Children in the Worship Service

Spears Boy Children in Church

When our children were young, we made the decision to keep them in the worship service with us on Sundays. We wanted them to learn how to worship alongside us. We wanted them to hear the singing and learn to sing with us. We wanted them to be in the presence of the saints while we prayed, while we heard the Word preached, while we read the Word responsively, while we recited the creeds, while we gave back a portion of all He had given us. We wanted them to be a part of the church so that they would stay a part of the church when they grew up.

John Piper has posted an excellent article on this subject — “Should Children Sit Through ‘Big Church?'”¬†— that I heartily recommend. In that article he refers back to an earlier article — “The Family: Together in God’s Presence” — that he and his wife wrote in 1995. In that article Noel Piper outlines wonderfully practical ways to actually prepare and help a child be able to participate in the church’s worship service.

Teaching a child to quietly and respectfully sit in the worship service is a challenging task, but so worth the effort! Take the time to read these helpful articles! Pray about them. What can you take from them that will bless your children?


(Photo: Bert Coombs)

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