A Giveaway! A Bible, 8 Bible studies, and more!

It’s time for a giveaway! We want to give one of you all this stuff to help you with your Bible study!

  • One fine point, non-bleeding Micron pen (black ink) for writing notes in your Bible
  • One set of 12 soft-core Prismacolor pencils for marking in your Bible
  • One pebble gray* Moleskine Cahier notebook for your Bible study notes (just the right size to stack with your Bible and book)
  • All eight of the Busy Mamas Bible Studies that we have in print (Colossians 3, Psalm 37, Psalm 103, 1 John 3, Isaiah 53, 1 Corinthians 13, Isaiah 53, and Child Training Boot Camp)
  • The New Inductive Study Biblethe best Bible out there, in my humble opinion, for encouraging you to really dig into the Word and find out what it says.

This is a $172 value!

To enter, answer one of the questions below, or answer all of them in separate comments and each answer will be counted as a separate entry. (If you are reading this in your email, you will need to go directly to this post on the blog to comment.)

  • What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?
  • What did God teach you from your study of John 15? (You can answer this, even if you haven’t finished the study yet.)
  • What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study?
  • If you did not do this last study with us, what are you studying now, and what is God teaching you from your study time?

I appreciate you taking the time to give me your feedback. I want to do whatever I can to make the Busy Mamas Bible Studies just right for you to use, and your ideas will me do that!

This giveaway will end Friday, August 11, at midnight (PDT), and a winner will be randomly selected from all the entries and contacted by email.

Thanks for your help!



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  1. I’m currently studying God’s forgiveness.
    I’m looking forward to getting into this one next!

  2. What to add or change? I love Blue letter bible and really appreciate having the app directions in parentheses . So any further teaching of how to use the app would be great!

  3. I am only up to Day 18, so other than perseverance, I have been reflecting on God as the vinedresser pruning me. I look back in my life so far and can see where God has pruned and changed me. At the time I didn’t even realise. it makes me excited, humbled, tentative to see where He lovingly prunes next.

  4. I would love to do a study on Galatians/fruits of the spirit. Or Ester!

  5. I would love a study on Ephesians 6. Armor of God

  6. I think James chp 3 would be a great study.

  7. I think Romans 8 and/or 12 would be wonderful 🙂

  8. I love the Bible studies but would be good is to have a group so that we could post about and interact more with one another during these studies. I have found that each of us have a different insight when we study the Bible and sometimes we learn even more because of this interaction.

  9. God has taught me about persevering especially through the hard times.

  10. I would love to study Esther.

  11. I also just finished a study with Love God Greatly called Sold Out

  12. I would love a srudy on Ephesians 5, and the implications of a Godly marriage as defined in that chapter of Ephesians.

  13. I am doing a bible study on Proverbs 31, and com’a ring several Godly women from the bible that exhibit those traits within their life’s.

  14. I have found these studies to be encouraging because there is a specific plan for each day. It’s great to have a day by day idea of how to slow down and really see each part of scripture. I also like the children’s ideas. My daughter especially likes the videos you post for them to watch, so maybe incorporate more of those.

  15. What to add or change? Honestly, I have absolutely loved this study! The ONLY thing I would change is to simply make them a tad bit longer and not have optional studies on the catch up days. I never want to skip the optional studies, so that means the catch up days don’t really help me to catch up!

  16. What have I learned? I’m still finishing, but I’m encouraged that the fruit Jesus is referring to doesn’t just the amount of people you lead to Christ (as I always felt that I was going to be the branch thrown away if that was all it included), but the sweetness produced by having a closerelationship with Him, as well as the other fruit of the Spirit.

  17. What did God teach me? To abide in Him. During this study time our family faced a crisis that we had to protest with an official governmental agency about. After we filed the official protest, I kept having what I learned in this chapter come back to my mind. I had done all I could–then it was time to simply trust God and abide in Him, no matter what the outcome was.

  18. What chapter of the Bible would I like to see next? I am not familiar with all the previous studies, but I do love the book of Isaiah!

  19. What am Instudying now?bi did most of this study–lost Internet access on Day 24 and only now got it back, so I want to go back and finish the rest of the study days. But in addition to this study, I have been studying the topic of Prayer. I am convinced that Inpray way too little, and want to change that in my life.

  20. What to study next? I liked someone’s suggestion about Ephesians 6 (the armor of God).
    Or a Psalm, that focuses on praise to God (146 or 147).

  21. What I would love to see added? A reminder everyday of a verse to be memorized. Maybe you could add to every studyday a verse to memorise that day. It might make it easier for me to follow through. And be able to memorize the whole chapter. I got endend memorizing after 5 verses.

  22. In the middle of this study, I ended up reading a book about parenting, so I’ve also been contemplating what it really looks like to have a kingdom perspective and instill that in my children as well. Praying hard that I have a living faith that they can see lived out and want to follow in those steps with Jesus too.

  23. We (my four daughters and me) are currently doing a study from Creation to the Resurrection focusing on God’s mercy, redemption and His sovereignty. (We were supposed to do this study leading up to Easter, but due to an unplanned trip at that time, we did not do it then). We will hopefully be done soon (I am making our currently study up as we go along) and will start the John 15 study.

  24. What study would I like to see? I loved 1 John 3 and Isaiah 53. Not sure how a 1 John 1 and 2 would work, but that would round out the John trilogy. However, having been inspired by Isaiah 53 and if it were not too big an undertaking, it would be super interesting to do a study on the Christophanies/Theophanies throughout the Old Testament pointing towards the arrival of Christ the King. Thanks for all your God-inspired researching and studying.

  25. We have not gotten to do the John 15 study yet, but I am really looking forward to it. I took part in a ladies’ Bible study on John 15 about 17 years ago. It is still one of my favorite and most memorable studies I have participated in. I came to understand better what “fruit” was and the connection between being pruned and growing and having joy.

  26. I would love a study on forgiveness. Bringing all Scripture together and knowing how to truly forgive. We think we are forgiving but I believe that I am still holding on to a little bit of hard feelings towards someone that has wronged me. This walk we have on earth with Jesus is all about loving others as yourself, and forgiveness. Jesus is our example.

  27. What would I like to see added/changed? Starting each study, or even each day of the study, with an added written prayer would bring a dimension of worship to the study and set the tone of the topic for that study/day. You say to start each day with prayer,which is very important, and to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us in the studies, which I do, but sometimes a short written prayer can encourage another thought that we may not have had.

  28. I wouldn’t change anything. The studies are easy to use and simple. There is always room to go farther with it on your own if you want to. I enjoy using the BLB app.

  29. I have learned that live daily in His vine I will truly be fulfilling the purpose and plan God has for me.

  30. Through the John 15 study God is teaching me the importance of continually abiding in Jesus!

  31. I would love to see a study done about the book of Romans.

  32. I would love Rom 8 or 12. Thank you for doing this with us.

  33. As to what I would like to see added or changed, I cannot think of anything really right now. I have used them for our Bible study time each morning with my daughters (ages 6, 12, 15 and 19) at times over the past couple of years. We only do our Bible study together 3 or 5 days a week (depends on our schedules) and sometimes a “day” in the study will take us two days because we really get into the days’ study, so it takes us quite a bit longer than a month to complete them. So far we have done I Cor 13, Is 53 and I John 3. My youngest daughter’s favorite part is looking for certain words in the scripture passages I have printed out for each of us and marking them with her colored pencils. The rest of us really like using Blue Letter Bible to really look at what the passage is saying. I sometimes struggle with ideas of what to have my youngest draw, color or do while the rest of us are doing the study together and still keep her involved.

  34. I’m having a hard time thinking of something to change! I think the study is very easy to use and I love the depth of the study! I also really like the activities that you include for the kids! Thank you so much for all the work that you do to encourage us to stay in the word!

  35. What did I learn through studying John 15 this month? How much space do I have ? God is doing some major ‘change’ work in me and this has been another tool toward that end. I feel that if I continued to study this chapter for many more months there would still be layer upon layer to peel back and reveal its treasures; this is not a reflection on me but on the powerful, effective and wonderful Word of God (both the Written and the Person).

  36. What to change? I have appreciated some of the commentaries that you have pointed us to reading, both in this study and in past studies. If you ever had other commentaries that went well alongside what we are studying, I would appreciate those.

  37. I appreciate all of the time and hard work that you put into each study, thank you so much for sharing! There are so many chapters that I want to study in depth, but Ephesians 6 would be amazing.

  38. I just started the John study- I was finishing up another one! I’ve been reflecting on remaining in Christ- what does that look like?

  39. What did God teach me? It was a good reminder that we are always moving in a direction. We are either being cut down because we are not bearing fruit, or we are being pruned so that we can bear more fruit. There is nothing about abiding in Christ That remains stagnant.

  40. As far as improving, I think you do a great job. I love learning how to use the different study tools. You give just enough commentary to give us something to think without telling us what to think. I enjoy getting into the Word and learning how to study it.

  41. Next to study? Song of Solomon. I have heard some great teaching on it, but I haven’t spent as much time digging into it myself.

  42. For future, I would love more from Philippians or James. A character trait- love, gentleness, etc. or even a specific person would also be nice- Esther, Ruth. A study on how to study- how you decide to tackle each chapter- there are threads that are similar but each one is different.

  43. I love these studies because they are doable in length, yet have substance and depth. I recommend them to others whenever I can! I appreciate your guidance with humility and respect for God’s word. Thank you!!

  44. I would like to see a Bible study on Titus 2 where women are called to mentor other women. We need to be encouraging one another to study God’s word and to live out His calling for our lives.

  45. Studying now? I am also reading through the Bible in a year chronologically. So I am in the middle of that John 15 study, because some days I don’t have the opportunity to do both. My kids really enjoy when they can color on their printed out paper, and the video about the grapevines being pruned was really impactful for them. So I like to include the kids in the study as well.

    • Also, thank you so much for the time and energy and care you put into getting these studies out. They have been such an encouragement and blessing to me and my family.

  46. I just finished Psalms 103 and before that Psalms 91. While studying Psalms 103, I was diagnosed with leukemia. What perfect timing with both Psalms and learning to lean into God, no matter what and to find countless reasons to praise Him.

    • Praying for your healing, Christine! May God continue to comfort and guide you through His Word. He is a compassionate and loving Friend, trustworthy to the end!

  47. Romans 8 or Romans 12 would be great to study. Thank you for all you do!

  48. I had a chance to study John for 9 months before beginning the John 15 study. I loved being reminded of the interdependence of the branch, vine and vine dresser. It makes me more willing to pray, because as a branch, what could I ever expect to do alone without my vine?

  49. I am currently studying Philippians 2!

  50. Philippians or 1 John would be nice to study- humility, love.

  51. This study (especially following the Psalm 91 study) is really convicting me how important it is to abide in Him and that our fruits are a reflection of our faith.

  52. The thing I most appreciate about these studies is the combination of in depth, (for lack of a better word) academic study with personal reflection based on what the Word actually says. I’m not sure what I would do to improve them.

  53. Karin Coutsouridis

    This study has been a beautiful echo in some ways of the Psalm 91 study in that God is teaching me about what it means to abide- to unpack, settle in , dwell, continue to stay.

  54. Karin Coutsouridis

    I have profited so much from each study I have done with you. I cannot think of anything I would add or subtract.
    A study on Isaiah 40 or 43 would be fascinating but I am happy to follow wherever God leads you!
    Thank you so very much for this. May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others.

  55. What to study next?
    Please consider doing Titus 2!

  56. One think I’d love to see is a study in James!

  57. I love doing the word studies! That is so interesting to me. I can’t think of anything to add at the moment but I would be sad if the word studies changed.

  58. I’d love to see acts 2 studied. Or a chapter in revelation.

  59. i am studying exodus right now 🙂

  60. I did not participate in the John 15 study although I do love the book of John and how it really shows how far God/Jesus went for the sake of having relationship with people and with us/me! I’ve recently been reading Romans in the message and that has been so refreshing and vibrant to me!

  61. i would love to study ephesians 6 with you all, the armor of God.

  62. as far as changes, i prefer to have the bound book rather than doing it online because i dont want the temptation of getting online in the morning….so i just go back to the blue letter stuff to look up. so i would personally buy more of the books, but i do love you offer these free online. i did print one of them out and that was helpful too.

  63. I hope to do the John study in September. We have had a busy summer at bible schools which has made it difficult to start a new study this summer

  64. First of all, I want to thank you for introducing me to BLB! My husband and I absolutely love this app!
    Secondly, thanks for leading studies that teach us how to find out what the Bible says not just what it says. The Bible is it’s own best commentary. That’s why I love the Busy Mamas studies!
    I especially appreciated this study on John 15. Much of my Christian life has been focused on producing fruit. I remember the day that God showed me His unconditional love and how it changed me. My love relationship with God in response to Him loving me first has become my primary focus not bearing fruit. It’s interesting to note the fruit that has followed as a result. God, who is love, has given me a for His children, in spite of differences.
    I’m grateful to God for being my life source! Thank you for helping me to know Him better.

  65. I have been so very blessed by this study, as is the case with every one of your studies. John 15 taught me that unless I truly abide in Him (which looks very different than I originally thought), I am fruitless and withering on the vine. Any “fruit” made on my own will not last and will fall right off. I am so very thankful for your ministry to the public in this way. I have never been so blessed or grown in study as much I have since I began your studies 2 years ago.

