A Giveaway!


It’s always fun to wrap up our 30 Day studies with a giveaway. This time we’re giving away a $100 gift certificateΒ — just in time for Christmas giving! Use your prize to buy a beautiful new Inductive Study BibleΒ for someone special, some musicΒ for the family, a copy of For Instruction in RighteousnessΒ for some busy parents, or anything else your heart desires!

Answer one of the questions below for one entry, or answer all three for three entries! You may enter, even if you haven’t finished the study yet, or if you didn’t do the study at all! This giveaway ends at midnight, Wednesday, December 7, 2016. A winner will then be randomly chosen.

  1. What main truth stood out to you as you studied 1 Samuel 25?
  2. Describe one family activity that you especially enjoy during the Christmas season and why.
  3. What chapter of the Bible would you like to study when we do our next Busy Mamas Bible study in March?

(This giveaway is open to U. S. residents, age 18 and older.)


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  1. I would like to see a bible study for the charts (Blessings & If, Then). Maybe that would be too long….

    I would love to win a gift certificate!!

  2. I love our advent at christmas. The kids get to take turns each night picking the new card/scripture. They are always excited and I love being able to be in God’s word with them reminding them what Christmas is truly about.

  3. I love so many Christmas traditions! The only one I do every year unfailingly is going to Christmas Eve service, so that one must be my favorite!

  4. We do a different advent study every year. This year we are using Marty Machowski’s book Prepare Him Room.

  5. Favorite Christmas activity is our advent Box where we open a door each day and see what’s inside! I printed and rolled up scrolls telling the account of Christs birth and we read a small portion each day giving us a passage to discuss. Of course we also include chocolate or candy canes as well!
    Romans 1 would be a good one or James 1.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  6. We read one of the advent books by Arnold Ytreeide.

  7. We love to pile in the car and go look at Christmas lights. We are always traveling to see family at Christmas…but this is the one thing we can do together no matter what town we are in.

    I’m not sure about a specific chapter. But one of the shorter epistles would be great.

  8. We enjoy filling shoeboxes with items for Operation Christmas Child each year

  9. We enjoy an Advent study every year as a family called the Jesse Tree. Wonderful memories bringing Christ into Christmas.

  10. Christmas tracition: Just being with my family. We look at lights, have a tree. I am excited this year because we feed the homeless every saturday morning, and this year Christmas eve is a saturday!

  11. Thanks for doing another study and giveaway! It’s been enjoyable!

    1) I was impressed by Abigail’s calm haste. She knew what needed to be done, and did it quickly – but without the frenzied craziness I think of myself when I’m hurrying. It’s an interesting thought that I need to think about more!

    2) For the last couple years, I’ve gift wrapped 25 of the kid’s books and put them under the tree. My kids take turns picking one each day leading up to Christmas and we read them together. It’s a fun and enjoyable little tradition!

    3) I would really love to study Psalm 32. I know it’s a shorter chapter, but it’s one my absolute favorites!

  12. It was amazing to me that just today I have an opportunity to apply what we learned in 1 Samuel to speak the truth wisely to one of my friends! God was preparing me for this moment through the Bible study.

  13. God listens to those that are humble and faithful to him.

    Decorating the tree with the grandkids is always a good thing.

    The Beautitudes are always a wonderful study and I learn something new each time.

  14. One truth I learned is that a woman can effect so much when she acts as she should. Abigail is a good example of this.

  15. We like to do The Jesse Tree as a way to focus on Christ for the Christmas season.

  16. I just look forward to the bible studies so much. Cant decide what I would like to study next!

  17. In anticipation for Christmas, every day we read a little bit from the Bible (the first few chapters from Matt, Mark, Luke, John) and the kids draw pictures of what they heard. We now have a collection of family “Christmas Story” books. Each year the illustrations get more refined as the kiddos get older. Very sweet memories!

  18. I wasn’t able to participate in the 1 Samuel 25 study this month as I’m currently in a study at church on Isaiah, but I kept the emails for prompts to study it when we are done with Isaiah, as I found them helpful.

  19. We love to decorate before our December birthday (9. 12, and on 25). We began the Jotham’s journey devotional series and even our adult children remind me it’s time to start each advent!

  20. One family activity we enjoy during the Christmas season is taking a lighter approach to our schoolwork and doing fun activities as well as focusing on Luke 1 & 2 for the month!

  21. I love baking special cookies & candies this time of year and sharing them with others.

  22. I have a tradition of a Christmas candy exchange with friends!

  23. I’d love to see a study on the sermon on the mount.

  24. A study on either Titus 2 or John 15 would be interesting.

  25. I just want to say thank you for giving us BUSY moms studies to be successful through! I would love to see a study on the seven literal days of creation. This is a selfish request, because I would love to see your ideas for children=)

    I really was challenged by Abigail’s (Our daughter’s name sake), calm spirit when she was preparing everything, so that her husband’s men would not be slaughtered. She completed this task with beauty, inner strength, swiftness and a calm humility. I lose my mind just trying to juggle all of the daily things on my ‘To Do List’.

    Thank you again!

    • One of our most favorite Christmas Traditions is to open Jesus’ stocking first! My husband and I have decided to leave Santa a myth and teach truth during the season. We place in Jesus’ stocking all of the things we did as a family to show Jesus to our community and those who may be in need! It is such a special time!!

      There are so many other though, Christmas Carols, the reading of Luke 2 on Christmas Eve, decorating the Christmas tree with my children, watching the beloved Christmas movies… The List goes on and on!

