!

  120. I enjoyed digging deeper into the imagery of the verses, rather than just reading them with a quick glance. I also liked looking at the military images. Hopefully I am more ready to conquer my days!

  121. I am so greatful for the bible study made with busy mamas in mind. It has been a huge encouragement to me. I cant wait to do more and i yearn for this sweet study time with the Lord.

  122. I read some of the emails, but haven’t actually done the study yet. I saved all the emails to go thru later this school year. I did click on the BlueLetterBible link, and was finally able to figure out how to use it. I am excited to use this online study tool. I had never heard of it before. Thank you for taking the time to write these studies for mothers.

  123. I loved the fact that the study focused on the Prov 31 woman doing all that she does because she puts her strength in the Lord, instead of feeling like we should be doing all that she does, which is totally unattainable. Also, I smiled when I read your comment about our servants being all the white goods we have today (dishwasher, vacuum, washing machine). Thank you for this study – I’ve loved it!

  124. I’m learning that only 15 minutes extra a day of personal time with The Lord, brings a complete new perspective and purpose to even the most mundane tasks of my day… And also a new enthusiasm for studying and teaching scripture to my children.

  125. I have not had a chance to work through the Doorposts study yet, but started one last year and what struck me the most about Proverbs 31 woman was how much she had taught her son about being a King.

  126. I have learned through this study yet again that my God is faithful. I’ve always felt intimidated by this woman described in Prov 31

  127. I have learned through this study yet again that my God is faithful. I’ve always felt intimidated by this woman described in Prov 31; she accomplishes so much and is always so busy, I feel like I just can’t keep up and I don’t have that much energy. As usual, it’s really not about ME at all, it’s about God. If I will but seek His face and His heart, the rest will work itself out by His grace. His grace and His mercy are enough to see me through, even the incredible task list lain out in Prov 31. It’s not about being a “busy” woman able to accomplish much, it’s about being a mighty woman of valor seeking God first in everything!

  128. I am working my way through the Psalms 37 study. A great reminder to rest and trust in the Lord and to let His peace reign in our hearts.

  129. I think the thought of strength, valor, warfare was an encouragement. Also that this lady wasn’t ‘all that’ at all times – but it is more a composite picture. Very challenging, but also relieving?

  130. I was surprised by the military images used and liked the study about gates. I look forward to getting into more detail with these studies in the future.