  66. The only suggestion I have as to how to improve would be to make more. 🙂 I can only imagine the time and energy and prayer that goes into these studies on your part. I love the in depth study that you take us through in Blue Letter Bible. I enjoy learning from authors that I wouldn’t normally study.

  67. I would like to see a way to see your directions concurrently while using the tools (Blue Letter Bible, Bible Study Tools, Bible Gateway) you incorporate into your studies when I’m studying in my iPad — I don’t know if this is possible or not, but currently I either flip back and forth, or user more than one device. The latter works well, but not everyone has this option.

  68. James or Titus 2 would be two that I want to study this year. Thanks so much, Pam! May God bless you in your studies, family, and ministry!

  69. I LOVE your Bible studies and often recommend them to friends and family. On different days, different portions of the Word stuck in my mind. Also, I’ve found myself replying to other’s everyday comments with portions of the word that are appropriate. I Loved finding Hosea 14:8 From me is thy fruit found. and Isaiah 16:9 where God said He would water them with His tears. He is truly totally invested in our success. I like studying the similarities of the vine to our Christian walk. Cutting stimulates growth. Removing un-needed suckers focuses energy on fruit-bearing. It is a great encouragement to know my focus should be abiding in Him, then the fruit will come naturally, through His power.
    I would like to study Psalms 25.
    I’m going to continue meditating on John 15 for this month, using your suggestions for extra studies. Then I think I want to go to the Psalms.

  70. I am behind right now, and have been slowly working through your 1 John 3 study, learning about what my life should be looking like as a believer, fueled by the heart understanding of His love for me.

  71. For question 3: I would like to see a study on a whole book of the Bible.

  72. Thank you for such wonderful in depth studies. The only thing different I can see would to do more. I love being in the word and studying. I went through precept training about 18-19 years ago and it is like these studies. I love them. Thank you so much for all you do. You are greatly appreciated.

  73. I learned that I can be abiding in Christ even when my life is crazily busy and hectic. Abiding in Christ is luke surfing on choppy water. As long as I am abiding in Christ I wont get swamped. When I focus on the details I, like Peter when he tried to walk on the water will fall in!!

  74. Question 4:
    I just finished studying the book of 1Peter yesterday I spent 9 weeks and still feel I didn’t get all God has in there!! I have learned that suffering and trials are a part of our life here on earth and that we should not be surprised when they happen to us. God uses them to grow us and refine our faith. There is so much more but I don’t want to write you a book!! Lol!

  75. I haven’t done the study of John 15 but after looking through it I am planning on doing it with my children for our morning Bible time together!

  76. I would like to study Matther chs 5-7 especially ch 6 but I cannot really separate the Sermon on the Mount.

  77. I would love to see a study on the book of Revelation. (I know this isn’t a chapter, and that it would need to be pulled back for a bigger picture study; perhaps focused on chapter 21, or 21 and 22. This is part of wanting to see these two chapters paired with Genesis 1 and 2, to see the big picture of Creation. Fall, and “the end of the story,” how God redeems the mess we made…maybe not your kind of study, but I’d love to see you apply the way you study to this topic. Kind of a God’s Grand Design study.

    • I like the idea of studying the book of Revelation, but also alongside the study of the book of Daniel, as they help explain each other.

  78. I Think they are very user-friendly already. One thing extra that I do is I actually look at the word injury or Hebrew and they’re at so much depthto study.

  79. As far as what to change, I wouldn’t change anything. This is the first study I have done with you and I am loving it. I like the depth of it, the quickness of it (busy mama of four here) and the kid studies. I did like someone’s suggestion of a written prayer to set the tone.

  80. I did start the John 15 study, but learned patience and “all things in their time,” deciding to finish the 1 John 3 study I was already in first.

  81. I have been studying how to reconcile Psalm 119 and Galatians. Both are true at the same time. How does that work.

    • Psalm 119 talks about God’s law, which doesn’t change. It is the perfect standard of righteousness and a reflection of the unchanging character of God. Galatians warns us that the forms of religion bring us no merit with God. We are saved by grace through faith. But the book of James shows us that faith without works is dead. We cannot do anything to earn our salvation, but our works will reflect the saving grace of God if we are abiding in Him and He in us! That’s where John 15 fits in so perfectly: we cannot bear fruit without connection to Him, which entails trusting, surrendering obedience to His precepts. The old covenant says we will do what you’ve said, God. The new covenant takes His commands as empowering promises. Whatever He calls us to do, He will empower us to do. We just say yes to Him as He draws us to do what’s right!

  82. I would love a study on breaking away from things that entangle, hinder us whether it be fear, lack of confidence, legalism, etc.

  83. One of my favorite things that don’t tell me to the study is that from John 15:2 is when “He takes away” it’s not always removed (that is the 3rd-4th definition of the Greek word) but it is sometimes taking it up and drawn up….toward the vine. And if Jesus is the vine it means I need to be drawn toward Him in that pruning process and if God is the vinedresser He’s the one that’s doing the pruning. this enables me to bear fruit.

  84. I am not done with the study yet, but God is teaching me that I need him, not to depend upon myself in my daily life and specifically I need to give my homeschool up to him and let him work.

  85. I did not do the John study, but my children and I are going to work through the child training bootcamp study starting Monday.

  86. I think I would like to see a study in James

  87. I I am not sure what I’m going to study now. Possibly one of the other busy mama Bible studies… Praying about it . 🙂

  88. I have enjoyed many of the studies. They are deep, engaging and do able. I would love to see more of your artwork and possibly some of the artwork done by others doing the study.

  89. What to study next… Job, Armor of God, Fruit of the Spirit, Marriage ( Ephesians 5).

  90. While doing this study my kids and I have also been reading and studying a lot about the importance of prayer and how to pray.

  91. This was the best Bible study I’ve ever done. Don’t change a thing. Love it all. Not sure if you have already done a study on Proverbs 31 but would love that or Titus 2. Thank you!

  92. What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?

    A section of the blog where you can easily go back and access past bible studies without having to search. (A page with links, maybe?)

  93. What did God teach you from your study of John 15? (You can answer this, even if you haven’t finished the study yet.)

    The study really helped me understand what Jesus meant, where it had been confusing before.

  94. What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study?

    That’s hard! Maybe John 1.

  95. I love the Bible Studies. I’ve done several and have learned so much by using the online blue letter Bible. I like how the arrive in my email each morning, no need to go look it up on another site – I can just jump in. It would be nice if there was more pics of artwork that was marked for that day.. just to know if I’m understanding correctly Through the John 15 study I learned that I’m helpless without staying in the Vine , Jesus, and continually need to lean on Him , moment by moment. Thank you for all your hard work that is put into these! Blessings!

  96. What would I like to see more? Well, I love the pace and the depth of each of these studies. But I struggle with the drawing. I am very left brained and I can’t think up any pictures for myself. I would love it if there was a “gallery” where others could post their work so I could glean ideas and be able tot ry to come up with something for myself.

  97. I honestly would not change anything on BM bible study. I don’t think it gets any easier than opening my inbox every morning and getting to work in the Word. I’ve been doing these studies for over 2 years now, and I have been changed for the better with each study. The fact that the studies remain short is helpful as well on our busy mornings.

  98. What did I learn from John 15? That I belong, I’ve been grafted in, and I bear fruit because of who Jesus is and what He is doing, not because of me. My failings do not change any of that.

  99. What would I like to see studied next? 1 John, or James, or Ephesians, or Galatians, or 1 Corinthians…um, anything? 😀

  100. What else have I been studying? I just finished taking my Small Group through Kay Arthur’s inductive study on Philippians and Colossians. SOOOO good!!! I love how the beginning of Colossians spends so much time reminding the reader about who Jesus is, so that they are better able to recognize the counterfeits in their lives.

  101. I love these bible studies! But like someone else said, the one thing I’d like to see changed is the optional catch up day. I want to ensure I am reading my bible everyday, and these bible studies help keep me on track with that, they are definitely like an accountability partner for me. But the optional day, I lose momentum and steam a bit and feel like I am cheating a little! But I love every bit of them!

  102. I learned that I’ve not been loving others as Christ loved me. Part of being a living sacrifice is denying ourselves. For me this involves forgiving others that have hurt me and loving them because God loved me when I was hostile towards him and he continues to rain on both the just and unjust. I just do the same.

  103. The thing I have really meditated on the most out of this John 15 study is truly abiding in Christ. I struggle with letting Him be in control, letting the vine feed me and supply my needs. Through this study God has helped me recognize that weakness within myself. I am now praying the verses daily to remind me to abide in Him as I go through each day.

  104. From the John 15 Bible study, God taught me that the Christian life is full of seasons of growing and seasons of pruning, and the ultimate goal of both of them is to grow closer to Him. I really enjoyed this one!

  105. I read a proverb chapter to correspond to the day of the month. It would be interesting to see a study on a proverb chapter because it’s a different type of book.

  106. I would love to see a bible study on the Song of Solomon, with helps on how to be in love with your husband, how to be his helpmeet and keep the relationship fresh and full of love!

  107. I think it would be fantastic to do a study on a whole book of the bible, like James or Galatians. One of the smaller ones.

  108. I did do the last bible study with you, and now I have found a daily book on James that seems very thorough and interesting and I plan to complete it, since we are doing a two year study on James in our ladies bible study at church.

  109. I can’t think of anything I would change in the studies. I really enjoy using BLB and have learned so much with it.

  110. I love OT stories. I think it would be fun to do any of the chapters in some of the OT books, I love hearing the faith of Gods chosen people, and how they persevered despite not always seeing immediate results. I know we’ve done some psalms and proverbs, which have been great. I’m not sure if other OT has been done in the past b/c I have only been doing the BM studies for 2 years.

  111. I would love to be able to access these studies in an app, like the Knowing God app from Precept. I sometime do the studies long after they have been sent and I save the emails. I use them to reach out to young moms, either by buying the books or forwarding the emails. Thank you for your ministry, love to do your studies.

  112. I really like that you post the lessons early. I have to get up a five to get ready for work. I also like that you include visual and auditory learners. I m considering using the lessons for children to teach my grandkids, the only issue is that the lessons aren’t chronological. This may be more of an issue for me rather than them. It would be great to have a chronological resource for young children to learn the bible. I used to homeschool my kids and I can imagine the lessons that you suggest for children expanded into a bibke based curriculum.

  113. I have not participated in the John 15 study, however, I look forward to going through it as I finish my current study.

  114. The last study I did was Psalm 119. But this summer has been really hectic and I got out of the habit. I need something to get me moving forward again.

  115. Stephanie Berhorst

    Question #1– I think the Busy Moms’ Bible Studies are wonderful! You have detailed the steps for the electronic component with a teacher’s heart. I did appreciate that you have extended the studies, so that the time frame of 10-15 minutes could be more accurate. As a mom of two, it is difficult to get even 15 minutes in at times=). Thank you for your ministry!

  116. I would somehow like to be able to do these studies without needing to switch between the email instructions and the website/blue bible info. It is doable but a little time consuming

  117. Stephanie Berhorst

    Question #2–God taught me that I need to abide in Christ… DAILY!!! Also, that I need to obey his commands in order to prove to Him my love. I am not quite finished with the study, but will be slow and steady in my completion so I don’t miss a thing=)

  118. Stephanie Berhorst

    Question #3–I would love to see Jeremiah 33.

  119. I am currently working through Child Training Boot Camp. I love it! I have learned how important it is for me to really have the Word of God in every part of me so that, I can be the best mom I can be for my kids. I have also loved learning how to use BLB. It has given me the ability to research for myself rather than just learning from someone else’s research.

  120. In this bible study , I gained great peace from the Lord! “Already you are clean because of the word I have spoken to you.” I only need to learn to abide.

  121. Stephanie Berhorst

    Question #4–In addition to attempting to complete the John 15 Study, I am reading through the Bible in a year. I am also reading a book Missional Motherhood. Lastly, at breakfast every morning, my daughters and I read through the shorter Westminster Catechism. We study a question a week.

  122. God taught me, as I studied John 15, over and over how much He loves me and, as I grew in that realization, how logical and necessary it is that I obey his command to love one another in the same way and to aspire to having that same intensity

  123. There is so much to learn in all of His Word. I guess I don’t have a specific chapter suggestion. Maybe something in James. The kids and I will be working on memorizing the book of James in the coming school year 🙂

  124. Proverbs 31, 2nd Chronicles 7

  125. I can’t think of anything that you can change. You make it very easy to follow along and I love that I’ve learned how to use BLB and other resources thru the studies!

  126. Study Romans or Genesis

  127. I love the catchup days because I easily get behind with 3 small kids. Most days are a good length, but some days I just don’t have the time to write as much as the lesson advises. God has taught me more of the deepness of His love for me. Jesus loves me as the Father loves Him. And I’d love to see a study on Romans 6, Philippians 4 or Ephesians 4. Thank you for the hard work you put into these.

  128. I learned from John 15 that without Christ working in that I can do nothing. My job is to abide in him and let him do the rest.

  129. I love the Bible studies and don’t think I’d change anything about them.

  130. I’m pregnant with my third child and have been really sick with morning sickness for the past 12 weeks. God has used my physical weakness to prepare me for the lesson he wanted me to learn in this study- that I am completely dependent on him for anything. Without him, I can do nothing! Without him,I cannot bear fruit. I also loved the day we studied about If we love Him we will keep his commandments. And then the realization through the Matthew Henry commentary that Christ has already fulfilled all the commandments so when I abide in Him he gives me the power to also fulfill his commandments. What a beautiful, freeing truth that I don’t just have to keep working harder but I can rest in His FINISHED work!