  26. I would love to study Galatians 5– I would love to know more about the fruit of the Spirit!

  27. One favorite family tradition is to join others from our church and go caroling door-to-door, joyfully proclaiming the Good News via music to a whole neighborhood. It blesses us as well as those to whom we sing.

  28. We have some special ornament sets which tell the Christmas story– the kids do one per day. We also have Adorenaments which emphasize the names of Jesus. It’s a fun and easy tradition!

    • I love that idea. Do your adornaments each just list one of the names of Jesus? I want to do this at our home. Thank you for sharing that!

  29. 1. Trust God, do not be easily offended and trust in his promise of justice in his timing.

    2. Drive through Christmas light displays!

    3. Romans

  30. I believe this passage is a wonderful example of Romans 12:9 “Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.”

    Our family really enjoys studying the Gospel passages surrounding Christ’s birth during our annual Advent Study. We read Scripture, sing carols, and play games that coincide with each passage we are studying nightly. I follow up in the next morning with activities or crafts to reinforce the passage that Daddy taught the night before. We’ve been doing this since our youngest was 6 months old! He is a teenager now!

    I would like to study another Servant Song from Isaiah in preparation for Resurrection Sunday. I was really blessed by the Isaiah 53 study. Other songs would be Isaiah 42, 49, or 50. Thank you for all you do to prepare the studies for us!

  31. I enjoy doing a weekly advent with my children. This year, after the candle & reading, we are doing popcorn and hot chocolate. I got some adult coloring pages and so we spent the evening coloring and making great memories.

  32. 1. I love how everything points to God through out the study.
    2. I want to stay and my family to stay in God’s word and see his wondrous works.
    3. I would love to study any book, all are great. I wish we could do them continuously.
    Thank you for such a great giveaway, what a blessing. God bless your family this Christmas season.

  33. I have 5 lessons left in the study (due to a delay for the holiday) – but I have gained a lot of understanding of this passage from this study. I think the thing that stands out the most has been Abigail’s discernment. I so need this in my life as a wife, mother, and pastor’s wife. By waiting on God and allowing Him to work in His timing, Abigail ends up blessed – even if she had made bad choices in her early life (not saying she did, but in case her marriage to Nabal was her choice).

  34. Piling in the car with cookies, hot chocolate, Christmas music and driving around to look at the lights!

  35. We enjoy reading the advent story of Jotham’s Journey and the other stories that continue it. The kids look forward to this time together every night (we still read our regular scripture reading after supper) and get excited about what might happen next. It is also really cool how the stories connect through the years and jog our memories of Christmas past. They are not a replacement of God’s word of course, but do help us focus on God’s coming to earth as a man and what that means to us.

  36. I am continually amazed at Abigail’s calm way of handling the situation.

    Some December traditions are to bake cookies and do lots of read aloud books together and also act out the nativity in costume with extended families.
    I think a Bible study on Ruth would be nice.

  37. I’d like a study on Daniel.

    Christmas activity: driving around looking at Christmas lights! And cookies. Always the cookies.

    Abigail’s courage and quick action stood out to me. So often, when I need to make a decision, I dither. I procrastinate. She saw a problem, she moved quickly to address it, and she spoke out boldly.

  38. Anything God leads you to help us be better Christ-followers. I have enjoyed all the studies I have done and have grown through each one. I will pray that God leads to exactly the passage that is needed πŸ™‚

  39. We enjoy our children putting on a play/skit of The Christmas Story. It is always fun to see how they put it together.

  40. The main truth stood out to me as I studied 1 Samuel 25 was that I must jot give a hasty response. I should be more patient in my responses and consider the whole situation, rather than be like Nabal or David.

  41. One family activity I enjoy especially during the Christmas season is the day itself! Our family takes it slow, we do a Christmas morning catechism and devotional before beginning to open presents. Then we take time to enjoy each gift before opening a new one. Christmas lasts all day long!

  42. I would love to do another Psalm with Pam in March! I love spending extra time in the Psalms.

  43. The main truth I learned from this chapter was that God was the true hero.

  44. My favorite tradition is the Advent Wreath. We light it every night at dinner time and eat by candlelight which seems extra special to the children. The light grows brighter as we get closer to Christmas. We sing O Come O Come Emmanuel as we light the candle(s). It is a joy!

  45. We love to go sledding as a family. We also love the online advent calendar by Jaquie Lawson with tons of fun activities, puzzles, games and the history of the scene they portray.

    I would love to do a study on Joy and how to live it out with my children as a homeschool mom. Thanks!!

  46. 1. I am still in the study, but when studying Abigail seeing how she contrasts with both Nabal and David. She is calm, David reacts quickly in anger. She is diligent, humble, and wise, Nabal is foolish, belligerent, and selfish. She is also the one who still stays respectfully as as a woman under her husband and recognized future king.
    2. We are not a family of traditions but any activity during the holidays that includes our church is definitely what we look forward to.
    3. More studies on Paul’s letters would be great!
    Thank you for your ministry!

  47. I will admit I was skeptical what we could get out of this “straightforward” story, but I was amazed at the lessons you were able to pull out of it…things I had never thought of as I rushed through the story. Appreciate all the helpful guidance in getting so much ‘meat’ out of this passage.

  48. Our family enjoys reading the Advent together, then lighting candles and Christmas lights, and singing Christmas carols. I realize this is a list of more than one thing, but it all goes together.

  49. I look forward to decorating our Christmas tree each year together as a family. We have collected ornaments from all of the places we have traveled and special things we have done, so our tree is like a big scrapbook of our life together. It is so fun reminiscing and telling my girls stories about things I remember about each one- they know the stories behind them all.

