Praying for Boys, by Brooke McGlothlin

Praying-for-Boys1In Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most, Brooke McGlothlin teaches us to discover delight in the chaos of raising boys, and helps us have more peace in our hearts and homes.

Praying for Boys will:

  • Help you stop hovering, and start covering.
  • Give you permission to wave the white flag, while empowering you with the tools you need to keep going.
  • Help you recognize your value and power as a praying mom.
  • Overcome feelings of failure, and walk in confidence as a mom.

What you’ll find in Praying for Boys:

  • A new, enhanced view of why praying for boys is so important.
  • A deeper understanding of what prayer is and why we should do it.
  • An entire chapter devoted to moms going it alone, with practical applications for both the physically and spiritually single mom.
  • Over 200 topically-organized, Scripture-based prayer prompts for 21 areas in which boys struggle the most.
  • A guided 21-day prayer challenge for moms to pray with other moms and encourage each other, in person or online.

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  1. We spend lots of time praying for their future spouses and for God to direct their paths as they grow older.

  2. I pray that my children will find godly spouses who will truly love and understand them.

  3. I pray that he will hear God’s voice to help him with temptations. To have self control and to be a good leader so that when other’s see and hear him they see Jesus in his heart.

  4. Future spouses, purity, perseverance.

  5. One of the things I pray for son is that he will grow to be a godly man, husband, father, following in the footsteps of his dad.

  6. I pray for my children to a real authentic relationship with God. One that is vibrant and growing.

  7. That they’ll grow to love God above all

  8. This looks great !

  9. health and that they would grow in their faith and relationship as they grow

  10. That they love and respect others.

  11. One thing I pray for is for my Son be a Godly boy even from his young age 🙂

  12. I pray for them to show kindness to each other.

  13. I pray for my sons’ salvation and relationship with Christ.

  14. Purity of mind and body

  15. I pray for my son’s salvation, and his choices, and his safety, and his attitude, and his character, and…

  16. The name of this book caught my attention because we have spent some time in our life praying for boys…but that is because we have nine daughters. 🙂 We love our house-full of everything pink. And we do pray for their future spouses.

  17. I pray that he will find a godly wife and that he will always put God first.

  18. That they will grow to love the Lord more and more every day and desire to glorify God in their words and deeds 🙂

  19. That above anything their hearts will be for God and that they will do great things for him.

  20. They would know God at a young age and believe in His truth.

  21. To know God at a young age and be a leader for Him.

  22. I pray for my sons (22,20,16) that when they fall, they will have the courage and humility to repent and keep on seeking Christ. In the early years, I thought that somehow we could raise them to always make good choices??? Which was crazy, because I don’t always make the right choice : /

  23. That they will love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

  24. That they will walk with the Lord all their lives & keep their way pure by guarding it according to His Word!

  25. I pray for wisdom for my boy!

  26. That they will have a heart for God and always be striving to be closer to the Lord and know Him better.

  27. I pray for them to truly KNOW and LOVE The Lord and to serve Him always.

  28. Can use all the help I can get

  29. Now that they are saved, I pray that grow up to be Godly men and find a good, Godly wife!

  30. Salvation and always follow The Lord

  31. To desire to honor God with their lives.

  32. that they will accept the Lord at an early age and always strive to do His will

  33. To know the heart of God, and find a Godly Spouse.

  34. That the most important thing to them as they grow up is to love and serve God.

  35. That they will love The Lord their God with all their heart! … And find a godly spouse 🙂

  36. Praying for continued closeness with me and the Lord as they grow!

  37. I pray that they will follow hard after God, and that they will love Him and want an even closer relationship with Him. I also pray Jeremiah 29:11 over them.

  38. Jessica Woodbridge-O'Brien

    For them to love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds.

  39. one thing you pray for for my son is discernment. I want him to be able to listen and walk in the path that God has laid for him in all walks of his life.

  40. #1-For God to save them

  41. That they would love the Lord with all their hearts (and the same for their future spouses).


  42. We pray for their future spouses and that they would know and follow God all the days of their lives.

  43. Future spouse, salvation, purity, and discernment

  44. Kimberley Quinlan

    That salvation would spring up within them and they would be bearers of God’s Word to the nations.

  45. Praying for their salvation, sanctification, and service to the Lord!

  46. I pray for both my son and daughter that they will choose to please God with thier life.

  47. I pray for them to come to know Christ, for God to protect them from any of my shortcomings, for their future spouses, for their health, and on and on! Everything and anything!

  48. I pray that they will grow into godly young men who will do great work for His kingdom.

  49. that he will fall in love with Jesus and choose to serve him for the rest of his life.

  50. that he will Love God above all else

  51. That they will have HOPE in Jesus.

  52. That they would have a personal relationship with Jesus

  53. My kids are still very young (6 and 3). I pray every day with my daughter for no nightmares (she had a weird patch of nightmares before we started doing this), and with my son to never feel alone (he doesn’t like me to leave his room until he’s asleep). I also pray for them to come to Christ while they are young so that they won’t waste valuable years on other things. And I pray for God to guide me in teaching them how to have an authentic relationship with Christ and how to defend their faith in an increasingly hostile world. And I don’t do it as often, but I also pray for my daughter to find a stong, Godly man to marry when she grows up. I haven’t started praying that way for my son yet, but I’m sure I will within the next few years.