  131. I am reading through the Bible in a year and I did the last devotional by Revive our Hearts about watching our words.

  132. My favorite studies always seem to be the studies in Psalms and Proverbs because I find those books to be so beautiful. So, I’m always up for more of them.

  133. Your studies are very user-friendly. You have links to everything and I love it! Just keep doing what you are doing. I especially love the part tondo with my children. What a blessing!

  134. In addition to John 15, I have also been reading John MacArthur’s Anxious for Nothing and studying through some of the passages that he uses in that book. I have learned that my worry has no real effect on life and shows my lack of faith in God.

  135. Through this study, I was reminded that all Jesus requires of me is to abide in Him. No striving or working hard at being good. No list of spiritual disciplines to check off. All I need is to stay close to Jesus, and He will produce the fruit in my life.

  136. The only issue I’ve had with the studies in this format is it requires me to use my phone (or computer) to access the lesson. I already can be tempted to reach for my phone first thing in the morning so that can be a challenge for me! I also like this format though because I can see the study before committing to buying it. Maybe you could show a sample lesson from some of the studies you have in print so it’s easier to figure out which one to buy or do next? (I know that might be time consuming- just a thought!)

  137. From John 15 I have learned that abiding is not easy but necessary. I so easily fall into my busy day and find I’ve disconnected. So it takes a lot of prayer and discipline to remain, to stay attached to the Lord throughout the day and aware of His guiding presence moment by moment. Also, if we truly love God we will obey His commands showing our true allegiance. Praise God for our Helper who reminds us to dwell with Christ.❤️

  138. I would love a study on Revelation and the return of Jesus!

  139. Add or Change? Well, I think you have done a great job with shortening them. I am only two behind this time! I love all the different kinds of tools we use – especially the charts we make – they seem to really pull out the meaning of the text for me. I think you do a great job incorporating all the senses in the learning – songs, videos, pictures, etc. I really can’t think of anything to add or change.

  140. I would love to see a study on Ephesians! I’m not sure if there already is one… especially the end of Ephesians 3 with Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians.

  141. I would really enjoy a study on Gen. 2

  142. One thing I got out of this study is that Jesus loves us as the Father loves Him!

  143. My favorite Psalm is Psalm 104, and a study on Psalm 104 would be wonderful! I am only 15, but I love your studies!

  144. Through the study of John 15, I realized how necessary pruning is to produce growth. It is with a loving hand that God does this in our lives!

  145. I wasn’t able to get in on the John 15 Bible study this time—I have been studying Genesis 1-3 with my daughter this summer as we participate in the National Bible Bee. It’s been a blessing to study that passage the past couple of months and mediate on all of the “beginnings” that God set in place. Some of the cross references we studied in-depth were Psalm 29 and Psalm 104 which were the ones that stood out to me the most.

    I also had the chance to be a part of a ladies’ Bible study, with some women who participate in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and wanted to continue to be in the Word throughout the summer months. We have been going through passages in Mark, Luke, and John. That’s been a blessing, too.

  146. A next chapter study…Romans 12 or any chapter in James. 🙂

  147. I did do John 15 to my great benefit but also Power of Words Challenge from Revive Your Heart-it fit well with what I have learned in John 15 concerning loving one another–put feet onto one way to do so

    I guess I am kinda slow but glad this question caused me to see the way God used the meshing of the 2 to grow me–

  148. You really do such a great job, I don’t know what I would change. Sometimes I get confused when I have to go back and add something to a previous day. I think I will just start putting the number of that days Bible study at the top of my notes.

  149. As far as what God taught me from the chapter (thus far), Wow – there has been a lot. This was so timely for me because I have been going through a family crisis with my extended family- deep pain and hurt, resigning as the women’s ministry leader at the small church my husband pastors after 6 years of leading, and then just being a homeschool mama, pastor’s wife. I had for months been wrestling with what was meant by “fruit” because Satan says to me often – “Look! There is no fruit!” Also, cementing in my mind that my only “job” is to abide in Him (His Word) and obey. With His help, which He freely gives, I can do that. He by abiding and obey, He is pleased with me, whether others are or not – and He is who counts 🙂 Lastly, knowing what a wonderful Vinedresser we have – I have learned to not see these trials as negative, but to trust and know these are prunings, that in the long run will bear more fruit – which is exactly my heart’s desire. I learned a lot more too, and just want to thank you so much for this study!!! It has truly been very timely and helped begin healing for me.

  150. For current study, I’m being encouraged by reading a chapter in Psalms and chapter in Proverbs each day and have start over at the beginning of John.

  151. I’m currently finishing up your Colossians study. It’s been great. Thank you

  152. Because of this study, I am meditating on the truth that He chose me. Therefore, He will take full responsibility for my life, me bearing fruit, and me bringing Him glory! What an incredible amount of peace and joy I am experiencing due to these truths being brought out of John 15. When I am meditating on my salvation, circumstances come into perspective. Thank you so much for your teaching.

  153. Maybe something from the book of Hebrews would be neat to study next?

  154. I really love that you are teaching me how to use the Blue Letter Bible. I was amazed when we looked up an wrote in our notes the type of prayers God answers and then the ones He doesn’t.

  155. I would like to see us study the story of King David and Abigail.

  156. What to study: any of the Psalms, perhaps Joseph, Titus 2, Matthew 6 (sermon on the mount). Thank you for your time in writing these, they have greatly blessed my personal bible times.

  157. I’m currently studying the book of Mark. I am learning that I really *need* time in God’s word and time in prayer every day, and that I feel better mentally/physically/emotionally when I make the time for Bible study and prayer.

  158. I would love to study more deeply the first few chapters of Ephesians. It was my life line at a time when Satan was attacking ferociously. A friend told me to read it and I did.

  159. I am not sure there is really anything to change. They are so helpful. The studies help me stay focused and not go down rabbits trails I don’t need to be on and really in the realm of Bible study. I learn something new to apply to my own Bible Study every time I do a Busy Mama Study.

  160. I’m going to keep studying John 15. I like the idea of copying the chapter and I think I will study the word “abide.” I’m going to keep going. During this study my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It really helps to be in His word. Thankfully, it has a 98% cure rate.
    Thank you again for doing this for us. It is obviously a LOT of work .

  161. I would to see a Bible Study done on Philippians 2. Or maybe a topical study on forgiveness.

  162. Jennifer McSweeney

    I would love to see a Proverbs 31 study.

    • Jennifer, we’ve actually done a study of Proverbs 31. It will be up on the Mamas Refill site, and is in the archives of our blog until January 1.

  163. Jennifer McSweeney

    I just want to say I love doorposts. So much great info. I currently am studying finding I am by Lysa terkeurst. Learning all about the I am verses in the Bible.

  164. I sat and thought for quite awhile trying to think of ways that you could make the studies easier to do but I couldn’t come up with anything. Your directions are very clear. You give verbal and picture examples. You give links to click on. Everything is easy to understand and the lessons are very doable. Thank you for all the time you put into these studies.

  165. I would love to see a study done on parts of Hebrews.

  166. I do not think that anything needs to be changed with these studies. They are simple and easy to follow along with. You give great instruction on how to use tools to dig deep into God’s word.

  167. I would love to know how you picked each word for us to dig deeper on, how you knew that word was an important one.

    God taught me that abiding is the key to Joy!

    I’m also doing Beth Moore’s Entrusted study.

    Anything that Paul wrote would be good to study next. He’s filled with so much wisdom, and yet, I can’t understand some of what he says!

  168. What blessed me the most about this study is how Jesus loves us just as the Father loves him. Jesus is perfect, so He is so deserving of love. But we fail Him so often and yet He loves us! Such an amazing and humbling thought.

  169. God taught me that abiding is the key to Joy!

  170. Anything that Paul wrote would be good to study next. He’s filled with so much wisdom, and yet, I can’t understand some of what he says!

  171. I’m also doing Beth Moore’s Entrusted study.

  172. I have not been doing the John 15 study this time. The Lord has had me on a different journey this summer learning about shame and how debilitating it has been on me. But in the process of going through those very hard lessons I have learned that I really wasn’t applying the gospel correctly. As a result I haven’t been leading my children well nor I have been a godly wife to my husband. I am observing a great deal of unloving behavior in my home (and in my own heart). So the first thing I thought to do was get the “Love Is” chart. And like when you give a mouse a muffin, when you give a homeschool mom an idea. . . well you know the rest. I ended up not only getting the “Love Is” chart from Doorpost but I also bought the 1 Corinthians 13 Busy Mama study (and I pulled back out the “Put On” Chart and will also be going through that later in the fall). This has been so eye opening for me. My husband and I are seeing a counselor for a “tune up” in our marriage and some things have come to surface (hence the shame mentioned above). As I have studied 1 Corinthians 13, I am seeing just how unloving and unforgiving I am being toward the man that I pledged to love 21 years ago. It’s changing how I speak to and respond to my children, especially my teenagers. But more importantly, after going through my study on shame and seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the new light, I am also seeing Jesus in an even brighter light. I am experiencing the Holy Spirit in ways I never have before. And joy is beginning to pierce my heart for probably the first time in my life. So that was a long way to explain that I am not doing the John 15 study (I will come back) and had settled on 1 Corinthians 13. I’ve never been more excited to be in the Word of God. Sorry this was long. I don’t really have many people in my life right now to share all the Lord is doing in my heart. I guess I just needed to tell someone else.

    • So thankful with you Karen, for all that the Lord is giving to you and doing in your life. Your precious testimony glorifies Him and brings joy to all who have experienced His loving and true hand…I praise Him for your joy and pray for your continuing hunger and delight in God’s word, and for His good work in His precious daughter – you!

  173. I love the Busy Momma’s Bible Studies. I have learned how to study my bible instead of just read it. I love to dig into the Old Testament in some way. I am currently btween studies, but have been working on prayer.

  174. I really enjoyed the study from Ephesians. I would love to dive into Psalm 119 next!
    Thank you putting these studies together.

  175. I will be honest I love your studies. I think u do well with letting us search our scripture. And I love the length of the studies. Being a mom of 4-it is perfect for me and if I want to go deeper I can. It’s hard to really say what u could add to it.

  176. I would enjoy a study in Galations 5, Ephesians 5-6, or Romans 12. But I appreciate ANY study you decide to offer. All of them have been wonderful!

  177. I personally didn’t do all of John 15-I started it and then unfortunately didn’t dismiss. But with all of your studies-I LOVE that we are digging deep and seeing what Gods Word says to us.

  178. Everyone has great suggestions for the next study. I would love one for Ephesians, or like someone else said on Esther. No matter what is chosen for the study, I am waiting for it.

  179. Lastly what study I would like to see-I know it would be a very long one-but Psalm 119 would be awesome. Or if u did a character study on ladies in Gods Word -would be pretty cool! Or studying out the names of God.

  180. What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?
    I really like the layout where you keep/catalog the entries for quick browsing and following. I wouldn’t change anything about that. It is nice, if you missed a day, to be able to go back and quickly find the reading/lesson for that day.

  181. I am currently going through what a Godly marriage looks like. I want to be a wife that will be the help meet for my husband. So far it has been great really getting to know how we were created for marriage and what a Godly marriage is.

  182. Psalm 73 would make a great study for those times when life is hard and we need a reminder that God is good.

  183. I didn’t get to do this study, but I would like to because John 15 has been challenging and encouraging to me in a special way lately. I am currently reading 1 John which contains much about what we can know. I like the way you make daily time in the word easy and meaningful and the way you incorporate resources to help us study. Thank you!

  184. What did God teach you from your study of John 15?
    That I can only be fruitful when I’m living inside God’s will. And God calls me to go to tell others about the change He has done in me. The changes in our life, done by Jesus, will point someone beyond us and to the One true source.

  185. What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study?
    Titus 2 would be a great one, especially for ladies 🙂

  186. If you did not do this last study with us, what are you studying now, and what is God teaching you from your study time?
    I just finished reading 2John with my kids. 2John has a beautiful 3-fold theme of walking in the truth, walking in obedience, and walking in love (verse 4-6). What wonderful things to pray for as a mom, and to pray over my children.

  187. I would not change anything about the studies. i enjoy using the BLB, marking the text, having a catch-up day on Sunday, tips for memorizing Scripture, etc. I particularly liked that you included videos about the care of vineyards in this study (though I’m usually not a fan of videos 🙂 I have hard time keeping the study within 5 – 10 minutes a day, but I write down lots of info!

  188. I am not currently studying anything. I’m trying to find something I can do and help me to be consistent. I’m looking forward to trying one of these studies.

  189. I love your studies! My favorite one has been the one on 1 Samuel 25. I would love to see a study on the Fruit of the Spirit and the book of Ruth.

  190. Philippians 4 or Ester

  191. First… I LOVE your studies. LOVE all of your resources for child training! And, I LOVE how willing you are to answer questions and help. 🙂 I have eleven kids – 2 grown and 9 coming along fast with an 8 year old at the end. Your products – including Busy Mama studies – have been a constant over all these many years.

    If I could change anything…. I agree, it would be so wonderful to have an online Busy Mama’s community to compare ideas, pray for, share with.