  50. Traditions are changing for us as our family changes: for instance, in the past 13 or 14 months, our second child married; our second grandchild was born–and lives a long day’s drive away with her parents and brother; our youngest is child turned 14, our parents’ hearing and memory got drastically worse–thus making communication somewhat difficult with a couple of them; my husband’s brother passed away after a battle with cancer. While it used to bother me greatly that we might not get in some of our traditions, I’m slowly learning to accept change and savor the life God has given us, even when it doesn’t look like I expect it to. That said, Christmas breakfast (well…brunch), for which my parents and sister join us, is one of our favorite family traditions–even though it won’t be happening this year!

  51. One of our favorite traditions is our chain that counts down to Christmas. We write a name on each chain and we pray for that person when the kiddos take that link off. This year we added a printout of the names of God and the verse on the other side and read that together.

  52. Studying 1 Sam. 25, the Lord taught me (or I should say is teaching me) to rethink how I view and approach correction/reproof. Not only are we given a godly example of the attitude behind the reproof, but a gentle approach to correcting another. πŸ™‚

  53. 1. To be a calm, quiet activist is ok.

    2. Special Advent devotions, followed by completing our ‘read through the Bible’ yearly.

    3. How about a Gospel? Yes, it’s longer but would give excellent practice in ‘short and sweet’ when leading others. And would teach how to study a longer book without you. Good skills to learn!

    (we are celebrating 25 years with you!!! Thank you!)

  54. 1. I’m still working on this study but I thought Abigail’s response to the situation and words to David were amazing!
    2. Attending the Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church.
    3. Romans 8. I realize it would be more involved but I would love a study of Esther.

  55. I have only just begun the study in 1 Samuel 25, but am enjoying the dialog so far, a little different then just the normal studies.
    Every Christmas we go up into the mountains to cut down our own Christmas tree. We just went this year & it was just nice to get away with the whole family for some time out in God’s great creation!
    I would love to do a study on Psalms 23

  56. 1. First, I want to thank you for preparing the study. My take away/main truth: I desire to be more like Abigail in acting with discernment, wisdom, to be grounded in my Lord, to be decisive when needed, to speak in a humble, gracious manner, and to call on the promises revealed in His Word! And secondly to remember that Jesus is the hero of my story and my family’s story – His hand is in all areas, orchestrating it all for His glory.
    2. family activity – doing our Advent tree. We started it as a family 18 yrs ago. This year my two recently married son’s will be continuing the tradition in their own homes with their new brides.

  57. 1. I was convicted by Nabal’s bad example about how I’ve been speaking to my children at home – too much harshness. So I’ve been praying and fighting to change that.
    2. My family always reads through the Christmas story (in Luke 2) on Christmas morning before opening any presents. As soon as a child can read, they get a verse or two to read and we divide the rest among the adults. It’s a very special tradition!
    3. I would love a study on a minor prophet.

  58. Through this study, I really saw what a difference tone and attitude make when we are speaking. I was encouraged by seeing how David began by blessing others and by Abigail’s humility.

    I love walking through our local Christmas light display with my family. I love seeing my kids interacting with their cousins and all their faces beaming with huge smiles.

    I would love to study John 1, Hebrews 11, or Ephesians 2.

    Thank you for your studies!

  59. 1. Wow just one! Then I have to say Abigail’s testimony of doing what is right even if your spouse does not. She put the Lord before her husband and did what He would want.
    2. Having a tree trimming party. I made several special family recipes such as summer sausage, cheese balls, and we’d have vegetables, dips and fruit salad. We’d listen to Christmas music, trim the tree then watch a holiday movie.
    3.I would love to see a study on Nehemiah .

  60. We love advent. We started a few years ago and have loved seeing the children really prepare for Christmas before the excitement of opening presents hits.

  61. I would love to see Titus 2 or John 14 for the next study!

  62. Thank you for the wonderful studies. God’s Word is life.

    Our family has a pizza picnic every Christmas Eve. The kids love it. We read the Christmas story and write letters to Jesus for their Jesus box. Such good memories!!

  63. 1. My children (they are teens) and I did the study together and what we all three took from the study that stood out the most was that how Abigail was standing in place of her husbands sin agains David, and not only standing in the place of, but was also offering gifts to David. It reminded us of Christ and how he took our place on the cross and took on our sin, offering us the gift of eternal life.

    2. We love making coquito, which is a Ruerto Rican egg nog, to remind us of our blood line. We also enjoy making gingerbread houses and looking at lights as as we celebrate the festival of lights.

    3. I would love to do a study on the book of James, but would be thrilled with anything. We have loved this Bible study. Thank you for providing it for us!

  64. I’d love to see a study on James.

  65. I was unable to do the study this time πŸ™
    But I have some of the studies on my to do/read/study list!

  66. My favorite Christmas thing is decorating our tree. The only ornaments we put up are those with memories attached. We get ornaments when we travel. Others were given to us as a personalized gift. Our kids get one new one each year. I have ornaments all the way back to the year of my birth! It is such a joy to look back on the memories each year.

  67. We wrap all our our favorite Christmas books and DVD’s – one for each day of December and number them #1, #2, etc. through #24. Then each day the children open up the correct package and we read the loved book or watch the movie together. πŸ™‚ We cherish our time and reminiscence through the entire book/DVD. LOVELY!

