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Too Fast.

Do you have little children — you know, those charming, unpredictable, exhausting little ones that always lead people to say, “Oh, they grow up so fast. Enjoy these days while you can”? I remember sweet white-haired ladies and elderly gentlemen … Continue reading

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Less Is More.

I’ve had a garden every summer for the past thirty-five years. It’s generous to call some years’ efforts a garden. Different years meant different babies newly arrived or still in the works during garden seasons. Babies were born in April, May, … Continue reading

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Feeling Stuck

I hear a child’s frustrated crying in the kitchen. I go to investigate, and I find my 2-year-old son pushing with all his might against a chair, angry that it’s not moving. He has plans, but something has gone wrong. … Continue reading

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Prayer Makes Things Happen

“The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much” (James 5:16, NASB). Do I really believe this verse? If I do, why don’t I pray more? Our sermon on Sunday was on prayer. I came away challenged to make prayer the first thing I do: – When I get up … Continue reading

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Time for a Giveaway!

I’m already looking forward to our next study in November! I’m praying for all you ladies who are still working your  way through Proverbs31. I’m so glad you’re not quitting just because we’re not posting any new lessons. If you … Continue reading

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Thirty Days in Proverbs 31 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 3: The Virtuous Woman

So . . . we started our study by looking at the last verses of the chapter, and we learned that the woman who fears the Lord will be praised. It is her works — the visible demonstrations of her fear of God — … Continue reading

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Little Weeds

I’ve been catching up on weeding in the garden the last couple evenings. The garden’s a nice place to be, even if I am bent over picking little weeds out from between even littler seedlings. The hum of the traffic … Continue reading

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Blessed in His Body

Today the June issue of Portland Bride and Groom came out. Right there in the middle of that slick, picture-laden magazine were photos of our daughter’s wedding! Peter and Susannah kissing in front of the taco booth, Susannah’s rainbow shoes, the donut … Continue reading

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A School for Training Parents

(Post by Daniel Forster) “Home life is a school as much for training parents as children” – Andrew Murray This is actually one of the top reasons my wife and I are committed to homeschooling our children. Both of us … Continue reading

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To a Thousand Generations

In the past seven days I have visited the grave sites of at least sixteen of my ancestors, in six different cemeteries, and spanning seven generations. After attending the Teach Them Diligently conference in Washington, D.C., my son and I … Continue reading

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