  192. It would be neat if there was an index page on the blog with past studies in order so we could go back to individual days easily if we need to catch up or want to re-do past studies.

  193. I am reminded that God has already done the work to make me a part of the vine and that His pruning is a grace in my life and not a punishment for sins already forgiven.

  194. I really like the Psalm studies you do, I would enjoy studying any Psalm this way.

  195. I have been studying 1 Samuel using inductive techniques I have learned from your studies. I have been learning that din contentment is really a distrust for God’s plans and provision.

  196. I just started the 1st John study. Super looking forward to working through the study with 2 of my daughters.

  197. Would love to see a study of Esther. Everytime I read and study that story I picke up something new. Anything in Romans would be good too.

  198. I think the bible studies are great so I have nothing to add on there. I would like more of them though!

  199. The Lord has shown me how much I try to do in my own strength and how much He wants to and can do when I am abiding in the vine and He is working through me to bring about much fruit. For me the key word of this study has been DEPENDENCE (on the vine).

  200. I really appreciate the posts on Instagram that compliment the study. I can do the study first thing in the morning and the Instagram posts can be like a spiritual “snack” later in the day to keep my focus on the Lord.

  201. I’m just starting to work through a study on the organized home schooler. I’m struck that being a disorganized mess is a heart issue, not a poor technique issue. I struggle with this and am hopeful to be open & changed for the better.

  202. I know it is more than a chapter but I would really appreciate a study on the sermon on the mount.

  203. I have done other Busy Mama Bible Studies and like that you use chapters from Books of Poetry, the Gospels, the Epistles, the Major Prophets, etc. I think it is helpful to learn how to apply the study techniques and tools to the different kinds of writing the Bible contains. My suggestion for next book to study would be to continue to rotate through different parts of the Bible as you have been. The Lord’s leading in what you study has been perfect for me….Because that is the way God is….good to all!

  204. Thank you, Pam, for another wonderful Bible study. I am looking forward to digging into John 15 when my other studies end for the summer. From my perspective you don’t need to change a thing. You are very thorough and detailed. I am always encouraged by your personal thoughts on whatever the study is at the time. I have appreciated each of your studies I have done.

  205. I appreciate all your investment and can’t think of anything I’d change.

  206. I’d love to do Romans 9.

  207. John 15 overall I keep reflecting back to abiding over effort. Worship=focus so it has been a continually reminder to realign my focus on Him vs results.

  208. I wouldn’t change anything about the studies!

  209. I really enjoy all of the Bible Studies you do. This has been an answer to a prayer of mine for many years. I always struggled with Bible Study not knowing how to study effectively, where to go, etc… and your books (Instruction, Plants, Cornerstones) were the first step in helping me. Now I have Busy Mama Bible Study. THANK YOU! So, what would I change? I can’t think of anything for me. This is a God send.

  210. What I learned (and am continuing to learn) is to abide. When I abide in Jesus, I grow and produce fruit. I have always been taught that our fruit is winning souls. I do believe winning souls is a fruit, but there’s so much more, love, joy, peace, patience, temperance, gentleness, faith, goodness, meekness… When I am abiding, these fruit flourish. Psalm 91 talks about abiding, then you came to John 15, Psalm 15 opens up with abiding. God wants me to learn to abide in Him.

  211. A chapter I would like to study is Titus 2.

  212. I am continuing to memorize John 15 (I’m not a good memorizer) then I am going to do the Psalm 15 study with you. After that, I believe I am going to do a study on Prayer, how to genuinely pray to reach the Throne Room of Grace.

  213. I wouldn’t change anything except I prefer the printed studies and look forward to having them all in print.

  214. I would like to see Romans 8 or Galatians 5. I have been studying the book of Acts.

  215. I think they are great as is. I’ve been meditating a lot on abiding/remaining/staying in God’s Word, Jesus as a result of this study.

  216. I’m studying the Proverbs 31 passage on the blog with a teen girl who moved into my house that needs a firm foundation in her worth. I plan to do the 1 Corinthians 13 study with her once we finish this one. Thanks for making these studies accessible even for young christians.

  217. I did start this study in John 15 and was amazed at the trinity being within the vine passage.

  218. I would love too see a passage from Ruth or the sermon on the mount.

  219. Honestly, these studied are so well designed I wouldn’t change anything. What I would like to see added is a screen shot or simple quoted text of off-site (BLB, etc) work so the study is more mobile friendly. What I learned is tied to abiding. I have struggled for years with the “rest in Christ ” vs. “diligently work for Christ” aspect of the Christian life. While meditating on abiding, the issue cleared. I am most comfortable–at rest–in my own home. I know where things are. I can get a drink of water, an Advil, sit in a comfortable place, or even catch a cat nap when exhausted. But as a full time wife and homeschooling mom, home is also where the majority of my labor is focused. I am “resting” and “laboring” where I abide. Spiritually, Christ is my heart’s home. I can ask anything in prayer. I know where to look for anything and everything I need in the Word. But my love for Him, and more importantly his love for me, constrains my labor. Going forward I’d love to study 2Chron 20, my favorite Bible story!

  220. I would love a study of Ephesians 4!

  221. Easier to find each study on the blog and maybe a link to go directly to it.

  222. Would like to study Psalm 119 🙂

  223. I have been doing Unglued devotionals. I am learning imperfect progress is progress! I had just finished these devotionals and have been looking for a new study. A friend suggested your studies 🙂

  224. What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study?

    Philippians 4 is full of great guidance for the believer. I love all of Philippians!!

  225. I have just finished studying Jonah and used two different resources. I had no idea how much of this book is applicable to my life. God truly gave us this story to see His sovereignty and our need for His grace and mercy. The gospel centered implications to it are multifaceted. Love it!

  226. I am studying child training bootcamp.
    God is showing me how often I don’t listen and obey the first time. Very convicting. And I thought I was just going to learn how to teach my children to listen!!

    I love the “with your children” ideas at the end of each lesson!!

  227. If you did not do this last study with us, what are you studying now, and what is God teaching you from your study time?
    I am not in a good study at the moment and really miss having that time!! The temptation to go on “old manna” is way too easy. A busy mama life can surely come crowding in. One thing our family is doing is challenging each other to finish up reading the Bible by the end of the year.

  228. A study of Hosea would be wonderful.

  229. I would love to do a study on Philippians 4–so much practical, put-feet-on-it-now content in that chapter: joy, prayer, worry, contentment, what to think on, and more. A topical study could be good, too, maybe on prayer, the efficacy of which causes me to be continually in awe of God, and humbled by the fact that He hears even me.

  230. Next study? Leviticus. I think it has a lot of hidden gems that reflect the throne of God, as well as many life lessons. Difficult to understand at first glance, but I believe the Holy Spirit can reveal.

  231. John 15: be steadfast in your love, praise, and faith in God, and show such to others to, by God’s Grace, bring them to God

  232. Perhaps an in depth study of Luke or Philippians would be great!

  233. I would really enjoy a study in Galatians on the fruits of the spirit.

  234. now I’m studying Israel’s journey to the promised land and how we often grumble thinking we had it better off in “Egypt” /in bondage and don’t fully realize how to live in freedom

  235. Things to add: I have a 20 month old and now a newborn and both seem to be quite attached and demand a lot of attention so time in the word has been challenging for me even in small bits. If I try and get my oldest to play it lasts about 1-2 minutes and then he wants to be in my lap and play. I have found that having stuff in audio form helps me to be able to have more opportunity to take in the word so I would like for there to be an audio clip of the info and lesson each day. I have also found that sometimes all I have time for is to read the scriptures to at least have the word to meditate on throughout the day. So maybe having a short version for the day and a long version. For example, if you only have 5 min look at just this one thing versus if you have 30 min look at this one thing plus these other areas. Or a scripture focus for the day. Similar to a scripture memory. If you only have a short bit of time read this scripture and pray and ask for God to show you something specific about it and who God is.

  236. God is teaching me the importance of abiding or remaining in Him. I used to think that by reading my Bible in the morning, praying then just carrying on with my day was sufficient but I’m learning that’s not enough unless I continually think about God & His word during my day. I need to reflect more on Him & what He’s teaching me. It’s a prayer for sure – to have His words abide in me.

  237. What to add or change… I would love to have a link to the Blueletterbible in every day that we need it, I find I have to go and find it from another day which should not be a big problem but sometimes its more than I can do and definitely keep 🙂

  238. What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study
    I like to see the book of James

  239. What (I think) God is showing me, and I’m not finished yet, I’m on day 26, but so far the biggest thing is that I need to just focus on abiding in Christ, just holding on to Him and His Word and that really needs to be it, instead of trying to bear fruit and love others in my own strength, because that aint workin! lol!

  240. I would love to see Ephesians and James I think… really I did the last BMS on Psalm 91 and these studies have been in the middle of the seemingly hardest time in my life and it’s SO eye opening, not that I don’t know this, but just as a HUGE reminder of what breath and life Gods Word brings to us and how we CAN NOT live without it. (with any peace) So thank you and as long as the studies keep coming, I don’t really care what we study because all Gods Word will help nourish us. 🙂

  241. Ohhhhhh…such a silly goose you will think me! I never went to the blog! And I suppose all the lessons have been here all the time, while I am searching through my trash bin for the ones i accidentally deleted! Oh..to be more techie inclined. Can you also help with marking my Word? I have tried different Bibles I find at the thrift store( the pages show right through) and/or using a separate paper. Does one just go with the mess or perhaps I am just too messy. Well, I lose the separate pages as they are folded in my pocket for walks and use to memorize. (I assume someone on the trail needed God’s Word more) But truly, I get so excited about all the insights that I want to share them (with my children).. Your version has always been so much easier to comprehend than the bible studies I drug them through growing up. We used all your tools as we spent 25+ years homeschooling. Smart little whips, but they are not walking with Him. Ouch……All that whining to say be blessed with a double portion as you have blessed me. I love that you will post your picture and don’t color your hair. (ouch, vanity)

  242. I forgot to mention I would so like a study on Ruth. I have heard several astonishingly incorrect sermons
    on the book. I wonder where they come from? Equipping the saints seems crucial in these times.
    mange takk

  243. How about something in James, Revealation, Hebrews?

  244. I have been saving these emails, praying for time to do this study in John later this month. What would I suggest for altering these studies? I would love to see a full video training on Bible marking and using the Blue Letter Bible.

  245. You write for “Busy Mamas” and the Blue Letter Bible is a fantastic resource, but for THIS busy mama, it is a distraction and just another thing to do, soooo if you had the links at the bottom/end of the post or not in the main post, that would be helpful.

  246. Serving the Lord in a remote location in southern Africa, I love being able to catch up when I can on these studies. Right now, God is teaching me to depend on Him for everything. I am studying the book of Luke and am daily being reminded that Jesus was all anyone needed in any situation — just because He is God!

  247. I would appreciate a study on Acts 1 and 2 to look deeper into our role as a church as established by the first church. Also, Philippians 4 or 1 Timothy 2

  248. I started this study late (I’m only on Day 10) but I was surprised to learn that I try to do a lot of “fruit bearing” on my own when in reality, “apart from Him I can do nothing”. That’s not the only thing I am learning as there is much more, butbit is the most striking.

    I agree with a previous comment that a forum or group created specifically for the study would be very encouraging – to be able to share what we’re learning and share additional scripture that we’ve found to support what we are studying here as well. I find that a huge encouragement in my walk with the Lord.

    Thanks again for doing these studies. I am so far really enjoying this!

  249. I would love a study on the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians or something in Matthew.

  250. I would like to be able to go the the Bible study and choose which day I need. (I’m never on schedule!). You do have a “previous” and “next”…

  251. This summer I’ve been rereading Ruth and also reading Proverbs. God is teaching me so much through his Word about trusting in Him no matter my circumstances.

  252. I would lobe to study Daniel, Revelation, Ruth, and so many more!

  253. I learned more about the “husbandman” and what he is responsible for. As I looked it up, this particularly stood out: (Regarding the purging of the plants), “the removal of elements or members regarded as undesirable and especially as treacherous or disloyal”. When we look at this spiritually speaking…wow! What danger there is for one to be cut off & cast into the fire!

  254. I’d like video lessons!!!
    And links directly to BLB

  255. I would love a study (ies) on Isaiah 41-43!

  256. My reading, outside of the John 15 study has been random reading. A thought of pondering…How does one “leave their first love” as spoken of in Revelation? I believe each of us should be concerned of how it could happen to us.

  257. wow what an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

    • What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?

    Perhaps a You Tube channel for videos tutorials? Forgive me if you already have this. I am somewhat new to your blog.

  258. I am studying different Psalms. I am learning a lot about confession and praise. It is so important to be honest in our prayer time with God. He hears us. He loves us. He wants a relationship with us.

  259. From this study I learned that Christ should be the the “central focus” of everything I do. If He is the vine that I as a branch grow from, then my life will reflect Him.

  260. I would love a study in Jeremiah.

  261. Thanks for your generosity and encouragement to us out here. I really appreciate it. I have reflected up on the meaning of “abiding” in Christ, and everything that word implies and means. That’s been a real blessing and a challenge to me.

  262. I would like the app to be a little more interactive. Making it easier to talk worth each other during the studies

  263. I would like to see a study in 1 Peter, being tried by fire, laying aside, oh, there’s lots of goodies there too! I agree with youtube tutorials or helps in this case.