    • Valerie,
      Just wanted to say congratulations on winning the giveaway! Also, I just love your tradition about the books and movies πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  68. 2) Making coffee cake on Chrstmas morning and using it as our birthday cake for Jesus. It is good for all ages and reflects again on the meaning of the day enforce presents are opened etc. it is also a special treat since my kids have food allergies and heir treat options can be limited.
    3) keeping joy in the midst of whatever may come in life.

  69. I did not fully study 1 Samuel 25, but when I looked at it I was struck with how quickly David jumped to get revenge, but because of Abigail’s calmness she was able to diffuse the situation, which allowed God to handle Nabal in His own way. He spared David from a choice he may have woke up later to regret. How often I jump the gun and try to do it on my own. I’m thankful for the Abigail’s who stop me from doing something I too might later regret.

    One family activity that I especially enjoy during the Christmas season is just making memories with my children. We don’t have many traditions because we like to vary things up from year to year. Lately we have been anti-decorations and “stuff” to try to get to the real heart of the holiday.

    What chapter of the Bible would you like to study when we do our next Busy Mamas Bible study in March? I’d love to study James, Nahum, Habakkuk, Joel…I am trying to wrap my brain around so much of the Bible. Things I’ve heard all my life, but never fully understood…so, it really doesn’t matter because I love the way you dig in to a chapter and really pause and reflect over it. I learn so much even when I can’t seem to fully focus on it.

  70. We love driving around and looking at Christmas lights!

  71. A study on Ephesians 4 would be wonderful! Thanks!

  72. The thing I got most out of the study was how humble Abigail was and how much she trusted the Lord to provide and do His will.

  73. I loved the lesson where you were talking about the man who came to tell Abigail what was going on – what would have happened if he hadn’t gone to her?! Little things can make a big difference!

    Our family enjoys reading through some advent books by Arnold Ytreeide.

    I would be interested in studying through Malachi 3.

  74. My favorite thing my family does is to talk about how all the traditions points to Christ and to also drive around together drinking hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights.

  75. I’d love to study Ps 139.

  76. I love doing our family’s advent calendar which is comprised of ornaments that tells a little bit of the Christmas story each day.

  77. I would love to study John 1 or 15 or Philippians 4.

  78. One of my favorite activities during Christmas is our churches Carols by Candlelight service where we have an evening of music, some congregational but mostly specials all done by those in our congregation. It’s always so neat to be ministered to by those that are so gifted and talented and to have time to sit and reflect on Jesus and the miracle of His coming to us.

  79. What I’ve been focused most on from 1 Samuel 25 is how to respond to evil and wrongdoing and asking the Lord to keep me from evil. Abigail’s focus was always on the Lord and honoring Him, even as she spoke with the man who was coming to eradicate her family. Amazing!

  80. Our Christmas traditions at home include wrapping up 25 books and having the kids open one each morning to read leading up to Christmas Day. We also bake cookies to give away, decorate a gingerbread house and spend time looking at lights!

  81. Finally, I’d love a Busy Mama Bible study on Titus 2. So much in there for women and also on how to live a life adorning the gospel of Jesus πŸ™‚

  82. 2. Our family enjoys unwrapping a piece from our nativity each week. Then Christmas morning, the first gift opened is baby Jesus- the greatest gift of all!

    3. I would love to study Philippians 4.

  83. I would love a study in Philippians!

  84. We like to get all kinds of books about Christmas from the library. We also have to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” while decorating cookies.

  85. I enjoy spending Christmas Eve with my in-laws. Watching them enjoy their grandchildren makes me look forward to the day when I can experience that delight in childhood.

  86. 1. I learned that I have Naval moments and David moments when I respond wrongly, but I have wonderful Abigail’s that help along the way. I would love to be an Abigail to someone else and help them along the journey.
    2. Our advent calendar we do go through every year. It is fun time and we all enjoy it.
    3. I would like to go through the sermon on the mount, but it might be to long. It would be fun to study one chapter from one of the gospels.

  87. About the 1 Samuel 25 Study: I am so thankful that you made this study available. I was incredibly blessed, challenged and changed by the study as God’s Holy Spirit worked through His Word and your teaching. The overarching truth the Lord brought home to me was to be one who like Abigail and David who is quick to respond to correction, instruction and advice and not one like Nabal who was unapproachable and obstinate. Alternately, I was challenged to have such a humble, gently attitude to those I need to correct or instruct or appeal to (such as children or husband) which would make it as easy as possible for them to respond well.
    Although it is not a chapter of a book but a section of the Bible, I would love to study Jesus’ high priestly prayer in John 14-17. Such a rich passage! Second vote would be for James 3.

  88. 1. God will repay – it’s not up to us

    2. We love listening to Christmas music & decorating our tree on Thanksgiving.

    3.Deuteronomy – blessings & curses

  89. 1. The thing that stood out to me the most in the 1 Samuel 25 study was the evidence of Abigail’s relationship with God shown in her manner of speaking to David.
    2. Our family’s favorite activity during the Christmas season is reading Luke 2 on Christmas Eve. An idea for others is to include your children in donating specific gifts through the ministry of Christian Aid.
    3. I suggest Colossians 1 for the next Busy Mamas Study.

  90. 1. The biggest truth I took away was to let God fight my battles for me. He goes before and after me and I can trust in Him fully.
    2. We love reading our Christmas books and doing plays for our church.
    3. I would love to study Isaiah 40.