  264. would also like to see character traits or the fruits of the Spirit discussed and really delved into..always edifying for me. Isn’t is amazing that we can’t hash over the Bible too much…there’s always something new to learn. As for something to change, Maybe a verse each day, so that when we finish, we know that passage of scripture. I know we can do that on our own too, but the extra challenge of doing it together would be fun.

  265. The biggest thing that I learned from this study is that I need to abide in Christ. Most of my life I have tried to do things on my own. Because I was widowed in my early twenties, I thought I had to figure everything out myself. What I keep forgetting is that without abiding in God, I can do NOTHING! I always have to go to Him for everything, and He will figure things out for me. I am married now, and have three beautiful children and a wonderful husband, but I still need Jesus! Thank you for these studies, they have all been a blessing to me. It sure would be nice if you drew my name, since the 11th is my birthday!

  266. I would like to see psalms studied more. 🙂

  267. I would like to see some of the Proverbs studied.

  268. I would like to study Ruth

  269. What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?

    ► I would like them to be a little longer – maybe 60 days or one each quarter.

  270. What did God teach you from your study of John 15? (You can answer this, even if you haven’t finished the study yet.)

    ► The “oneness” aspect of being a believer. It was summed up nicely on day 31 in the lesson. “What the world thinks of Jesus influences what they think of His followers”. “Our lives are inescapably intertwined and forever connected”.

  271. When I studied John 15 I learned that Jesus is the vine and Father God is the vinedresser. Since I am a part of the vine. I must rely on the vine to provide for me daily my nourishment and allow the fruit to grow in my life. By this Father is glorified. He will prune away the areas in my life to produce even more fruit.

    As I abide in the Word, I am learning more about God & his will. This helps me to pray and glorify his name and the name of Jesus.

  272. I am finishing the Child Training BootCamp (again!) Then I plan to start John 15!

  273. I would love to see some more studies in the Psalms or Romans!

  274. What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study?

    ► Genesis 22; Deuteronomy 27-28; 1Kings 8; Daniel 1, 2, 3, or 4; Judges 6-8; Psalm 73; Isaiah 6, or 11; Micah 7; Romans 6; Hebrews 8-9 [or topic of Perfect High Priest & Better Ministry]

  275. I would love to see them every other month instead of once a quarter. I’m sure that would be extremely hard on you, but it would be wonderful for us!

  276. If you did not do this last study with us, what are you studying now, and what is God teaching you from your study time?

    ► Now that John 15 is over, I will continue on in my Precept inductive study of Galatians. God always meets me during my study of His Word and renews my mind helping grow closer to HIm.

  277. I am finishing studying the book of Jude this month. Praying about how to show mercy as described in the end of the chapter.

  278. What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use? –I am not a drawing person. I like marking verses to see patterns but actual sketching…not so much. I usually just skip those sections.

  279. What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study? Anything in Psalms, Isaiah 40, something from Colossians or Ephesians.

  280. If you did not do this last study with us, what are you studying now, and what is God teaching you from your study time? Ephesians 3:20-21 through Priscilla Shirer’s book God is Able and a topical study on peace. Learning to know that God can do exceedingly abundantly should help with the having peace part. 😀

  281. I would LOVE to go through a study of Galatians!

  282. What I would change, would be to make the studies not require the internet, or commentaries. I don’t have access to my large concordance usually either, so it would be best if I only needed the Word itself. I love your methodology, and learn so much from your ideas of which key words, patterns, and themes to dig into.

  283. My very favorite chapters in the Bible are Psalms 43 and Ephesians 3! Those would be great studies with you!

  284. I have loved being introduced to the BLB, it’s great for study, although I find I’m easily distracted doing a study on my device. Even though I haven’t taken the plunge to buy the hard copies of the studies I think this might help, but then would lose the benefit of BLB. I guess that’s not anything you could change, just me!

  285. Would love to study Psalm 51, Isaiah 53, Phillipians 2.

  286. Would love to study Titus

  287. I love the busy mam studies They are insightful, in depth and still do not feel overwhelming for the busy mom. I can’t think of any changes except maye an option to print it all at once? I like to print and put it in a binder.

  288. I am only on day 3 of the John 15 study so for now, the main thing that stuck out is that God has chosen me and appointed me to bear lasting fruit. This is a great encouragement to a mama who feels like she’s on a treadmill at times!

  289. I am very interested in prophecies and the book of Revelation.

  290. I just completed a study on 2 Corinthians. It was amazing and really shifted my heart toward difficult relationships. Paul maintained an open heart with the truest of love for very difficult people. He did not let his emotions change his course nor did he give up on the mission when he suffered to the extreme.

  291. I love the book of Hebrews always appreciate a study from anything in Hebrews =) It helps encourage my faith and pushes me to continue running the race set before us.

  292. I’m going through 1 Thessalonians currently. Challenging to live out my faith diligently, waiting for the coming of the Lord but also not allowing trials and difficulties to discourage my pursuit of Christ.

  293. I am studying “The Battle Plan” with the ladies at church. I am also studying Psalms.

  294. What would I change or add? I think it is going well. I have noticed the little changes you have made and they have been helpful. 🙂

  295. What did God teach me? That I am completely dependent on the vine. I often get off track and think that I can do this life separate and away from Him. I cannot. He has reminded me that putting my effort into abiding in Him is much more valuable than me putting my time elsewhere. I am praying for Focus.

  296. What would I like to see for a future study? I would love Hebrews 11. 🙂

  297. What else are you studying? I recently did the bible in 90 days and that was very eye-opening. In reading the bible so quickly in a short period of time I was able to make connections that I had never made before. It also forced me to read a lot of my bible everyday and created some good new habits for me. I think I will go study Philipians now.

  298. I’m reading in Psalms. God is reminding me to see Him in every day activities. He is also encouraging me to rest in Him.
    Thank you for your desire to help others study God’s word more deeply!

  299. Well, I am on Day #8. I’m currently teaching 2 classes at church. One on Psalm 119, which give me a profound appreciation for the Word of God and how special it is and should be to us. The other class we’ve come out of Egypt with the children of Israel and are seeing how their mission was to make God known to all nations and how (like us so often) they failed in that mission. Then I had already started the Sold Out study with Love God Greatly. So I started this one, but then my husband let me know that Mary was nice, but that Martha needed to move in for a while. So, what am I learning – that I need balance along with my studies. I saved John 15 until this month because I knew I might have more time. Youth trip and VBS were in July too. Excited to be back into John 15.

  300. I would be interested in a study from Proverbs.

  301. I would not add or change anything about these studies. I love them and I love how much I’ve learned theough them. I love sharing BLB with others. My ladies are beginning to enjoy it also!

  302. What to study next: whatever the Spirit leads.

  303. I was reading about one of the kings in 2 Chronicles and realized that his mother was mentioned. At first I thought it was only godly kings, but was not right. I always thought specific women were only mentioned in Christ’s lineage. Although I’m not consistent, your bible study helps are wonderful and I enjoy going deeper.

  304. I never studied so closely what it means to love one another as I have in this study. I think I’ve kind of skimmed over it, so to speak. So humbling, illuminating, and inspiring – how I want to be found bearing this fruit more and more! So thankful to God for your faithfulness and work, Pam. May He continue blessing you to bless His flock.

  305. I would love to study a chapter from either 1 or 2 Peter, or James.
    I have been studying Colossians 3 with Katie Orr (Everyday Obedience), having done your study on Colossians 3 when you went through it.
    The only thing I would change is to make the daily studies shorter, maybe by making the catch up days longer, as I’m put off by knowing I can’t get through it in 15 minutes, especially having to go to the computer to do it (which is a distraction in itself). Otherwise I love these studies – thank you for all you do to help us ladies dig into the Word!

  306. Right now I am reading through Romans. Grace, Grace, Grace!

  307. The only thing I would change is perhaps add more catch up days into the study. Once I am behind I find it hard to catch up.

  308. I would love a quick study on Psalm 127. Short and sweet!

  309. “What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?” I have thoroughly loved the Busy Mama’s Bible Studies that I have done, and recommend them to others, mothers or not. I have found it difficult that many of the day’s require online time to read something… I don’t have Internet service, except in my husband’s office, or a cellphone, so it is challenging as sometimes a few days pass before I can get time to do the portion that requires Internet. I would love to see the Busy Mama’s Bible Studies, with no Internet required! 🙂 If the books could contain all the supplementary info so that all I need is my Bible and my Busy Mama’s book I would love it. Simple to use? Yes!!

  310. I did not do the John 15 Busy Mama’s Study because I was doing a six-week Engage Bible Study on the book of James with my husband and three daughters. http://www.engagebiblestudies.com

  311. I think that the studies are easy to use. I have enjoyed them very much. I like the way they are… I can’t think of anything I would change.

  312. What are you studying now? I am studying the book of Acts.

  313. God has taught me the importance of abiding in Him. Such a simple truth, but so incredibly profound.

  314. It would be amazing to study Romans 7 and 8

  315. I learned so much watching the videos about the vineyard and how vines are cared for and pruned. I think about them each time I read this chapter and work on memorizing it. I used to think that abiding seemed complicated, but it’s such a simple thing!

  316. Anything you could add/change? I think you are doing a great job! I appreciated that this study was a bit shorter each day than some of the previous studies–this one was a great length. If you change anything, you could make them longer than 30 days, though I appreciated all the ways to continue studying this chapter–there is so much more here!

  317. Eventually study? Ephesians 6, Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12

  318. What to change? I love the studies the way that they are!

  319. I am studying Hosea- and wow, God is so forgiving! I’m learning how much like the Israelites I am, but how righteous, loving, and restorative God is.

  320. I live the depth of your Bible studies… makes me dig and thus I think more during the day on what I have read and studied! Would love a study on James 1!

  321. I’d love to see a study on Ephesians 6 – the armor of God!

  322. I also just finished studying through Hebrews, and Hebrews 12 on chastening fits in so beautifully with the concept of pruning…lovely how the Word of God comments and elaborates upon itself…

  323. Thank you so much. I have been doing the last 2 studies with my adult daughters who live in different states and nearby. It has been a blessing to group text and pray for each other. Current study, we are still working on…has been challenging. It is a complex scripture and this study has compelled us to dig into the word, where we might just have rushed through. Thank you for the time you put into this. I also love that you email it to us, the format works really well.

  324. I haven’t made it very far in the John 15 study but one thing God is teaching me is the importance if staying connected to God through being in His word. So even on the days I can’t spend more than a minute or two doing a study at least reading the scriptures can help keep His truth on my mind and God as the focus and purpose of all things I do. That apart from Him nothing matters.

  325. I did not join in on the John 15 study, but my children and I just finished the Psalm 1 study that was on your Instagram. We loved it. My older son really enjoyed drawing in his Scriptures. We learned so much.

  326. I really enjoyed this study. This was my first time in a group study in this type setting. I think maybe having Saturday and Sunday as catch up days would be more helpful.

  327. I learned so much about bearing fruit. If we are faithful and abide in Him and His Torah (commands) then we receive the blessings and He brings us before the Father. This has helped me to examine areas where I thought I had good fruit but it really isn’t and that those areas need to be pruned to make room for lasting fruit.

  328. added or changed: nothing! I love, love, love your Bible studies and have grown every time I’ve done them (and I’ve done almost all of them). I recommend these to my friends and love your heart for the Lord and for discipling women. You are such a blessing, and I’m thankful for you and your willingness to share with us.

  329. Ephesians 6 or 1 Cor 13

  330. I did this study with the group. Even though I’m not done yet due to work and vacation I have learned so much and really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  331. What God taught me: the importance of abiding/remaining/staying in Him and HIs love and how vital it is to life and fruitfulness and loving others. So thankful for the Helper/Spirit of truth that abides in us always.

  332. Chapter of the Bible to study next: there are too many to choose from, but every one that you have chosen has been amazing. The treasures are endless.

  333. What else studying: I’m reading/meditating through NT, as well as reading books for spiritual growth.

  334. I would love to study Ruth. I tried studying John 15 and I just couldn’t understand it. I’m going to try again soon.

  335. I think one of the things that started in the Psalm 91 study, but was reiterated in this study was my need to abide in the Lord. I have loved the imagery in both chapters (Ps. 91 & Jn. 15) and feel like the Lord has really spoken to my heart on my need to fully trust and rely on Him.

  336. As I was reading I John 2 recently, I was thinking it would make a great study. I really enjoyed the Abigail study, though, especially doing it with my children, so another “story” passage like that may be fun.

  337. Luona Nightingale

    Through this study, (and the last one!) I have learned the importance of abiding, remaining, and dwelling in Christ. We will never be fruitful (that is, be able to show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control) if we are not constantly abiding. When I don’t see the fruit in my life that I want, I need to ask myself if I’m really remaining in Christ – is His Word in me?
    Thank you for helping me to dig deeper into God’s Word!

  338. Shannon Alexander

    I think one thing that would be helpful to me to have added would be if I could download the study all at once. I don’t have internet in my home so its hard for me to keep up with the Bible study. Then when I get the lessons I am behind and usually end up not doing it:(

  339. Shannon Alexander

    Psalm 139 would be fun to do.

  340. Shannon Alexander

    Right now I am in I John and am learning about being an overcomer. Still studying. …. lots more to learn.

  341. Add/change to make easier: a Busy Mamma app would be great!! Similar to the First Five app. I like the interface of the app and the interactive componements. Plus all studies are easy to find and track if you fall behind or start at a different date.