  91. We carol to businesses we frequent throughout the year. They are so appreciative and it builds relationships.

  92. 1. I have not finished yet, but the idea of how to respond to situations with wisdom and humility rather than anger, and trusting in the Lord’s sovereign hand working. This is a lifelong lesson for me.
    2. We have so many wonderful traditions, but our advent readings/studies were my favorite. My family is grown and has flown the nest. I miss the fun in our traditions. I long to enjoy them with my grandchildren.
    3. I do like the idea of a study in Isaiah 40.

  93. 1. I have not finished the study but I have learned that I can think better on how to respond when I am upset and silently pray and get the wisdom of the Lord. I have to trust that He is never wrong and He is forever sovereign.
    2. Our tradition is to go to a discount store and buy nothing for ourselves but all for another in the family and give a cake to Jesus to celebrate His birth. I also place an empty box on the table and say it represents nothing in our hands we bring simply to the cross we cling.
    3. I would like a study in the book of Esther.

  94. My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the house. I always enjoyed this when I was a child and it is a blessing to now be able to do this with my own children!

  95. I love spending time with my family at Christmas! We always go to visit my dad’s family! Cousins and aunts and uncles come from all over. We spend time laughing and eating and exchanging gifts (including a gift exchange for the adults that always turns into a fight for that one perfect gift!) It is so much fun!

    I would love to study Psalm 34, Philippians, and more of Ephesians.

  96. 1. At this time of year our family enjoys taking country rides and focus on God’s awesome creations as our season changes into winter.

    2. I’d love a 30-day, in depth study on your Biblical character training books. I own three of them and need a helpful “kick” of encouragement! πŸ˜‰

  97. Describe one family activity that you especially enjoy during the Christmas season and why.

    For about four years now, my children and I make cookies – dozens of them. We divide them up into boxes that we take to different doctor offices, libraries, friends, etc. Those boxes going to public places get gospel tracts attached to them. Each of my four children draw a picture on 1/4 of the box so the gift is very personal and very hopeful since it includes the gospel! The people receiving greatly appreciate the thought and we have had believers at the locations thank us for spreading the gospel to their co-workers. It is a blessing to us and fun to do!

    What chapter of the Bible would you like to study when we do our next Busy Mamas Bible study in March?

    I would love to study Proverbs 31 or Ruth or The Sermon on the Mount

    Thanks for all you do!

  98. #1- How evil Nabel was to refuse David and his company food etc. #2- our family enjoys reading the Christ in Christmas A Family Advent Celebration. Each Sunday has an activity. One of them asks you to imagine that you are a reporter for “The Bethlehem Herald ” during the census. We do this and then share and reread years past along with pictures they drew. A neat blessing for each of us. #3 I would love to study John chapter 1. πŸ™‚

  99. My favorite part of Christmas is making homemade gifts with my son for friends and family members. I love singing Christmas Carols with our church worship team for the Christmas Eve service.

  100. we have a homemade flannel my Christmas tree for advent that was my brothers and mine growing up. Now my kids love using it to count down till Christmas Day. We also love to bake lots of cookies and share with neighbors.

    Would love a study on col 3

  101. 1. I am in a very busy season these studies are saved in my inbox.
    2. It has always been my families tradition to read scripture prior to opening gifts. And there are only a few gifts at each persons feet. And so it I still meaningful each small gift.

    3. I need a bible study on finding peace in ones mind amid torrents of life, when one faces negativity, criticism, difficulties in relationships not letting them consume one but practical advice on laying them at the feet of Jesus, leaving them there, not ruminating over them, and seeking only to please him in those situations without letting them steal that joy or commitment to Him.

  102. 2. We have “giving days” right before Christmas, and each child gets to give their sibling gift on the day their name is drawn. It really keeps the focus on giving rather than receiving.

    3. I’d love to study Titus 2.

  103. I asked my kids there favorite things about Christmas. They said Christmas light looking, making gingerbread houses with friends, and decorating the tree. I love Gods glory this time of year, and reading my bible in front of the lights.

  104. I wrap 24 books to open one each night till Christmas. We all really enjoy it.

  105. I think James would be a good study or on 1timathy 2 on modesty ( not just clothes but heart and actions) I know as a woman this would be helpful.

  106. Thank you for doing this study, Abigail had a gift you don’t see often. I wish I could be more like her at times. I learned about peace, we struggle a lot on things but threw peace in God we can show others peace they need thanks again I will be praying for God to bless this give away.

  107. 1. I am blessed by Abigail’s right response. Shoo-wee, my quick and wrong responses to situations are sad to me. God is changing me. It’s amazing the quick and soft responses I get from my boys when I do respond in the right way:-))).
    3. Deuteronomy 30, Psalm 139, Revelation 21-22 and on and on:-).
    Thank you for all you do!

  108. 2. One family thing I enjoy during the Christmas season is on Christmas eve night. We all hop into the van, go to Dunkin Donuts and get hot chocolate and drive around looking at everyone’s Christmas lights.
    3. I would love to do a study of the Song of Solomon. Specifically the marriage bed. (so to speak :))

  109. 1. I loved how Abigail hurried to do everything. She paid attention to the Lord’s voice and didn’t dilly dally but hurried in her obedience, which is such a great example and reminder for me.
    2. My family always goes to the Christmas Eve service at church together, and its just such a sweet time with my family to just be together and remember the reason for the season.
    3. I would love to do Philippians 4!

  110. I love doing our Jesse tree. We hang one ornament a day and read a related scripture. The kids take turns with the ornaments and we try to keep it simple since ours are still little. It helps keep the focus of the season in the right place.

  111. I would like to do a study on some of the Psalms, or James

  112. 1. I was reminded that God is always in control whether we see it or not. (Some of that comes from the Luke 2 passage as well).