  342. Learn from John 15: I haven’t started this study yet, but look forward to starting soon!

  343. What chapter next: Romans 8 has always been a favorite.

  344. If didn’t study/what?: Currently I have been studying my Bible by cross chaining by Bible on various topics. I have really been enjoying this approach and have been learninh how much the Bible is truly applicable to everyday/everything.

  345. I would like to see the whole study online in one place. I am often not able to complete the studies in the “normal” time frame. But, it’s difficult for me to keep track of each day in my email. I tend to lose days. I could be accidentally deleting them, placing them in the wrong folder, etc. I know I could come online and get each day, but it would be easier if I could go online and find everything all in the same post. Does that make sense?

  346. I love your studies! Thank you! Any chapter in Philippians would be nice to study.

  347. I have not done the study yet, but what I’ve learned from John 15 is that often when I am frustrated that things are going just as I would like them to, that is usually when God is “pruning” me. I need to continually abide in Him. The pruning is for my good. If I can look at my trials in this way, they are easier to bear.

  348. I would love to see a study on a portion of Romans, or maybe Colossians.

  349. What would I add or change? I honestly can’t think of anything that I would add or change. The studies are just the right length for me to do each day (or at least most days!). I love getting to dig into God’s Word with the schedule of a busy mom. I also love how applicable it is to my personal life…that’s God’s Word though, always speaking to us. I haven’t used the children’s portion yet, but I love that it is available. I know I will use it in the future.

  350. What am I studying now? I just finished the Busy Mamas Proverbs 31 study and am on day 12 of the I Samuel 25 study of Abigail. I learned so much from Proverbs 31, its hard to summarize it! I was challenged to always keep my focus on God and fear Him. Wisdom and humility follow the fear of the Lord. I wanted to study Abigail to see a woman applying these principles. I haven’t studied much about her yet in the study, but I see David’s humility displayed. I pray God uses these studies to develop that humility in me.

  351. What chapter of the Bible would I like to see us study next? I have seen a lot of comments suggesting the armor of God in Ephesians 6, and I agree. I would also like to study the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5. Ruth is 4 chapters, but I would enjoy learning more about her. Thank you for all you do!

  352. I love the bible studies! Can’t think of any way to improve- they’ve been perfect for me. I think the most important thing I learned through John 15 was that my fruit is completely dependant on me abiding in Jesus. It’s not something I can do by myself!

  353. I’d love simply to see more Busy Mamas Bible studies! At this point in my life, they are a life saver! Getting me into the Word on a regular basis, with a specific goal in mind. 🙂

  354. God is teaching me more and more about abiding (from the John 15 study). I am still working through it, but LOVE LOVE LOVE that the Holy Spirit brings the the thought “abide in Him” to my mind regularly. I’ve enjoyed meditating on this concept as I do the study.

  355. I’d love to see a study on anything from James or Romans!

  356. Lots of great ideas mentioned!! Getting ready to do your Romans 8 study now and am very excited! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  357. Always enjoy your studies – they challenge me to prove what is true… I have not finished this study yet, but what I found most interesting right at the start was that it is possible to read the part where God is said to take away the branches that aren’t bearing fruit as God lifting those branches to the light and air so that they may produce fruit. This seems more compatible with other places that say God will not cast away those who come to Him. This seems to be something we do ourselves by choosing not to abide in Christ. What I would do differently is be a little slower to go to a commentary – find out what the Bible says about it fully first – only go to a commentary as a last resort as they are not inspired as the scriptures are. Thank you for all of your time, effort and love.

  358. As we studied John 15, the Lord wrapped my whole life up in the fact that He loves me and He wants to answer my prayers. It was like this chapter was the foundation for all the other ways that God wanted to speak this truth to me. And I did get answers to prayers I have been believing for. My faith has been strengthened by studying this chapter. Thank you for leading us!

  359. I’d love to see a Bible study that has one or two things a week to do….. I started late then got too discouraged/behind to try and catch up 🙁

  360. Thanks for a great study- I haven’t finished yet, but plan to. Next is hard to think of when I’m still gleaning so much from this one. The only thing Ican ever want to see changed is to ask for more pictures of what your notebook pages look like. They are always so elegantly doodled on, illustrated, or ordered well. My children often like to sketch a cartoon about one of the verses we’ve read from the Proverbs that especially popped out to them during our reading (we try to read a chapter of Proverbs during breakfast each day). Your beautiful drawings and color choices, etc. remind me of how much we can retain from seeing a picture.

  361. This isn’t exactly related to the BusyMamas studies. My boys really liked the Because You are Strong study. I would like to see another young man study.

  362. I don’t know that I would change anything! I really like them the they are!

  363. Though am not sure if your past studies have done this, I would enjoy studying Hebrews 11 (which jokingly call God’s Hall of Fame).

  364. I would like to see a longer study ADDED rather than the catch-up day extra which does not become a catch up day because I want to do all the study efficiently so it slows me down. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this too?

  365. What did God teach you from your study of John 15? (You can answer this, even if you haven’t finished the study yet.)
    I just discovered this study, so I am not finished with it. I was quite happy to see a whole study on just chapter 15. So far, I have keyed in on REMAIN> remain in Jesus, remain in his love, don’t let the devil steer me off course so his joy will overflow in me!

  366. What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?

    This seems to pretty simple to use! It looks pretty straight forward, even for a newer Christian with direction on how to look up commentary on what you are studying. The self directed method is great!

  367. What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study?

    I am currently studying Ruth so I can lead a few women from my church in it. Being new to your website, I don’t know what has been covered so far, any digging into the word is good!

  368. My daughter-in-law invited me to do this study and I am so thankful to you for providing this wonderful online way for all of us to study. We have learned not only the beautiful lessons of John 15, but we have learned more about each other’s walk with Christ. As for changes, I can’t think of anything. Your study is already lead by the Holy Spirit!

  369. I would like to study in depth some of the scriptures I memorized as a child… maybe Psalm 23. There is so much more to be learned than just what I picked up then.

  370. I love the suggestions from the other ladies about what chapters to study next. Armor of God, fruits of the Spirit. Yes. I think any chapter in James would be awesome as well.

  371. During this study God taught me that when He is “pruning” me it is for my good….to create more fruit. The videos on actual pruning helped me grasp the metaphor He uses even more. It was amazing to see the correlations.

  372. I would love to see a chapter in James be studied! That book is FULL of little golden nuggets.

  373. I love what you do already with the studies….it is hard to come up with something to add or change…..I guess I would say– I really enjoyed and learned from the word study of “abide” and I loved how we interchanged some of the definitions into the scripture where “abide” was. This created a new and deeper way to absorb the meaning of the particular verses and I loved that! So adding more of those exercises would be great!

  374. I would first like to say, thank you Pam for writing these studies. I learn so much through your writings.

    I would love to see an optional “go deeper” added to days where there is a lot of “meat”…sometimes I finish and can tell there was probably much more to learn about various verse.

  375. I am studying the beginning of John, I missed this Bible study in john 15. But I am excited to have a mom’s bible study that is and deep at my disposal and I can teach my kids with t as well.

  376. Faith,Hope,and Love

    I did not get a chance to do the study along w you this time. I’m actually hoping to start it today… but in the meantime, I have been studying the sovereignty of God. Sometimes when life gets icky, it’s hard to believe that it is part of His plan, and He has a reason for having us go through it. I know that God is sovereign, but I think I have been rebelling against that fact. I wanted to see what the Bible said about it, so I decided to study it. The account in Job, where God asked Job basically, “were YOU the one that did all these things …” really struck a cord with me. We are literally nothing compared to God — why would we think we could do better that Him, or that our plan is better?

  377. I’d love of you could offer a pdf of the Bible studies that are done by email/blog.

  378. Question 1: i LOVE your bible studies. You di such a great job, Pam! Thank you si much for all if the time and wffort you put into these studies. The only thing I can think of to add or change is maybe do mkre studies on a certain topic rather than a book of the bible.

    Question 2:
    I’m still not finished with the study but Gid has taught me so much about bearing fruit & what that actually means. He has pruned me and changed me in so many ways!

    Question 3:
    I’d love to see us do a study on James! It’s my favorite book! I also love Hosea!

  379. I love these studies! I was just talling my husband how perfect they are to fit in my day and how much I get out of them.

  380. Jesus MUST be my absolute source for everything. Without relying fully on Him I can do noting that pleases God

  381. Colossians 3

  382. The John study was so convicting and reassuring. Abiding in Christ is so important and relying on him so necessary!

  383. I’m studying 2 Corinthians 9:1-15… It’s not about what I can give… But, by God’s grace, what He will work through me.

  384. What would I change? I can’t think of a thing! I love Blue Letter Bible. I had never heard of it before and now use it anytime I want to look up cross references or word studies!

  385. Any chapter!

  386. I would like to study Psalm 139.

  387. I am in the process of working through the John 15 study but so far I have learned that I am NOTHING unless I remain in Christ. I won’t bear Christ-like fruit if I don’t purposefully choose to be in His word. He is with me and I need to just be held by Him. He chose me.

  388. I can’t remember if there has been a study on Proverbs 31 or Colossians 3? But I’m always eager to know more about what I as a mother/wife need to learn. But really any chapter would be wonderful!

  389. I don’t think I would change anything; I am enjoying the studies as they are. I have actually been marking my Bible for many years. My markings began from studying the Word from an English/Literature teacher’s point of view. When my adult children were small, I had them mark their Bibles as we studied together. We then used the marking to diagram sentences from the Bible as we studied grammar and writing. I am now teaching my Sunday School children how to mark the Scripture portions we study in class.

  390. I am still working through John 15, but so far the Lord has shown me the importance of pruning in order to bear more fruit, not only removing dead branches, but removing in us what would keep us from our full potential as fruit. We are not only bearing more fruit, but the fruit we bear is much larger, more succulent, and in time perfectly ripened. Over the past few years, I have suffered much adversity, and it was through those experiences that I have been able to grow and mature in my faith and to grow more fruit.

  391. Add or change?

    A separate area where we can posts besides Facebook. Also, any additional instructions on blueletterbible would be wonderful. I’ve known about this resource but there’s so much on there it gets intimidating at times.

  392. What has stuck out to me the most During John 15 is that he prunes that I can bear MORE fruit. I’ve done a study on John 15 before and it’s one of my favorite chapters but I have not noticed the significance of pruning that I may bear more fruit. He will continue to grow us into his likeness if we are His children.

  393. Any chapter would really be great love your layouts and homework to help me dig deeper. But my thoughts are Ephesians, James, Romans, or Philippians . Any chapters in those books would be great.

  394. There is nothing I can really think of to suggest to add or change about the Bible studies themselves. The only thing I struggle with is the fb group. I love the idea of it but fb itself is very distracting for me to use it for a Bible study discussion group. If there was a way to have a discussion group outside outside of fb where discussions for each day were separate and therefore easier to find and navigate, that would be great.

  395. I would love to study Hebrews 12 or any chapter of the book of James.

  396. I would like to study Philippians, especially chapter 2.

  397. I would like more pictures on blog. I do not use instagram or facebook.

  398. John 15 has impressed upon me that if I do not spend time in the word, then I am not abiding in Christ.

  399. I would also greatly appreciate a study on anger.

  400. What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?
    All lesson links available on the Facebook page 🙂

    What did God teach you from your study of John 15? (You can answer this, even if you haven’t finished the study yet.). I’m on day 11! So much learned already. Major insights: Jesus is not asking us to do things He has not already done. Without branches, the vine has no outlet for its life-giving powers. I loved all the commentaries on VS that make a case for the words take away to be translated lifted up! How inspiring! The Father provides boundaries to protect me. Nothing can snatch me away from the love of Christ. His word works in grace and works out corruption. God’s word, the Verb, is the pruning tool by which we are made clean. Pruning exposes the fruit to air, Spirit, and sunlight, His Sons light! This improves the quality of fruit both in appearance and taste. The branchs sole job is to abide on vine. It’s the vines job to provide the sustenance and the vinedressers job to care for the whole vine. Fruitbearing is the result of us abiding and the triune God can be glorified.

    What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study?
    Micha 6: 8

    If you did not do this last study with us, what are you studying now, and what is God teaching you from your study time?
    Still in John 15

  401. I have greatly enjoyed these Bible studies! After having done an older study on the website, I have found that it would be easier to find all of the posts for the particular study if they were all filed under their own link. So we could search for the particular study, i.e. Child Training Boot Camp, and click on a link that will take us a list of only the posts for that study, in chronological order. 🙂

  402. I would like to see a study on a chapter in James. 🙂

  403. I am behind in the John 15 study, but during a trying time in our family life, I have been taking great comfort in knowing that I can do nothing apart from God. My help, strength, wisdom, positive impact on my family, etc. all comes from his strength. In particular, I need more and more of his word in my life as I abide in him and he abides in me.

  404. I love these studies. Thank you so much for doing them. It’s hard to think of improvements. If it were possible to do them more frequently/or for a longer period of time that would be wonderful. Maybe go through a whole book sometime? But it is great the way it is if it is not possible to do more.

    Potential future studies: Phillipians 2, Gal 5, Rev 21, Eph 1, John 17, Is 55.

    I am still in the midst of the study. Today I learned that Jesus love for me is greater than any other person’s love. I learned that I am His friend, I who was His enemy. I learned that to better understand and treasure His live, I can imitate his obedience.

    Thank you for these studies!