    2. I love getting together with the gals in my family to make Chrustmas candy!!

    3. I love the book of phillipians abd would love to study it more.

  113. I would like to see a study on Matthew chapter 5.

  114. The main truth that stood out to me was from the beginning of the study where we looked back at how David exercised great self-control in the BIG things and yet totally freaked out, over-reacted and got angry over a small, unexpected incident. I was very convicted that I do this: I can face the big trials with a lot of faith in God and His ability to give me the strength to get through… and yet, I can fall apart, and forget to trust him in the little, every day things. And yet, it IS those little, everyday things that make up my life, really! So, I am encouraged to WALK BY FAITH, not just through the “valleys of the shadow of death” but through the small things over everyday, too.

  115. One family activity that we do every year is make a birthday cake for Jesus. It is coffee cake Christmas Morning and we sing happy Birthday to Jesus. I also love reading the Jesus Storybook Bible every night from Dec. 1-25th to see how the WHOLE Bible points to Jesus. We have a little ornament with a picture representing each story that we hang each night on our Jesse Tree. (I couldn’t pick between these two traditions…)

  116. I would love to do a Bible Study from James chapter 1! I think that would be awesome to go through with the kids! My daughter requests Judges 3 because she LOVES the story of Ehud…

    I also want to say that I was more blessed by this study than the others. I don’t know why… I felt like the format was easier to navigate this time. Some of the past ones I felt like I was on the tablet, looking things up too much and this time, I felt like I was in the WORD with some time looking things up to better understand it. It was a great balance and felt more suited to the Busy Mama. And the suggestions for the kids were absolutely amazing! THANK YOU!!!!

  117. 1.To be more specific on the thing that struck me most about the study among many items was the fact that David was so patient with letting God handle the revenge when it came to Saul’s prolonged unfair persecution, but when it came to something ‘small’ like a rich man not wanting to share food, then he quickly sought revenge. How true that the smaller things that we expect to be easy can trip us up so easily when they don’t go our way!
    2. We love singing all the songs and reading the Bible story again and again.
    3. Any passage, I can’t pick a favorite. You always manage to help me think in a way I never have before.

  118. I love it when we go to the Festival of Lights at the Zoo.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  119. 1. I didn’t have a chance to do the study. Would have been nice to!
    2. We always read the Advent Book by the Stockmans. Our children LOVE this tradition!
    3. 1 Peter 3
    Thank you!

  120. I would love to study Psalm 91!

  121. 1. I want in in this study…have requested the print versions of the studies for Christmas πŸ™‚
    2. I love everything Christmas! One of my favorite activities/traditions is our annual trip to a nearby Christmas shop to choose individual ornaments for the kids and a family ornament.
    3. I’d like Philippians 2

  122. 1. I wasn’t in on this study…have requested the print versions of the studies for Christmas πŸ™‚
    2. I love everything Christmas! One of my favorite activities/traditions is our annual trip to a nearby Christmas shop to choose individual ornaments for the kids and a family ornament.
    3. I’d like Philippians 2

  123. Our Christmas traditions have changed since my children have grown. Now my husband and I enjoy going to my daughter’s home to watch our grandchildren open their gifts.

  124. Abigail is such a composed woman who responds with grace under pressure.

  125. We do a Jesse treeevery year. It was a lot of prep the 1st year, but now it’s something my kids really look forward to.

  126. I’d love something on the fruits of the spirit or “things to think on”…whatever is pure, etc

  127. I would love to study the Beatitudes.

  128. I’d like to study some of the Old Testament books of prophecy, the ones that seem obscure and dated and difficult to decipher.

  129. I read the Christmas story while our daughters use the nativity scene to act it out. We sing applicable carols throughout the telling of the story.

  130. Our young family enjoys reading Christmas stories, children’s books that reflect the true Christmas story! Tonight we read, “The Last Straw.”

    I would love a study on Ephesians chapter 1!

    V. 24 “… on me! let this iniquity be…” people seldom will die even for a good man but Abigail herself called Nabal a scoundrel, and yet she was willing that his iniquity be upon her….a foretaste of our Hero of the New Testament

  131. I love reading Christmas books together and studying the stories behind Christmas carols.

  132. My favorite Christmas activity is singing hymns about Christ’s birth with my three young boys. The oldest just turned 4 and he remembers some of the songs from last year!

  133. Favorite Christmas tradition = helping our daughter save, find, work for money to donate to Living Water to help drill fresh water wells in Jesus’ name throughout the world

    Next study: Romans 8, anything Proverbs, John 1

  134. I was reminded of how we must tame our tongue and show self-control. My family especially enjoys Advent devotions to focus our attention during this wonderful time of year. I would appreciate a study on the book of James. Thank you!

  135. 1) I was challenged each day to evaluate my responses (especially with my children) and not be selfish or easily offended, but to act wisely by holding my tongue first and then responding.
    I was also reminded how much I need Jesus to stand in the gap for me, just like I was Abigail do for Nabal.

    2) I like baking Christmas cookies to make trays to share at family gatherings or with out neighbors.

    3) This was the first study that I’ve done like this, and I really enjoyed studying small parts of a big story! I’d love to unpack another OT story that may not be quite as well known.
    Or maybe one of Paul’s chapters that bring to light the death and resurrection of Jesus since it will be close to Easter

    Thanks for your work in creating a study resource like this! I was very blessed!