  405. I would love a study in one of the prophetic books–maybe one of the minor prophets?

  406. I would love even more suggestions for drawing/journaling (maybe visual examples) as I find this is helpful for me as I personalize and meditate on what I am learning (it forces me to slow down and focus!). Also, just keep helping us all learn to study our Bibles better. I am eternally grateful for your work.

  407. This is my first time doing a Bible study with you and I have really enjoyed it! I think I would like to do another Bible study on Hebrews 11.

  408. I also used what I learned about marking my Bible to study John 3 this month and it really brought to life what Jesus said, how He is the light and when we reject the light, we reject the Son of God Himself.

  409. What I learned most from studying John 15 was that God just wants us to abide in Him. So much self-effort and frantic activity, or even whatever we do apart from Him, amounts to nothing. At church we sang “Like a River Glorious” yesterday and it struck me that it says “We may trust Him fully, all for us to do.” When we’re trusting God, that’s all we have to do. Trust, and keep trusting. Abide, and keep abiding.

  410. What would you like to see added or changed to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies even easier for you to use?
    I really enjoyed the way we wrote out scripture on Day 27… a vertical structure incorporating some signs to help reinforce the meaning of the words/passage. I would like to see some of that in future studies as it fits with scripture commands. That helped my brain really engage more than copying the words in a traditional sense. I guess I like flow charts! =)

  411. What did God teach you from your study of John 15? (You can answer this, even if you haven’t finished the study yet.)
    I feel like this was a study that God showed me so much… that me, a normal person can really understand many passages for more than superficial words. How important it is to be getting “watered” by His word daily and when I am not I won’t be able to empty of self and abide in Christ. He showed me that I don’t need to be intimidated by wanting to know more about His word. And He showed me that I can memorize His word! It wasn’t easy and took His prompting several times to keep working at it but the goals I set to achieve for memorizing I was able to do.

  412. What chapter of the Bible would you like to see us eventually study?

    I would love to see a chapter from Ester. I think we have a culture that tells us to be “the man” even though we aren’t men! Culture wants us to act like, and get things done, in a manner that a male would handle it. Ester shows us how to handle things as a women- with grace, class, feminine strength. She does a very scary and hard thing but in a very womanly way and I think studying that would be beneficial given the current cultural climate.

  413. I think Pam does a wonderful job keeping update, checking with everyone to see if things need any tweaks. I would only love to see an app developed for each study so we don’t have to be online, we can have it all in one place and available on mobile, and we can maybe have all her past studies and be able to add each study to the app as she does new ones.

  414. I am still in the middle of John 15. I am truly enjoying and am challenged by the truth of Abiding. I get to self reliant and even prideful just living a comfortable Christian life and can get into a time of not truly abiding. I also love that Pam is having us memorize, even the whole chapter.

  415. For further studies, 1 Peter, James, Esther, Daniel, Psalm 32, parts or whole of Psalm 119, Proverbs.

  416. My plan for the time in between John 15 and the next Doorpost Bible Study is to do a topical study of money in the Bible. We are just starting to work through Financial Peace University and want to hear all God has to speak of on the topic as reenforcement.

  417. I did not do the John 15 study, but we just read it on Sabbath. He says that we are His friends if we do whatever He commands us. His commandments are not hard. They are there to bring us to Him. If we keep and guard His commands we stay in His love.

  418. I think it would be nice if what the topic within the chapter we are studying in going to cover more that one day for all the days to be available so we can adjust how we study. Also, if as we get started on the chapter could you just have a list of other ideas to study that we may not be covering so that as we have time we can study those things as well?

  419. God is teaching me to abide and trust in him more really seeking him.

  420. I’d love to study Galatians or a chapter in Romans.

  421. I am reading the book of proverbs. Especially learning about what and how to teach my children about walking Gods way

  422. A study about John 17 would be something beautiful I think

  423. I think a study on revelations would be fun!

  424. I am about to do a study on proverbs with my family using your book. I went and bought a cute notebook and some colored pens, very excited to start!

  425. Thank you so much for this study! God has been teaching me about having my identity in Him alone since the first of this year, so abiding in Him has fit perfectly with this. During the study of John 15 I felt convicted about actually memorizing word for word scripture, rather than just concepts, which I usually do. Although it was a challenge, actually memorizing verses 1-17 was also such a joy! God has really impressed upon me the importance of reading, studying and memorizing His word as actual ways I can abide in Him.

  426. I truly do not know what I would change to make things easier for these studies. I’m so thankful for the introduction to Blue Letter Bible, it has truly changed the way I study my Bible. When you do these new studies, the daily email is so motivating for me!

  427. I too think a future study from James or the Romans would be great.

  428. I’m new here and missed the last study. I am currently going through the book of Acts. I am fascinated by the early Church and what it looked like. I’m convicted that we have gone so far away from what the Church was supposed to look like .

  429. I have just read and re-read Romans with my husband. A chapter a day.

  430. I am not sure what would be helpful to add to the studies…the only thing I can think of is making it specifically from a KJV view as that is the Bible I use. 🙂 (I am going through the I Cor. 13 study and there are different words to be underlined than other versions. It usually is mentioned but I found myself guessing at least one time.) Not a big deal though, that’s just the only thing I could come up with. They are great as they are!

  431. A future chapter study? Not sure if they have been done or not, but Romans 8 and 9, Hebrews 11, Lam. 3, Psalm 51, 119 :-D, 138…

  432. Currently I am starting a study on Revelation (following along with the Revive Our Hearts program) and am learning how God cares for his church – through blessing John with this vision even while in exile on an island and separated from the people of God, and how Christ walks in the midst of the churches and knows their works and therefore how He walks in the midst of MY church and knows MY works and I am encouraged to continue on in His service and look forward to what else I am to learn in this study!

  433. Just finishing the Child Training Boot Camp book. Thank you for the encouragement of your 30 day studies. It makes this busy mama feel it is possible for in-depth Bible study in this life stage.

  434. I would love to study Colossians 1 or Psalm 61 with one of your studies.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into sharing your Bible studies!

  435. Have you ever considered writing a study aimed at young women (or maybe a daughter could)? My mom loves your studies, and I think I’ll start doing them, too (though I’m not a mama 🙂 Or maybe you could revise one that’s already been written.
    Those of us who are college/ young adult age need all the godly wisdom we can find!

  436. Gos is teaching me that he is a personal God!

  437. I would love to see a study from the Old Testament. I find myself studying the New more often than not, but know there is much to be gleaned from the old as well.

  438. This is a first time going through a busy mamas Bible study for me. I’m only on day 16, but have enjoyed pondering what I’m reading…..even with a gap in days. I really can’t think of anything to add or change at the moment, as I was simply thrilled to find something that could work in my days, as they are right now. Have enjoyed the random video clips about what a vinedresser does–cements the idea of God continually pruning us. And just trying to be mindful of the fruit He wants to bring out more in my own life.

  439. I like your format of your study, I can’t speak to that. I am studying Perseverance and learning to Abide in Him certainly to me ties these two things together.
    I love online Bible Studies so that I can still be with my family and go at my own pace.
    Thank you!

  440. I have not yet done the John 15 study. Our family just finished a study of Proverbs and we learned a lot about how to stay on the path of pursuing wisdom and avoiding folly and why. Right now I am between studies so I have been alternating between writing out entire books of the Bible and doing a short daily devotion. After we move, we plan to dive into the book of James as a family.

  441. I so thoroughly enjoyed learning about abiding in the Vine,Jesus, and what abiding really is.
    what to study next, our Ladie’s group at church is doing 1 thess this fall. Perhaps the first chapter of Genesis; it is so foundational. Thank you for these no matter what you choose next,

  442. I am currently towards the end of Deuteronomy and it is really amazing to see what God promises his people if they would just love and follow Him, it is encouraging in my own walk with the Lord, but fully of challenges as well as we all know that the Israelites turned away from loving God and following the laws He set forth.

  443. Your studies keep getting better and better! They are also easier and easier to use! I used to not like being on a “device” for Bible Study time but somehow I feel like I’ve either gotten used to it, or the balance between reading my actual Bible and looking things up on the tablet are better balanced. Keep up the good work

  444. I would love to see you go through Proverbs 31!

    • Christina Aldridge

      Sarah Marie, I would like that too. How to practically accomplish that! And with a loving heart.

  445. God is teaching me about his GRACE through all of the various ways I am in the Word. It is ALL about His GRACE and not about me or what I can do.

  446. I can’t think of anything that needs to be added or changed to make these studies easier for me. I would like to see MORE of these studies, please!!

  447. God has taught me that I am attached to the best vine out there – Jesus! He has taught me that I am loved and chosen.

  448. I would love for the next study to be on Romans 9!

  449. I would like to see another chapter of Romans.

  450. Really emphasized for me how even our fruit is not of ourselves and how connected, how dependent we are on the Vinedresser and the Vine.

  451. I have been thoroughly enjoying your bible studies. I started with Psalm 91, after being introduced to them by another mom friend. These have been a most wonderful way to get deeper into Gods word when it hasn’t been the right time to go physically to church to do women’s bible study during the day. Also it has been a way for my friend and I to share what we have been learning and taught by our Father. I am so glad I did this study since I have learned about the blue letter bible resource from your study. AMAZING resource! Thank you for sharing this.
    I might be a bit computer illiterate but an easier way to navigate through the different days on the study instead of selecting previous or next post,

  452. I know my answer for what to change will not be popular, but… I would prefer to take the studies offline. Having to use my computer during my devotional time is too distracting to me (e-mail and other work beckon) and makes it hard for my family to realize I’m trying to have alone-time with God, so they interrupt a lot.

  453. I am only halfway through the study so far, but all the illumination of grapevinedressing was so helpful. I see better now why God’s pruning is necessary. I can get bogged down with works, cares, habits, sinful tendencies, etc. that are blocking the Sonlight from reaching me as well and energizing me properly to produce more, fuller, healthier fruit for Him.

  454. I am so thankful for the study in John. I learned that God will take full responsibility for me to bear fruit and bring Him glory. My job is to abide.

  455. There has been so many things that he has been teaching me. 1. I am humbled to think that God would even use me and the body of Christ to glorify himself by bearing fruit. 2. By having deep and intimate relationships with other believers I get to see more of who God is and using me to show more of himself. 3. Being honest with myself about where my attitudes and actions are failing to glorify God 3. Thinking more about growing then going; the reality that I need to abide in Christ otherwise I cannot bear fruit apart from Him.

  456. I would love to see studies on Romans 8, 12.

  457. I would like to study the story of the prodigal son because I have a sister that reminds me of this and I want to be able to see her and her life the way God sees it. Or I would like to study something pertaining to God’s sovereignty over good things/ bad things. I recently had my second son ( July 23) and after being home a few days we ended up going back to the hospital for evaluations because he wasn’t breathing well. We are still in the hospital and will have additional follow ups when we are finally discharged. I have been challenged by my son having health ailments and how God plans to use them for a purpose. All that to say I would like to study something pertaining to seeing things as God does and not the way I want to see them and His sovereignty. That despite what is going on with our children God is in control, has a plan for all things, and will use all things for His glory.

  458. I have been trying to do the study this time but was only able to get about a weeks worth done over the period of the month. So when i wasn’t able to study I tried just reading over some of the chapter to help me keep the word on my mind and see what God wanted to reveal to me. At a minimum I wanted to allow myself to at least read a little of the word so I had something to ponder throughout the day.

  459. I learned that I am totally in God’s Hands as He lovingly cares for the true vine of which I was chosen and appointed to be part of! I should rest and trust Him as He tends the vine in His wisdom to produce fruit that brings Him glory.

  460. I haven’t yet finished the study, but it has been great so far. It is awesome knowing that Christ choose me out of this world. Seeing how we are to bear fruit and that God continually prunes us for the good us is a great reminder for the days when I don’t understand why something is going wrong.

  461. Christina Aldridge

    I greatly enjoy the bible studies from Doorposts. I would love to see a bible study on the book of Revelation, as that is a book that I find difficult to wrap my brain around. I would also love a bible study on the topic of getting all our head knowledge into our heart. Meaning, we study the bible, we learn how we are supposed to behave and love and we KNOW in our minds right from wrong and what would Jesus do. But how do we get that into our HEART so that we react and respond with grace and mercy in the instant the situation is presented to us (particularly with our family and spouses. I think the parenting study touched on this but I can tell by my reactions that I still need more help!) Also, perhaps, a study specifically on prayer. That is an area that I am always trying to improve upon. To maximize my prayer time and prayer power.

  462. Christina Aldridge

    I have not gotten to the John 15 study yet (though I plan to do it) because I am still in the parenting study and I am also studying Grace and learning how to have grace when I find it difficult to sympathize and even empathize with someone. I am learning that the amount of empathy I find able to give is often directly related to my assessment of how much effort the person is putting into their problem. (Really, I think I just want to see someone who professes to be a Christian press into God to handle their situation and when they don’t I find it hard to empathize. ) But regardless, I am called to love and show grace and mercy and Let my words be seasoned with salt even if the person is doing nothing other than grumbling. I find I completely understand all this in concept but am having trouble putting it into practice. God is teaching me that prayer is the best way for me to accomplish this. As I pray for others, I am able to see them more through His lens than mine. I am also doing my part for that person and then leaving God to do His part working in them. When I pray routinely for others, especially my husband, I find we argue less and not only do I have empathy but can also often find sympathy and feel their pain.