  136. 1. During the study it really stood out to me how important it is to trust God for his timing, and to rely on His strength. And yet we so quickly go from relying on Him one moment for one situations, to handling the next one in our own strength.
    2. I have always loved to bake, so baking and decorating special cookies is one of my favorite things to do with my children during Christmas. I also love to read Christmas stories to them.
    3. I would appreciate anything from the book of James. Someone else mentioned the book of Romans, and that sounds like a good idea as well.

    Thank you so much for these studies!

  137. I would like to study the chapter of Luke or to have a bible study on the fruits of the spirit. Being hat I’m going to homeschool my children I’d love to have a more in depth bible study of this since it will be a lesson on its own when they get a little older.

    Some of our favorite Christmas traditions are having a cookie baking day and celebrating Jesus’ birthday with a cake in Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.

  138. We enjoy doing a Jesse Tree during Advent. We do the Bible readings that lead us through the line of Christ & the kids enjoy putting the corresponding ornaments on the special little Christmas tree we have for that purpose!

  139. I’d love to do a study on the Beatitudes or the book of James!

  140. The truth that stuck out to me most was that I tend to be more “Nabal”ish toward my children….the word meaning of “railed” was really humbling to me. πŸ™ Trying to work on become more like Abigail instead of her churlish husband. Thanks for taking us through yet another study where I continue to learn and grow.

  141. We always do a lot of baking during the Christmas season–with friends, family, and just by ourselves. We usually make up a plate of goodies for our elderly neighbors, some friends, and for public service workers (the garbage man, the mailman, the UPS guy, and any other people we see that we think don’t get a thank you very much).

  142. I would love to do a creation bible study, or fruits of the spirit, or Col 3.

  143. 2. One family activity that I enjoy during the Christmas season is our church’s hymn sing. We gather together at one house and drink hot cocoa and sing Christmas hymns. It is always an enjoyable time for both adults and children and it definitely edifies and encourages our souls.

  144. I needed to see the contrast between David’s restraint toward Saul and David’s unrestrained vengeance toward a lesser-irritation. The opening paragraph on that lesson spoke to my heart. Too often I trust God in the big things but fall into my flesh to handle the “little things”.

  145. We do hot chocolate while we decorate the tree, and it’s always a real tree. We also try to be a blessing to another family in a particular way, or in meeting a special need. This helps us focus on giving instead of getting.

  146. I love the books of Colossians and James! I also enjoy the story of Joseph.

  147. Bravery and humility! Abigail was pretty brave to confront David and four hundred of his men who had been insulted and were ready for revenge. Yet she approached David, humbly offering him a peace offering.

    Our one tradition we love doing every year is going to our Christmas Eve Candle service! We love the beauty of the candles lit in the darkness while we sing Silent Night. What a perfect way to celebrate the Eve of our Savior’s birth. We also like to bake and decorate sugar cookies. We always look forward to that each year as well πŸ™‚

    I would love to study ANY chapter.

  148. I absolutely LOVE going to Church with my family on Christmas Eve for the candle light service, them coming home to dinner amd family time!!

  149. Revelations!!

  150. 1 – I learned how humble Abigail was, and what a Servant she was!!
    2 – My favorite thing we do this time of year is our annual trip to Great Wolf Lodge with all the family! It’s so nice to get away from the house for a few days and have the extra time with my parents and my sisters family.
    3 – I’d love a study on Galatians 6!

  151. 1- I haven’t finished the study yet but it has been so good! The thing that keeps jumping out at me as I study is that everything goes SO MUCH better when we leave it in God’s hands and let Him fight our battles instead of taking matters into our own hands. Also, God sometimes uses others to warn us when we are about to do something we shouldn’t do and we need to be as humble as David and acknowledge God’s protection and others’ discretion and praise God for it. And, of course, as a woman, I love seeing how God used a woman to influence others to be godly.

    2) One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to do the Bethlehem Walk, which is a live, outdoor walk-thru production of the true Christmas story put on by several churches in our area. This year we even got to participate in it- all dressed in Jewish costume and “selling fish in the market” to the “travelers” as they walked by. My kids loved it! It was so much fun!

    3) Whatever you choose will be great- I’m already looking forward to the next one! But I would love to study
    2 Peter 1 or Psalm 27.

    Thank you for taking so much time to provide these Bible Studies for us ladies! You are a huge encouragement and help to us!

  152. That God is in control of all. Also that we need to be humble, which allows Gods glory to shine through.

  153. Doing a Jesse tree devotional with the children. Love to bring Jesus back I to Christmas with them and keep our focus on Him.

  154. I would love to see the names/attributes of God studied! To remind us of who He is!

  155. The main truth that stood out to me from 1 Samuel 25 is that if I will stop and let Him, God will fight my battles.

  156. The Christmas activity that I especially enjoy is reading the Christmas story with all the family from a pop-up book I received as a child.

  157. I would like to study the book of Isaiah next. Maybe start with chapter one.

  158. I would love a study on my favorite scripture, Psalm 139.

  159. 1. There are many truths that stood out but one of them was how wise, discerning, and brave Abigail as. She had such faith in God. She didn’t panic but quickly took action. She is a great example for me/us.
    2. Getting hot chocolate, listening to Christmas music while driving around town looking at lights. We also have a family Christmas exchange party every year with my huge extended family so it’s a tie between those two.
    3. I don’t know which book as I’d love to study them all but I’d love to do a specific character study on meekness, patience, gentleness, etc…

  160. The passage in Samuel reminded me of the impact we can have when we choose to do the right thing. I tend to worry and stress instead of act. :-

  161. My favorite tradition – our family delivering gifts to our local homeless shelter on Christmas morning.

  162. I would love to study James πŸ™‚

  163. As always, I enjoyed this Doorpost study! There were several truths that stood out to me but I think the 1 that was most humbling was that I realized that although I WANT to react like Abigail, many times I am really more like Nabal. I am so thankful for God’s forgiveness and grace when we repent! Thank you for allowing god to use you to help us study His word!