  463. Christina Aldridge

    Perhaps you already have this available, but to make Busy Mamas Bible Studies a little easier, I would love a resource booklet that explains how to use the Lexicon and other tools. I find that to be the hardest part of digging deeper. I appreciate the instructions in the study but I think I’d love to have them as a separate resource booklet. I also find it very hard in our day to accomplish a full day of study. I’d love tips from other busy mamas on how they find time to pray intentionally and do intentional study. I find I can do one or the other during a two hour nap of my one child. How do the busy mamas of more than one child and especially of those that don’t nap do it?

  464. 1. BMBS have been such a blessing. I love the bite-sized lessons that are doable in a reasonable amount of daily time, but dig deep on some of the nuggets before us. I would only add more hours in a day so that there would be more time to study further. 🙂

  465. I love these Bible studies and I wouldn’t want to see anything changed. I would like to see more ideas and examples of tiny picture illustrations to add to my study markings in my Bible. I have found that the illustrations help to connect the concepts and scriptures in my memory and definitely help with recall. Plus I like flipping through my Bible glimpsing a tiny picture and remembering where I was at and what I was feeling when I was doing that study.

  466. 2. Abide, abide, abide. The blessings of fruit and joy and love and obedience all come from abiding in Him and His Word.

  467. 3. Something from James. What a wonderful book!

  468. 4. I did do this study and it was wonderful. However, I couldn’t write my notes in my BMBS notebook because I discovered that I hadn’t finished the Psalm 103 study. Oops! I don’t recall what was going on that I didn’t finish. Another 8 lessons or so and then I can copy my John 15 notes. What is God teaching me? Abide daily and when whatever comes to not get distracted by the craziness of life. Abide!

  469. There are so many choices for wonderful Bible studies but I would love to do a study of James with the Busy Mamas’ format. Others I would like would be Ruth, Ester, and chapters in Acts centering on the apostles and their struggles and triumphs as they started churches under the power and direction of Jesus Christ.

  470. There is so much to be learned in the study of John 15, but one thing really stands out for me, “HE CHOSE me.” He chose to provide salvation for me. He has a purpose for my life. When the tough times come; times of loneliness, rejection, heartbreak, I whisper to myself, “He chose me.” Yes, He did. HE chose ME. My confidence is in Him. With Him I can do all things. I am chosen.

  471. I would love to study Isaiah 55!

  472. I don’t think anything needs to be added or changed, I love these studies and learn SO MUCH!!

  473. I have learned that abiding in Christ is crucial! I can’t do anything without Him, and nothing is good with my circumstances if I’m apart from the Vine

  474. I’d love to do a study in Romans sometime!

  475. I am currently studying how to abide in Christ.

  476. I love your bible studies.

  477. Would love to do a study in Romans.

  478. I would love to see more in each day. i would love to spend more time each day studying. It’s been a joy to have you guide our study.

  479. I loved John 15! It seems like every time you publish a new study it’s just what I need to go through. We have recently made a big move back to our home state after being gone for 10 years. I was feeling lost not having friends and finding the new normal and this study of abiding in Christ was what my heart needed. I needed to be reminded that no matter where God places me in this life I am called to abide in Him and obey His commands. I also needed the push to keep on being faithful everyday.

  480. I would love to do a study in Romans.

  481. I have a reading plan that I do daily along with your study. I love reading through the Bible in different sections at the same time. I’m currently reading in the Old Testament, Psalms, and the New Testament.

  482. Thank you, first of all for taking the time to study, pray and “teach” these lessons. I have struggled with finding a way to really study my Bible instead of just reading it and writing down a few notes. This lesson, and the last also, helped me to buckle down and start to understand not only what I was reading, but how to study His word. I am amazed and grateful for the new understanding that I have; so much so that I started doing the lessons a couple of days a week with my husband and my daughter. I am not finished with John 15 yet, but I am excited by the new insight I have into the heart of my Savior! Each daily lesson taught me something that I could use in my daily life and always left me wanting more. Several times I have spent more that one day on a lesson because there was just so much more there than I had time for. Thank you again! I look forward to finishing John 15 and then starting your next one.

  483. I would love a study on Esther.

  484. What to add or change…? I love these Bible studies soooo much! I appreciate the photos you take of your own markings, drawings, or notes. They really help to clarify if I am unsure of how to start an assignment. So, the only thing I could suggest would be another photo added of your work on lessons that may be confusing.

  485. Pam, 1) I personally have never done a “Busy Mama Bible Study”, but I have given them to my daughter and daughter-in-law and they really enjoy them. 2) I also have not done your John 15 study, but looking through the last posts about it I would like to do one of your studies in the future. 3) I can answer this one! I love God’s Word so much, that any of His words would bring delight to study. I just finished Isaiah and I’m working my way through Jeremiah now. So a chapter from a major prophet or a whole book of a minor prophet would be cool. 4) Oops, didn’t read ahead. I guess I answered this one above but would add that God has been teaching me HOPE and JOY in the midst of trials. As a busy Grandma, I have learned to make time for study my number one priority! On the days I have my little ones (3 under the age of 3 and another due in December) sometimes it takes me all day to get my study done but it comes before any other personal duties of the day! I’m almost done with my second Inductive Study Bible. I started my first one in 1999 and the second in 2012. I’ve had much more time to devote to study as the kids grew up and left home.

  486. I am learning just to abide in Jesus, because apart from Him, I can do nothing.

  487. I would love to study James 1 or Philippians 4.

  488. I love these Bible studies! The Only thing I would change is interspersing some personalization and summarization throughout the whole study instead of only at the end. Those lessons are so meaningful, it would be helpful to have them all through the study.

  489. I was on missions trip when we studied verse 15 and GOING and bearing fruit. God used that study to encourage and challenge me for the mission ahead of me for the day.

  490. To make easier for moms who continue to want direction in between studies, past studies could be sent thru email by subscription. It motives me to keep up when I know there will be a new lesson in my email each day.

  491. I didn’t do this Bible study with you for the whole month of July, but I have started it, and I am using it to teach my older children how to study the Bible. God is teaching me that my children are eager to study His word. They have always enjoyed the activities for children, but now they are beginning to “feed” themselves!

  492. I’m still working thru the study but one thing that I have been learning is to have complete peace thru abiding in Him.

  493. Through this study, God is teaching me that I am required to love others – all others, even the difficult others. He gives us His love and if we receive it, it will overflow from us. He may have put that difficult person in my life to teach me to depend on Him and pull out the junk in me.

  494. I am interested lately in studying Job and Revelations, maybe these would be ones you’d want to study together in the future.

  495. I am almost finished with this study but since my women’s group at church offered a Loving Well by Beth Moore in July/August, I did that one as well. They tied together perfectly. Good is working on me in the area of loving others.

  496. Thank you so much for the Busy Mama studies! I have been so blessed by studying them after a friend of mine introduced me to them.

    What would make them easier to use? More probing application questions each day would help me think through the lessons and make daily steps of obedience.

  497. What did God teach me in my study of John 15? Using BLB, I saw that as I abide (meno) in Christ, I have His life flowing though me to produce more fruit. Bearing fruit is what happens when I attend (tereo) to obedience and love. Joy will result.

  498. What chapter would I like to see us study eventually? Romans 6 or Galatians 3

    • I chose these chapters because Paul communicated about the gospel in ways that I want to continue to chew on and digest. So any chapter that helps me embrace the gospel, and the freedom found therein, would be awesome! Oh, how He loves you and me. He gave His life. What more could He give?

  499. I really enjoyed the study. Each day was challenging enough without being overwhelming. I loved the children’s part as well.
    I learned that pruning is painful but necessary for my growth.
    I would like to see a chapter in Hebrews.

  500. I’ve at least thought this ( if not posted it)every time during or at the end of these studies that this one is the best! But I can definitely say that about this one as I think I have taken more time and gone deeper, and made myself answer more of the questions, like summarizing paragraphs or verses.
    Also, on June 30, one of my dearest friends and the mom of my son’s closest friend,died from a car accident that she was in the day before. I was so thankful to have this study to start at the beginning of July I get to think of her four kids, two of whom are still being homeschooled, as I go through each day. I’m on day 22 today and I am joyful at the thoughts from John Gill, that says as we obey Him more deeply, He will allow us to discover more of Him. My desire to please Him will affect how I love Him and enjoy His love.
    Thank you Pam for helping me during this hard time.

  501. I am doing your child training study, even though my children are teenagers. I find it so helpful that you put the studies out in book form and I am learning so much. This is the second study that I have done of the Busy Mama series. I have found it encouraging and convicting. I needed to be reminded of God’s truths in this difficult time of parenting.

  502. I’m currently studying Ephesians, and just began 2 days ago. There are so many verses I would like to memorize that I’m thinking to tackle the whole book. I’m starting with 1:13-14 ~ “In Him, you also, after listening to the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation – having also believed, you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is given as a pledge of our inheritance, with a view to the redemption of God’s own possession, to the praise of His glory.” So far, I’m learning to identify negative thoughts of mine that simply aren’t true, because they contradict the many wonderful spiritual blessings the Lord has lavished on us! Praise Him!

  503. I would love to study 1 Thessalonians 1. For me, it paints a perfect picture of a Christian growing from new faith, through discipleship, forsaking idolatry, experiencing God’s power in their lives, and sharing the Gospel through their words and Godly living, all the while looking forward with a Godly hope to the return of Jesus. That chapter seems to say it all!

  504. Dear Pam, I truly can’t think of what I would change about these studies. I think they are wonderful, and what a blessing that you would share your life and experience in this way. It seems to take me a lot longer to do the studies than the short time you indicate, but that is very okay with me. I completely agree with another person who posted that being on the computer is distracting when doing the studies, but I do appreciate the opportunity to see what others are saying, and to comment as well (after I finish my study). …plus, what a blessing it is that you provide them in this way for no charge. I need to be super self-controlled (not at all my strong suit) to do the study and not look at anything else on my computer until I’m done, but perhaps that just means that this is an area where the Lord will work on growing me (if I cooperate). I also recognize that if not for the computer, we wouldn’t have access to the Blue Letter Bible tools that you introduced to us. What a helpful application, and it enriches my studies a great deal! …so, I really wouldn’t change a thing! The contents of this giveaway look wonderful, but answering your questions has also been a good thing for me to do. As I’ve considered some favorite chapters, I’ve developed a good list of what I can be studying on my own in the off months! After all, you can’t choose everything I’ve suggested. 🙂 Thank you, thank you for all you do for the Kingdom, and God bless you and your family! Susan

  505. What I would add or change: I agree with someone else’s idea to put no optional lesson on the catch-up days, but make the days longer instead.

  506. What God taught me: The incredible importance of abiding in Christ, and the dangers of not abiding in Him.

  507. What I am studying now: we suffered from a miscarriage in January, so I’ve also been studying a lot on grief and the eternal state of the unborn.

  508. What chapter of the Bible I would like to see studied: Hebrews 10.

    Thank you for these amazing studies and for your love for Christ!

  509. I am currently studying: Doing a study on bitterness as part of working through some heart issues. God is showing me how abhorrent bitterness is. I am looking forward to some ministry to bring God’s healing to my heart in this area.

  510. Suggestion for Bible study: Psalm 139

  511. I have loved the studies and they have been well organized and very helpful. The one thing that would help me is to have a list of items needed to complete the study for the next day. I use my smartphone and Bible on my phone and get out in nature to study. So, I don’t always have everything needed or best to use; i.e. some days would be better to use my desktop computer or printed Bible versus app on phone.
    From John 15, I loved meditating on the fact that His words make me clean and he has spoken to me that His joy may be in me and my joy may be full.
    I would love to study Revelation 21.
    I am now studying James since John 15 is completed.

  512. I went through Psalm 91! I hope that one is in print sooon, I struggle so much following online.

  513. I love your studies. I just shared your studies with my sister, and i am praying that she joins in on the next one with us.
    I was recently “laid off” from a small Christian school due to lack of enrollment. I have struggled greatly with feeling of emptiness and a lack of joy. I know that His joy is in me. I can find completeness and joy in Him alone as He speaks to me through His word.

  514. What have I learned (even though I’m only 3/4 of the way done)….abiding is the key. Abiding is obeying. Obeying is because we love him. His commands are not burdensome. All these things the Lord told us is to make our joy complete.

  515. The only suggestion is… it was hard to keep up over the summer with a 30 day study, especially since I was without wifi for a week. I may prefer, during this season of my life, the shorter studies.

  516. I just finished your book on Psalm 37. I had 9 or 10 ladies at church who did it with me this summer. We met once a week to let our kids play and talk about what we were learning. It was a great study and blessed us all. During our last class one of the most faithful participants found out her 2 yr old son has leukemia. Meditating on Psalm 37 has been a comfort to us all.

  517. I would love a study on Ephesians 5.

  518. I would like to see maybe even shorter quick lessons that are totally doable for a busy mama. I am always way behind on these studies. Maybe a study that doesn’t rely on having lots of materials around while I do it, I think that’s what makes it so hard for me to accomplish them. This may sound impossible but just my thoughts as I reflect on this last study.

  519. I would love to see a study done on Romans or Ephesians.

  520. Your studies are so amazing just as they are I’m just wanting to be able to complete one of them! 🙂 nothing that is your fault of course!

  521. How about a study of I Corinthians 13 (“The Love Chapter”)?