  164. Are children range from 5 yo up to 22 yo. Our adult children are no longer living at home and now includes a grandbaby. Last year we decided instead of buying individual Christmas gifts for everyone we would sponsor a family trip for us to celebrate family and just enjoy time together. It was a big hit and so we are doing that again this year and hope it will become a new family tradition. It was so refreshing to just take a break and all come together for a few days!

  165. For our study in March what about a chapter covering what we should be doing/our role and responsibilites as Christians?

  166. I have been studying James with my four sons. A study on a chapter from that book would be great. It would be hard to choose which on though… perhaps the third?

  167. I would have to say that one family activity I especially enjoy during the Christmas season is our advent calendar. It is a wonderful way to keep our children’s focus on Christ. It has been leading our six year old to think more about Jesus’s second coming as well.

  168. A truth that stands out to me in 1 Samuel 25 is God’s faithfulness and His undeserved grace and goodness toward His children.

  169. 1. God is like a master conductor in this story and in ours. He inspires events and people to work together to create an amazing masterpiece! He sees before, He sees us now, and He sees what we will become.
    2. I have a young family (my oldest is 2 years old) so we haven’t started any traditions quite yet, but I fondly remember decorating the tree with my family was one of my favorite traditions growing up. My 2 year old helped me decorate our tree this year, and it was wonderful (even though he likes to put as many ornaments on one branch as possible).
    3. Proverbs 3

  170. We loved putting all the stuffed animals out on the sofa on Christmas morning with the idea that all of God’s creation gathered together to celebrate His coming to earth.

  171. I was reminded of so many great truths during this study!

    One was that instead of getting defensive when wronged, have lowliness, meekness, longsuffering, & forbearance to willingly take the blame and suffer for the wrongs of others.

  172. One thing that has stood out to me so far in this study (I’m not finished yet), is that it’s easy to get an “us” and “them” mentality when it comes to Bible characters who’s behavior was less than desirable. The truth is that we can act just like “them” at times. It was a good reminder to be Spirit-led.

    Something that has become a tradition in our family is to have an elderly couple from our church over for Christmas dinner. We live many hours’ drive from family, so our church family is like family to us. It makes for a very enjoyable day!

  173. One of my favorite family traditions is our annual Christmas Open House. My family prepares for weeks and then we open our doors to family and friends. They come and enjoy cheesecake, fruit, and lots of other food. On the hour we sing Christmas carols. It is a great time to love on and spend time with friends and family from all different aspects of our lives.

    I would like to see a study on what the Bible says about social justice; also possibly Philippians.

  174. 1. I have just begun the study, but after reading some of the comments here, I am super excited about what the Lord has to teach me!
    2. My favorite Christmas traditions are 1) going to pick out a Christmas tree after my sons’ birthdays (on the 19th & 20th), and decorating it together while reminiscing about Christmas’s past, and 2) reading Advent Foretold together as a family, and singing Christmas carols together as we go through the study.
    3. As for a Bible study topic, I am up for anything straight from the Word. My first study with you was Ephesians 6 this summer, and I was just so blessed to learn how to study God’s Word!

    Thank you for all you do!

  175. 1. I have enjoyed learning so thoroughly about Abigail and seeing how she was such a Godly wife even though she disproved with her husbands foolish ways.

    2.My favorite Christmas traditions include decorating our tree, usually on a Sunday afternoon after church. My boys are getting older and get so excited when we put up the tree. I also enjoy the eating traditions of monkey bread on Christmas morning.

    3. I have always enjoyed the book of James and would love to go in depth with you in this book of Gods Word.

    This is my first study with you all and I love how manageable you make it yet so thorough. Thank you!

  176. Abigail’s discernment and how she related to David, Nabal, and her “messenger” with wisdom were beautiful lessons for me.

  177. I really enjoy cooking our special “traditions” during the Christmas season with my children. Good food and quality time are blessings!

  178. James is one of my favorite books of the Bible. I would enjoy a study in James.

  179. I most enjoy our family Advent studies and singing Christmas hymns together.

  180. I would like to study any chapter in the book of Hebrews next.

  181. 1. This study brought up so many things in my life. I guess the one that stands out the most is being more surrendered to how God wants to mold me and use me, whether it is being grateful for what I do have and being humbled by the fact that He has blessed us so abundantly or lovingly calling someone back from sin (I’m not good at finding the right words to say).
    2. When our children were young we took an evening and decorated the tree and ate snacks and listened to Christmas music. Now are children are grown and we have grandchildren and sometimes foster children in our home so just getting everyone together in one place is wonderful!
    3. A study on 2 Corinthians 5, Galatians 5, Hebrews 11, 12, or Titus.
    Thank you for your studies! May God keep using you for His glory.

  182. A truth I learned from I Samuel 25 was that we can trust God to take care of us even when we’ve been wronged (like David was by Nabal). I was wronged recently, and how God graciously took care of David was such an encouragement and reminder that God cares about even the small details.

  183. I would love to see a study on Romans 14 on Christian liberties.

  184. On of my favorite activities with my family during Christmas is making homemade Christmas candy. We use it for teacher gifts or gifts for special friends. But, I love the time because it takes a while and we always end up having good conversation while we do it. I get to find out what is going on in my children’s hearts!

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